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I had no idea the new She-Ra was out already. I'm not gonna lie...I actually kinda really like it so far. In that Totally Spies kinda way. Now to convice my sister to get her kid to watch :P


Kevlarmonkey insisted I post more battle sisters :P


Join the gift exchange so I can start mailing out vials of holy menstrual blood this season(pic semi related)


I've been waiting for fucking ever for this damn mod to release! Now to pretend it's chaos gate 2 since GW is contempt with licensing out phone games :/


Well I found my new favorite video.


I wish transformers games weren't dead...


One thing that has been bugging me in recent games is the hold down a button to accept a menu action. I can't tell if I like it or not but I guess it's good for when you want dedication to scrapping a sword or buying something.


I'm alive, but not these poor old red shirts.


Anyone up for a vintage genestealer?


I'm 3 blue screen crashes away from shooting my damn pc. I love pc gaming but I also fucking hate it. siiiiiiiiggghh.


Happy birthday Mr.Moyse! Enjoy some Vince McMahon power walkin for today :P


Christmas came early for me, King of the Hill is on Hulu! probably one of my fav shows of all time :P


Don't be afraid to go to your chaplain in the events of any heresy. Don't be like leandros :P My first foray into painting black, and I think I did alright. At least now my space marines have a brother to look out for their souls :P


Well i'd call tongiht a success! We had an assload of trick or treaters, more than last year! Hope you guys had a good one too :P


I'm not going to lie, I do play with the miniatures every once in a while...


The weekend has drained me. And I volunteered to cover 2 extra days :/ as a side, im wary of every light flicker now until the end of my shift. Hope you guys faired better then I did this weekend(pic unrelated)


Current status because I'm a weirdo.


More books for the horde, et I mean collection :P Wish GW would have continued their rpg line or at least do a god damn reprint. I got the whole collection off bundle of holding but still wanted the book core book physical. All the other stuff was extra.


Not much going on, I do got some rulebooks coming in later though! (Excuse to post pic)


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