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Mouse wheel up for next weapon, mouse wheel down for previous. Every single damn fps I have to change it, am I just a weirdo? Also no I dont use the number row because of my stubby ass hands :P


About god damn time system requirements are out! Might actually go ahead and buy on pc for this. Mad Max was a great pc port so hoping the same magic is pulled twice...


Damn dirty fish people! Taking our jobs and breeding with our women! They're up to something...


I wish I didn't take 2 months to finish a game you can beat in a weekend.


Will there ever be a day where @Wes shows us his big white ass? (Song unrelated)


I just made a dumb purchase... Er, expect something completely different from me in the next few months. Yes it's a miniature :P


My package finally arrived! A sneak preview of my next project, was gonna do my GSC but this takes priority :P


I was hoping to escape the family curse but it doesnt seem possible. I...I!...have to get glasses, like a nerd :(


Almost forgot to post a group shot. Don't know how long this all took but now I'm just wondering what to do next...


The final edge lord is complete! Black shields would totally be blasting out "The Cure" albums from their vox caster daily.


I'm not racist but...Fuck elves. damned knife ear bastards thinking they're better than everyone else!


With the 4th edgy boi done I am this close finishing up. I (deservedly) rag on the ultramarines alot but they got some pretty cool Captain Kirk style commanders :P


God damn it GW! My fucking bank account is starting to look like Istvaan V!


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how dumb the new Frost is? I think i'm in love...


It is the truth!


To believe a year from now it will be 4/20 all the time :P obligatory Afroman for today!


I've really been enjoying my time with the Chaosbane beta. A couple of things that suck, it is definitely a console port. The options menu is really laughable. The only things that can be changed are shadows and resolution. Second is it keeps crashing :(


Stop showing us your tits brian.


I love everything about this picture. That beer belly is my spirit animal!


Thats a title I haven't seen in a long time.


3rd edgelord finished! This one is a Crimson Fist, my second favorite chapter :P two more to go and i'll have a full kill team.


So alot of schools in colorado are closed right now because some crazy hoe from florida is obsessed with klebold and harris and is rolling through the state right now. smDh... EDIT: She's been found dead. what a crazy damn day.


A resident evil 2 knock off?


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