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I don't like anime, but this picture of Sanguinius-senpai and St. Celestine-chan will be that exception :P


Pickles are evil and the people who enjoy them are madmen.


I ate more middle eastern food today. My only regret is not trying it sooner! Have to look for gyros next...(vid unrelated :P)


It's not octopath (:P) but all these beauties finally came in today! Even if the disks dont work, all the inserts make it well worth the price of admission for me.


Happy birthday my fellow Warhammer aficionado! some death guard for ya :P


I wish beige computers would make a come back. Their boring and utterly tasteless design is so god damn appealing to me :P also shout out to the Vogon site for keeping old pc gaming alive!


I'm...on another buying spree, But can you guess which collection i'll be getting? :P


I just spent the morning setting up the amiga emulator and learning about workbench 3.0, WHDLoad, and settings of winuae. All because I couldn't fucking get Moonstone to swap disks. Worth it though for that sweet sweet amiga music!


Hey! I finally painted something! I thank JcDent for that stormcast bretonnian picture as this guy was fun and easy to paint. Black gloss primer did most of the work and im really happy at how shiny he is (IRL). one more pic in comments.


Warm night, cicadas chirping in the trees, cheeseburger in hand with the sound of fireworks(or gunshots :P) in the distance. Yup, it's 4th of july! the only day I ever remember out of summer. I will watching scenes from the totally accurate movie Patriot.


I've been having an oddly nice time with the new vegas multiplayer mod. Made a freind, became his bodyguard. Followed around 5 guys burgers and fries in power armor. pulled a leroy jenkins.and am now trying to get vegas for hookers. more pics in comments.


I wasn't around for rogue trader, but my god I sure wish I was! Link to this guys blog in comments.


Enjoy some amiga goodness AND some classic warhammer too :P


One of my favorite miniatures store got some more of those illegal russian fallout minis in! I of course ordered some more. which is a good thing, because they sold out already :/


I got a mysterious letter today, I don't know a sandra, and they also think im smart enough to solve da vinci puzzles...


I play games like a torrent downloads files. Multiple files at the same time and sometimes one file gets high priority, sometimes. (pic unrelated)


There is a microcosm of english people in a conference room here at work today. Ive never heard so many different kinds of accents at once. Im a little weirded out...


I always loved the slightly comedic nature of dreadnoughts that the warhammer community bestowed on them :P


Can I just say, I fucking LOVE how cheap xbox and ps2 games still are! Wish pound technology was making a ps2 cable since my tv hates component :/


Apparently this fat hairy caveman might actually be a disney princess. First a bird showed up at my window a few months ago and now this fucking squirrel shows up side eyeing me. Now I wait for a deer to start head butting my window some time from now.


Brother Goriel of the Blood done by me :P just a few touch ups and he is ready to serve the EMPRAH! I really love the battle scars and missing eye on this guy, some really good character this one.


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