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Got my kirby & A Hat in Time t-shirts in the mail today!, cost an arm due to import tax though :/ but I'm really happy with them otherwise. (kirby one in comments)


This was a pleasant suprise,went out life drawing for the first time in ages today because I feel I need to get over my shyness with drawing people in public, first cafe I pick and the guy who works there is also an artist! Even gave me a free coffee. :)


I can't wait to play as Simon in smash, he looks like so much fun to play!


Finished!, I had a lot of trouble painting the leather on this, I'll probably do another Dante picture soon(maybe older one?) to practice it more, but i'm overall quite happy with how this turned out.


Shoebill is best birb and I need to do more Kemono Friends stuff.


Also Prey is really damn awesome so far, shame about it's sales :(. Still wish it wasn't attached to the original I.P though.


And finished. Was trying to emulate some Krenz artwork with the lighting and color, went for a very cold winter look.


W.I.P of DnD character I'm working on. I made him a Dwarf brawler with the twist of focusing almost entirely on diplomacy skills haha, a character who can talk his way out of most situations but will be able to beat your arse down when diplomacy fails.


First attempt at 3d modelling seems to be going pretty damn well so far, been following a tutorial which seems to basically be a crash course in it, from building/sculpting to texture and animation.


Finally finished this!. Feels good, I think this was a major level up from my previous pieces. ^_^


20 years of banjo-kazooie and yet we still haven't had the answer to one of gaming's greatest mysteries...


God the music in Nier Automata is so goddamn beautiful, haven't found a single track I'm not addicted to yet.


Just beat Leon/Yuffie on KH Expert mode *deep breath*, NEVER AGAIN.


On this day let us praise our lord and savior. Why Today? Because it's always a good day to praise Waluigi!! WAAAAH!


Happy Birthday Occams! sick disgusting freak you :).


Just started up KH1 again. It's funny but even though I'll never touch it again, I can't bring myself to get rid of my old save file lol. btw i'm playing on expert mode, how much harder is it?.


Started Tai-Chi lessons last Wednesday, so far really enjoying it, tough as balls though.


Got some red tinted glasses to help with sleeping..the whole world now looks like the bloodbath scene from I.T...i'm ok with this!.


Just wanted to say that i'm back fully!, been lurking around the FP and a few q-posts for a while now but I'm ready to get back into the site fully and back to writing some blogs again as well :).


Hey Guys!.I'll be taking a really long break from Dtoid. I've been put into a situation now where I've got to really study like crazy and I can't afford any distractions(i'll pop up on the discord sometimes though). Stay safe ya'll! :).


Outside of the FP articles I haven't really been on lately. Qposts and most of the site have still been slow so i've taken a break of sorts from posting. Just wanted to jump on and wish you all a Happy Christmas! you guys are the best!


Completely forgot to post this. I gave LPing a try, quite rough around the edges and I have a bad habit of talking too fast but I think it came out ok. Might be a while before I try another one though, throats been playig up due to winter.


Finished Kemono friends recently, barring that first ep it is one hell of a good show, i'm now depressed we probably won't see a proper sequel. But it was fun while it lasted. Also owls were probably my favorite, they're so adorable!.


Finally finished off the last linktobers(there's one more but it's a free for all so i'm skipping it, because I desperately want time to do some a hat in time art now).


About triggerpigkingone of us since 3:40 PM on 05.12.2014

Hello talking computer person.

Been a lurker here for a while occasionally leaving comments and I decided to get more involved with you pervy creepy amazing people.

My names Chris and I pretty much spend my days watching anime, playing games and studying art..usually procrastinating from it.
Also i'm British so i'm legally obliged to drink tea and watch and obsess over Dr Who.

If you wish to spam me with memes or dick pics you can catch me here.

Some of my favorite games are:

Metal gear solid 3
Banjo kazooie
Legend of Zelda Wind waker(or majora)
Spec ops the line
We love Katamari
Devil may cry 3
Pretty much any souls game, though especially 2 and bloodborne
Ori and the blind forest
Kingdom Hearts 2(and 1)
Metroid prime
Fatal frame 2
Paper mario(1 and super still haven't been able to play 2 begrudgingly)
Grow home
Resonance of fate
Alien isolation
And probably more I can't remember of the top of my head.

my favorite shows(mainly anime) include

Cowboy bebop
Gungrave(amazingly underrated and hands down my favorite show of all time)
Black Lagoon
Dr Who
Breaking Bad
Gravity Falls
Spice & Wolf
The Devil is a Part Timer
Hellsing Ultimate
Flip Flappers
Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Also some of my favorite musicians and bands are

Scoobie do(it's a Japanese rock band not to be confused with the tv show)
Free tempo
Poets of the fall
Ninja sex party and starbomb
Ennio morricone
Murray gold(Dude who does the music for dr who)
and I generally listen mainly to a lot of soundtracks and compilations while drawing.

And with that I must go, my people don't need me in the slightest