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Those new Vanguard Marines though...


Fun fact: I am one of two people who have reviewed warhammer adventures attack of the necron. At least on Amazon.


I'm not gonna lie, I've just been playing an ass load of heroquest after setting up the amiga workbench again. Still really really want to get the board game if only to have it. Nobody can stop Sigmar the barbarian!


So ends my revisit through the Crysis series! I wouldn't mind a 4th one but also am happy with how it ends. No crashes on this one but I did have to fuck with alot of settings to and eventually locked it to 30 fps. Now to play something a bit less intense


Being an adult means ignoring random phone calls throughout the day and hoping they don't leave a voice mail.


Just finished up Crysis 2. Still really like it but not as much as the others. Had 2 crashes with this one and a lot of minor bugs. Biggest complaint I would have is that they never bothered making some of the gun animations run above 30fps! On to 3!


I see we can qpost again. Behold Cobra Commander's beauty!


The slap in the face I need, gonna start putting a god damn dent in my plastic crack horde. Just need some black primer though...


I am doing everything in my willpower to not spend $200 on action figures...


I've had the weirdest urge to replay The Crysis trilogy. Properly this time on PC :P Already finished Crysis 1 and Warhead. They were still pretty good if a bit jank at times, only had 2 crashes. Crysis 2 time now!


Grey Knights team all done! These are the old pewter guys too and I fucking love em! Close ups in comments.


Finished off presidents day by watching Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln". Daniel Day Lewis is of course an amazing actor as usual and I always tear up near the end.


Not many people really talk about Benjamin Harrison(except Vesalius :P) but he has was one of the first presidents to have their voice recorded! Rutherford B Hayes was the first but that recording is lost. This recording was long after he was president.


Its Presidents Day! An excuse to mention William Howard Taft! Chief Justice and rotund gentleman :P Also the last president to ever have facial hair.


So I read through Warhammer Adventures(40k one) and i'm... Pleasantly suprised! I'm at a loss for words at how they managed to fit so much genocide in a children's book, and that's the first 5 chapters! Really looking forward to the next book in may!


Welp I finished up Nightfire, I think my only complaints are enemies can be slighty bullet spongey and the checkpoints are non existent(that fucking sub mission!)but that comes with age I suppose. Now to stare at my pile of xbox games to see whats next...


I know im late to the party but I finally got around to Leon B, man that ending was cheesy :P but now that i've got my xbox and ps2 hooked up i'll be playing those for a bit!


To conclude the day I finished up a play through of Organ Trail. As is tradition I had Gundy die right before safe haven :( Also FrostyFlakes is a trooper!


That's Oregon Trail 2 finished! It was a brutal run...For Amna. He was literally the only one having problems that eventually led to his death a few days out from Oregon City :(yes I tried rubbing olive oil all over him but that does nothing to pneumonia.


I really really wish someone made another Oregon Trail game. Played earlier and my entire party kept getting bitten by fucking snakes! We all made it, but at the cost of Emily Dickinson's life :(


I'm not gonna lie I am only buying Warhammer Adventures purely out of curiosity. The sample chapter released a bit ago was decent for a kids book. Might sneak a copy to my niece and get her into 40k :P


I wish 007 games weren't dead...


About god damn time there is a release date! June seems so far away now :(


Worked on this guy all damn day! The old world still lives on in my heart. I really liked the way he turned out, might make him my d&d character :P


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