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You guys up for some 80s fantasy cheese and lead poisoning?


Maybe one day Shadowrun might come back...


I'm stuck in gaming limbo after playing every bungie Halo game. Back to staring at the abyss known as the back log...


#ConfessionToid I've never flown in a plane before. All my traveling was done via desert trekking.


So the ultramarines seems to have recruited John Cena in their ranks...


Warlord Gurnisson ready to take revenge on those tyranid bastards!


10 more rude boys ready for a fight! I'm super tempted to take a minor break and do something else but i'll see.


Current Status


Alright Cody, let's find out about your dirty secrets...


Current status:


Gears 5 test so far, I'm less rusty than I thought I was or everyone just sucks. No more gnasher battles but that quickly became talon pistol battles. Gonna play through out the day and piss people off 10 levels higher than me :P


3 more dirty bastards finished, 30 more to go!


Current status


6 iron bois down, 33 more to go!


Can't belive no one posted this yet!?


7 paints, 40 miniatures. 1 down, 39 more to go!


Just a quick painting exercise on a throw away mini in preparation for tomorrow.


So punks and delinquents of dtoid, what's your best getting in trouble as a kid/teen story?


The best image for the best brothers :P


A roller coaster of emotions these past 15 minutes.


I don't play Splatoon at all but I do at least look at the splatfests. Order vs Chaos? Age of Sigmar is currently having that war so here is a shitty 5 min photoshop of Marina :P


Halo Wars was quaint. Not bad for an rts built for consoles but still pretty easy compared to a real one. Solved most of the missions by using good old fashion ork...er guardsmen tactics :P


Finished up my final judge! I got 10 more but i'll shelve them for later. Onto other projects...


The 5 star system is flawed as people only go 1-3-5. I demand it gets reworked into the 3 star system. Also hit that yellow subscribe button and make sure to watch in HQ :P


Warcry is a faint blip on my radar but seeing how much shit is actually in the box is making me interested. Gonna see what the price is like because I just wasted money on a Chaos Battalion Box :P


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