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With GW contrast paints out tomorrow here is a pretty good look from one of my favorite mini painters.


Shot my gun, had a martini. Today was a good day.




So I got impatient and went ahead and started painting my aberrants :P I had to do some primer touch ups on my last two neophytes so I can finally finish the damn box!


"Another one"-DJ Khaled. Got my icon bearer all painted up. Did this one properly but didnt take as long as I thought it would. Two heavy specialists and I'm done! (For now...)


I have no idea what ubisoft is doing this year. I want Far Cry 6: Back to Africa or Warlords Battlecry 4.


Please leave the japanese lady alone...


I will be heavily scrutinizing Wasteland 3's depiction of Colorado. Although I do like the emphasis of DIA being a shitty warzone lol.


It's time again! Everyone get their report cards ready! Here is mine :P


Outside of the new Modern Warfare and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin there really isnt anything else coming out this year that im really looking forward to :T Here is hoping E3 has something to announce for Q4.


Making my way (downtown) through chaosbane and passed the second act, onto the third. Got some reiksguard gear and about to unlock the pistolier skill which lets me reenact this old school warhammer mini :P Still gotta hunt ebay for one...


I've been painting alot of xenos lately...too many! Did this guy today who I dub Brother Akhad (space hulk reference :P) who is a minor kitbash. I saw the studded pauldron and had to dig out some of the old head sculpts!


I will say one thing about Warhammer Choasbane, it has awesome boss fights! Also it is automatically better than Inquisitor Martyr because it doesn't fucking require a 24/7 internet connection to play.


Tagline for the morning I'm having.


For those interested in Warhammer Chaosbane id say give it a wait or rent. It's alright and I'm loving it personally but better ARPGs are out for cheaper.


I of course found another modeler to subscribe too! Check him out when you got the chance :P


3 more half assed painted culty bois off the assembly line! Just got the 2 heavy weapons and the icon bearer left then it's on to the abberants!


So the reveal for the Palanite Enforcers is out, kinda disappointed that they don't look like arbites but I know they aren't supposed to be :/ Still gonna totally grab a box though :P


New expansion for vermintide 2 due out august!


Conan Unconquered just stealth released onto steam. I was about to buy it but it doesnt have a story mode :(


Some one recommend me an RTS, preferably sci-fi. I am in the mood right now. Chances are I already have it so im just gonna stare at my games for a bit...


I speed (hastily slapped) painted some more culty bois :P Fun fact: those guns are made of rubber as I can't find a drill bit small enough for the barrels. The cultists will just have to indimidate them with harsh words :P


PSA: its all rumors right now but if you are a fan of GW's glazes you better stock up as they are being kicked into the warp forever (maybe). Guess its time to start buying 20 bottles of guilliman blue :/


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