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Have a good May the Fourth you nerds :P


Current Status: (Also happy birthday absolutfreak!)


Another day, another rude boy done. I do love the "cloaks" GW put on these guys.


Sure the next Assassin's Creed will have vikings, but will it have Norscans?


Its been awhile since my last one, but I did a quick and dirty chaos warrior for today. Ill finish a box one day...


Someone finally tried to get into my nintendo account but 2 step saved the day, remember to always have it on! #MyAssWasCoveredWednesday :P


Just gonna sneak another orc lad in here :P this one gots very squinty eyes.


Predator is officially canon in the 40k universe...


Heres that paladin if that one person was wondering what he looked like :P


#MyFirstQpost atleast I stayed consistent in my content lol. Still have that Brotherhood paladin around somewhere...


Current Status:


I didnt feel like painting today, but I figured I just do something quick. Of course what was only supposed to take an hour turned into four...


Another classic boi down. I really really like the faces on these guys, peak warhammer fantasy lol.


The green tide continues! Going vintage with this one. This lad is ready to take revenge on those chaos dwarf fucks lol.


Earth bears the best fruits.


Ive watched Taken a thousand times and it will never get boring to me :P Always puts me in a mood to play trashy shooters as well lol.


Stay safe out there dtoid and remember to wear your PPE!


Current Status >:)


Current Status:


Its apparently been...TWO MONTHS since ive last painted a blood angel :T to karmanically balance my next project I did this fellow up today in the dave gallagher/2nd edition style!


You're okay, Get in.


Tropicana Goyard Bandana


With the final nob (lol) complete so is this damn box. Nothing more to say other than WAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!


Me never taking any cover in shooters/ Current Status:


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