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Today's dailysketch prompt was another draw a friends OC challenge https://twitter.com/zerorganic OC Mira.


Streaming Gregory Horror Show part 2!. https://twitch.tv/triggerpigking


Today's prompt was for a Warlock/Witch AU for an OC, so just dressed this one up as Clarissa.


Streaming Gregory Horror Show. One of my favorite ps2 games! https://twitch.tv/triggerpigking


Today's prompt was to draw an OC in one of your fav meme formats, might make a better version of this in the future.


Sunday's dailysketch prompt was for an OC drawn like an animal crossing character. I've been drawing a lot of Rei recently.


Saturdays dailysketch prompt was for an OC in Halloween clothing.


Today's octoberartchallenge prompt, drew the Lamia girl I did recently as a Greaser.


Today's October art challenge prompt was for an OC comic. Clarissa's summoning circle has gone very wrong.


Today's octoberartchallenge prompt was to draw another friends OC, drew my friend Catcouch's OC Miriam dressed up like Lisa from Genshin Impact.


Honestly don't have the energy for a dailysketch today, here's something I just finished up though, it's a Nia for an animated thingy i'll be doing.


Today's prompt was for an OC that really needs a hug, I haven't drawn this one in quite a long while, think i'ma call her Moira.


Sunday's octoberartchallenge prompt was for an OC you'd fight in a car park. I drew Rei in the middle of a brawl.


Didn't have time for yesterday's OCtober prompt so instead drew my friend a Prince of Persia sketch.


Gonna put today's dailysketch in comments since it's somewhat a bit lewd?..I dunno probably fine but I don't like to risk it haha.


Today's octoberartchallenge prompt was to draw an OC doing something out of character, it's an edgy 90's punk Priscilla.


Commission for Bass of a group of his OC's. Thanks for the commission dude, this was fun to work on.


Today's octoberartchallenge prompt was to draw a friends OC. I drew a pal of mine twitter.com/Sacorguy79 Ophelia OC.


Priscilla. octoberartchallenge Today's prompt was to draw an OC in a 90's anime style.


So today's octoberartchallenge prompt was to draw an OC I've drawn for a fandom...I legit hadn't drawn any!. FireEmblemThreeHouses doesn't really have any angry girls so I made my own. Gonna call her Aldeva.


OC prompt yesterday was for an OC that needs more love. I've not drawn this one in a while but I really liked how her design came out.(Still not got a name though if anyone has suggestions).


Today's OC sketch prompt was for favorite OC, so did Clarissa the witch!.


Since i'm practicing OC's anyway, gonna take part in some of the #octoberartchallenge prompts. This one was for last made OC...which was yesterday haha, so I decided to do the last one I remember doing a full piece on.


Challenged myself to draw a muscular character today, definitely a weak point of mine as are glasses.


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