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6 iron bois down, 33 more to go!


Can't belive no one posted this yet!?


7 paints, 40 miniatures. 1 down, 39 more to go!


Just a quick painting exercise on a throw away mini in preparation for tomorrow.


So punks and delinquents of dtoid, what's your best getting in trouble as a kid/teen story?


The best image for the best brothers :P


A roller coaster of emotions these past 15 minutes.


I don't play Splatoon at all but I do at least look at the splatfests. Order vs Chaos? Age of Sigmar is currently having that war so here is a shitty 5 min photoshop of Marina :P


Halo Wars was quaint. Not bad for an rts built for consoles but still pretty easy compared to a real one. Solved most of the missions by using good old fashion ork...er guardsmen tactics :P


Finished up my final judge! I got 10 more but i'll shelve them for later. Onto other projects...


The 5 star system is flawed as people only go 1-3-5. I demand it gets reworked into the 3 star system. Also hit that yellow subscribe button and make sure to watch in HQ :P


Warcry is a faint blip on my radar but seeing how much shit is actually in the box is making me interested. Gonna see what the price is like because I just wasted money on a Chaos Battalion Box :P


If the new 007 agent doesn't have a venereal disease they dont count and should be assigned another number.


Another Not-Judge of the Imperium ready for duty!


Since im in gaming limbo I just decided to watch movies until I find something concrete to play. I watched ZULU and it was damn fine! Always a fan of Michael Caine!


Can I just say how much I appreciate the shitty audio clips in Blazing Chrome?


Someone should make a point and click adventure game about Perry Mason...


Shadowrun is the only fantasy rpg I know that has black dwarves.


I went to a church for the first time in a decade for my sisters kids baptism. I didn't burst into flames so thats a good sign. As for the baptism...not enough baby dunking but was over in 30 mins. 2 out of 3 stars.


The thing I hate the most about Far Cry 5 is reaching the 90% mark of liberating a region and having to find boring busy work to fill out the rest of the damn bar. Game is finished and uninstalled, 1 out of 3 stars.


I did two more Arbirators yesterday but finished em up this morning. Not gonna lie I'll probably just "pilfer" the palanite data sheets and just use these guys for necromunda :P


Reminder that Benjamin Franklin helped win the war by eating french noblewoman pussy.




Those Palanite Enforcers are out in August...but I like the look of these much more :P The Arbites have come to dispense justice!


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