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finally managed to do a Banjo Kazooie painting i'm happy with!(very cartoon chars are so hard for me)


The Legend of Zelda: The quest to get Ganondorf some godamn H20.


Dailysketch 137: Of the many things that made me happy in the BOTW2 trailer, short haired Zelda is definitely high up there.


dailysketch for today, Gundy wanted me to draw Neptunia doing her taxes.


drew Hornet from Hollow Knight for Cedi's patreon sketch, been meaning to get round to this game sometime, Hornet has a very cute design.


Banjo in smash!, been waiting for this for so godamn long!, banjo was to my memory the first game I ever played and still one of my fav platformers, seeing him in smash is a dream come true :*).


Ikumi Nakamura is adorable and one of the only things that kept me sane during Bethesda's e3 conference


just another quick sketch today because my batteries are still low. sooner I can get my sleep issues sorted the better.


Phew got stuck round my friend's today, train home was cancelled for some reason so I can't get back tonight. luckily I did have my sketchbook on me so still got a dailysketch out!


literally all the effort I have today for..well i'd say drawing but more like anything lol. can't wait until i'm feeling normal again, just have no godamn energy, I actually got more drawing done and at a higher quality when I was sick with flu.


Drew Nice from Baccano because this series needs more fanart!.


dailysketch 126: drew the first doc in the style of persona since i've been studying it a bit recently and have been needing a bit of practice with drawing older characters.


Happy 17th birthday to the Shantae series!


dailysketch 124: really stuck into wanting to draw persona lately haha, Haru might be underrated but atleast she has a decent amount of fanart, can barely find anything for poor Chihaya.


dailysketch 123: Just got up to Haru in Persona 5 and I can really see why people think she's underrated, she is cute as a button!.


just did a quick 30 min thingy today since i'm gonna be busy. based on this https://twitter.com/ziyatong/status/1133576914080190465?s=21


just another quick sketch today, haven't been able to concentrate at all the last few days, not happy with my art because of it. But ah well, i'm keeping up my commitment to it regardless.


https://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/50586/online-play-in-super-mario-maker-2-limited-to-randoms-only Nintendo. go fuck yourselves, seriously, I'm not buying it now, fuck em. online co-op sounded so fucking good but nope they had to "Nintendo it".


Been working on this for a few days! I really wanted to draw fanart of Felix,Crusch and Fourier after reading the prequel novel for Re:Zero, it's so good!


didn't have time to finish the big drawing I was working on today so I did a quick sketch of pig girl from kemono friends!


Krita exploded today so I couldn't finish the piece I was working on, instead my friend asked me to draw SCP-999 because he's a cute little blobber.


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