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I really like this little intro. I got the game boxed too somewhere in my house. Wish the weekend was over so I can get back to painting some more terminators :/


I too will pilfer from limo maker, but there is only one game I care about. Everything else can be thrown out the window!


Im debating to myself right now if I like Incredibles 2 more than 1. Either way I do really really love it and it's way more than I expected out of a sequel. If there is going to be another one lets hope it doesn't take 14 years :P


In honor of REmake 2 being a thing I will be playing resident evil 2 for my nth time. I also made a shitty outdated meme to commemorate it :P


I will be 100% on board with cyberpunk 2077 if I can rob liquor stores and sell crack to kids. Unfortunately video game rpgs are never a 1:1 conversion with their table top brethren :/


WE ARE THE ANGELS OF DEATH! A little project I'm working on over these next months ;) I'll post better pictures tomorrow.


Here is an extended look of REmake 2 for those interested. I love how they nailed the young rookie personality of leon. Now to wait 6 months :/


Fallout 76 always sounded like a spin off ever since jason schreier spilled the beans a month back. Watching this video got my excited to play with my friends but i'm also glad it's not a permanent thing going forward.


I'm...conflicted with cyberpunk 2077 now. only 3 classes, shepard style main character, first person, rockerboy, corporate, and other classic classes being delegated to npc status. I guess i'll trust cd projekt for now and see where this goes.


Vince Mcmahon has a butt chin so all is forgiven.


I don't mind the redesigns myself, leon is a young re4 version and claire is a shapshifter. But why did they have to give him the butt chin?


REmake 2 REmake 2 REmake 2 REmake 2, me wanty REmake 2! Capcom you better pull through on this! EDIT: ITS FUCKING HAPPENING IM SO FUCKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!


Can we talk about how one of BJ's daughters inherited his texas accent?


MECH AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! devolver wins e3 as usual :P


I'll probably end up buying every game shown at the microsoft conference. I am really really happy with everything they showed!


Those AC oddyssey screenshots look mighty fine. Turns out this game might take place during the peleponnisian war which is about 400 years before ac origins.


Im waiting for the console version of inquistor martyr so if any one is interested have at it. Just comment if you grabbed it.


PSA: It's that time of year again, E3 time! So grab your report cards courtesy of Cedi and join in of the fun(cynicism)!


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