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I of course found another modeler to subscribe too! Check him out when you got the chance :P


3 more half assed painted culty bois off the assembly line! Just got the 2 heavy weapons and the icon bearer left then it's on to the abberants!


So the reveal for the Palanite Enforcers is out, kinda disappointed that they don't look like arbites but I know they aren't supposed to be :/ Still gonna totally grab a box though :P


New expansion for vermintide 2 due out august!


Conan Unconquered just stealth released onto steam. I was about to buy it but it doesnt have a story mode :(


Some one recommend me an RTS, preferably sci-fi. I am in the mood right now. Chances are I already have it so im just gonna stare at my games for a bit...


I speed (hastily slapped) painted some more culty bois :P Fun fact: those guns are made of rubber as I can't find a drill bit small enough for the barrels. The cultists will just have to indimidate them with harsh words :P


PSA: its all rumors right now but if you are a fan of GW's glazes you better stock up as they are being kicked into the warp forever (maybe). Guess its time to start buying 20 bottles of guilliman blue :/


I feel better about my mini back log now after seeing this...


It is a fucking bitch trying to get warhammer memorabilia but after a month of god damn waiting I got new shirts to cover in food stains and pet hair!


Just a quick genestealer cultist for today. My little foray into speed painting before I batch paint the rest of my cultist.


Two for one today on some classic 80s fantasy cheese :P


You haven't had a childhood if you haven't been abandoned at the store at least once (or three times...).


Reminder that it's 1000% okay to leave your daughters alone with genestealers.


If you haven't checked out Tabletop Minion yet give him a look! Always an inspiration!


Can we take a moment to talk about how much of a sadistic fuck Taizo Hori is?


I bought dungeonquest recently and absolutely had to paint this guy first! Azoth the Faceless. Gotta love a wizard who can pull off pink :P this guy is so retro I love it!


Rage 2 on pc...yeah.


Brother Edam is finished. This is probably the dumbest thing ive made (so far). Wish I could keep him but this would melt and deform in my house.


People here with long hair, how many hair bands do you go through? My thick curly ethnic hair keeps stretching the damn things out and im wrapping em like 4 or 5 times now.




#VGTwinsie in this family photo and the painting on the right you can see me in the background.


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