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Me when Orktober is less than 2 weeks away :P also more shout outs to the warhammer subreddit!


Mini story time, It has been a couple of months since I have seen the property manager (technically my other boss) and god damn has he grown his hair out! Tech companies have leniency but it's funny considering he looks like a hippy now. (Pic unrelated)


There is something very pleasant about how archaic the cyberspace sections are in system shock. I'll always love low poly graphics in just about anything!


God damn, nightdive hit it out of the fucking park with that source port of system shock! been playing for the past few hours and still one of my favorite games of all time made better!


Nothing really going on, I just wanted an excuse to post this :P


Me every time I walk into Charlton X Soulbow thread.


Finally got myself my extremely belated gift. I know raveloft is outdated but i still wanted to give it a go. And im pretty sure I only got doom for the minis. But I am so damn happy! Also shocked that the terminators still have their antenna!


Summer ate my wife and kidnapped my son.


I posted it in mullon's qpost but I'll post here too. The Alien Armageddon mod for duke 3d is pretty damn amazing. new levels, weapons, enemies, and Bombshell are in! It is also weirdly detailed as she sits down to pee... Her and dukes new lines are okay.


ItS UP!!!!!


I had the weirdest urge to watch Indian in The Cupboard today. My only thoughts afterwards were half the movie could have been avoided if that fuck patrick didn't mess with the damn box!


Accurate depiction of Dere daily, Happy Birthday man :P


You're god damn right I did. Also that west country though...


...For the Lion.


Reminder that catgirls are 1000% canon in the 40k universe :P


Just another day in the Imperium.


Another year goes by, I'm hoping for an easy weekend as monday is labor day and the whole campus takes that day off. Gonna be reading through the Ultramarine series more and eat some take out and also shit post here too (pic unrelated) :P


EPISODE 60 PART 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Hlarge! your presents are behind these beholders :P


All doom 2 speedruns have officialy been nullified by this secret. A pain elemental pushes the player character into a corner into the floor...


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