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Link...vember? I suppose now.. Still trying to finish these, god I am slow, want to do so soon though because i've been itching to draw a hat in time.


Just started playing VA11-HALL-A. Only about an hour or so in but I am adoring this game, dialogue is top notch and it's such a chill, relaxing game to play.


Played a bit of Moira, Overwatch's newest character, love her, probably gonna be a new one of my mains. Also as someone who can't aim for shit in these kinds of games, having a character who's attacks lock on is nice.


For those interested I just put up a blog on Doctor who, specifically what I think are the best episodes for newcomers to the show, if you're interested give it a look!.


The Best Doctor Who Episodes for Newbies.

Hey there folks, been a long while since I've written one of these, I got burned out after the mammoth that was my villains blog and since then I've had trouble coming up with ideas to write about, so I thought hey, why not w...


Finished a hat in time a few days back, it's sooo good, one of the best platformers i've played and possibly my goty. Despite all the AAA bullshit being cranked up to 11 this year, in terms of game quality it's been an amazing year.


Watched the Haunting over halloween(the original 1963 one not that godawful remake), that movie is incredible, I highly reccomend it for any horror fans here. It's got great usage of sound and it's also a really good character study as well.


Linktober 23-25, not gonna be able to finish these before the end of the month but eh i'll just finish them in November.


Aaaah snails house uploaded more music! and a music video this time as well, it's adorable.


More Linktober stuff, really messed up Paya's eyes. Happy with how the Faron dragon came out though, even though trying to find good reference pics of her was a nightmare.


They've finally announced then new companion(s) for the next season of Dr Who!. I'll post my thoughts and the link in the comments so as not to spoil anything for those who don't want to know but I will say it's an exciting changeup.


More Linktober, Midna was a bitch to draw right, the proportions, perspective and the pose, not to mention that damned helmet, still I like the end result. messed up the proportions on Darunia though, but that was a quick drawing anyway.


More Linktober, I actually got one more of these done but I really wasn't happy with the results so i'm going to redo it.


Linktober 12-14. Could'nt think up something Zelda related for 14 but fuck it, Tetra counts.


Linktober 10-11. Not a fan of how Medli & Makar came out, Medli's face looks kinda creepy and it's hard to draw Makar's face without him looking like he's in the middle of having a vietnam flashback.


Linktober 7-9! Had trouble with Majora Link but I think it came out fine in the end, really don't like how the lower half of Nabooru turned out, them pants are suprisingly hard to draw convincingly same for the shoes haha. Also Disco Geldman!.


It's only two more weeks of waiting...but it feels like an eternity.


Well bought Hellblade(despite my wallet desperately pleading me not to). Might get started on it after finishing Pankapu. Also more Linktober stuff.


I have found my next bloodborne character.


First two Linktober drawings, might redo 2. not a big fan of how he turned out.


Forgot to upload this earlier, finished some fanart of Sucy(best witch!) a few weeks back, which i've spent fucking months on(think I started this in like early June). I love this character so much so i'm glad the fanart came out well.


So I tried to download SotN from ps3, I add my new paypal information..and then it demands I verify one of my previous cards..cards that no longer fucking exist, on top of that it's saved the new information with no way to delete it.. what the fuck Sony!


About triggerpigkingone of us since 3:40 PM on 05.12.2014

Hello talking computer person.

Been a lurker here for a while occasionally leaving comments and I decided to get more involved with you pervy creepy amazing people.

My names Chris and I pretty much spend my days watching anime, playing games and studying art..usually procrastinating from it.
Also i'm British so i'm legally obliged to drink tea and watch and obsess over Dr Who.

If you wish to spam me with memes or dick pics you can catch me here.

Some of my favorite games are:

Metal gear solid 3
Banjo kazooie
Legend of Zelda Wind waker(or majora)
Spec ops the line
We love Katamari
Devil may cry 3
Pretty much any souls game, though especially 2 and bloodborne
Ori and the blind forest
Kingdom Hearts 2(and 1)
Metroid prime
Fatal frame 2
Paper mario(1 and super still haven't been able to play 2 begrudgingly)
Grow home
Resonance of fate
Alien isolation
And probably more I can't remember of the top of my head.

my favorite shows(mainly anime) include

Cowboy bebop
Gungrave(amazingly underrated and hands down my favorite show of all time)
Black Lagoon
Dr Who
Breaking Bad
Gravity Falls
Spice & Wolf
The Devil is a Part Timer
Hellsing Ultimate
Flip Flappers
Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Also some of my favorite musicians and bands are

Scoobie do(it's a Japanese rock band not to be confused with the tv show)
Free tempo
Poets of the fall
Ninja sex party and starbomb
Ennio morricone
Murray gold(Dude who does the music for dr who)
and I generally listen mainly to a lot of soundtracks and compilations while drawing.

And with that I must go, my people don't need me in the slightest