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To believe a year from now it will be 4/20 all the time :P obligatory Afroman for today!


I've really been enjoying my time with the Chaosbane beta. A couple of things that suck, it is definitely a console port. The options menu is really laughable. The only things that can be changed are shadows and resolution. Second is it keeps crashing :(


Stop showing us your tits brian.


I love everything about this picture. That beer belly is my spirit animal!


Thats a title I haven't seen in a long time.


3rd edgelord finished! This one is a Crimson Fist, my second favorite chapter :P two more to go and i'll have a full kill team.


So alot of schools in colorado are closed right now because some crazy hoe from florida is obsessed with klebold and harris and is rolling through the state right now. smDh... EDIT: She's been found dead. what a crazy damn day.


A resident evil 2 knock off?


Permanent status


I'm always intimidated by other peoples miniatures, but i'll keep chugging along at my own pace hoping I get better with each painted mini.


Do schools still dissect frogs? I did back then but don't know if it is still done in science class.


Some one recommend me a tv series that is 10+ seasons long that I can watch daily for the next few months.


Remember that time in middle school where all the girls were way taller than you for some damn reason?


Focus Home is making some more warhammer games, really really curious what is going to be the deal with that Age of Sigmar one :thinking:


Another edgelord done! This is the only time I'll ever "paint" a space wolf. Damn space furries...


People who like butterscotch are filthy mutants who need to be purged from the galaxy with extreme prejudice.


I wish Judge Dredd was still a thing...


Beverly Hills is stuck in my head... I don't know whether to shoot myself or let it take over.


The day GW make plastic Tallarn Desert Raiders (or a reprint) is the day I get into guardsmen.


Anyone see hlarge4 around? Its been a bit since he last posted...


I had no idea there was a genesis version of Dick Tracy, let alone a good one!


Has anyone here played the Resident Evil 2 board game? It is on sale at miniature market but I heard it was a little too luck based.


Have these guys on the backburner for a bit. Finally getting around to em. Blood Angels shotgunner is of course the first to be painted :P


Those predator 1 references though...


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