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Bird masks are so cool. Always found them really interesting.


Drew Dracula today, very happy with the results!. I can't wait for season 3 of Castlevania, they've just knocked it out of the park so far.


I drew zomboobs, Rotty is such a fun character, always happy to see her in the games.


Finally got this looking better. Still not sure on the face or hands though, maybe that'll be my study subject for today.


Not happy with this one. began feeling somewhat sick so I haven't been able to concentrate on it, gonna give it another whirl tomorrow though.


Drew my friend Soresaki's Ghost girl OC, check out her twitter here! https://twitter.com/1100%20/status/1116660395979067394


Sketched my favorite shark witch today. I don't know why I enjoy drawing witches so much, I just do haha. Do you guys have a favorite witch? close second for me would be Ashley from Warioware.


Finished Laid back camp yesterday and I already miss it!. (also alt version in comments)


Drew a Kat today, she is one of the cutest videogame protags out there.


Dandy baby!. I'm curious what you guys think of this one, friend of mine told me to try to be more looser and experimental with this drawing rather then trying to be perfect, do you think it's payed off well?.


Drew a serval on stream today!. Anyone here watch Kemono friends?(barring Gundy lol) curious what your guys favorite friend is.


Hey remember that LP I tried a year ago? I went back to it XD.


For my 69th dailysketch, who else could I pick but Danny Sexbang


Drew a kirbs today! Been wanting to draw him for a while, he's so cute ^_^.


Nadeshiko from Laid Back Camp!. Show is so relaxing to watch, it's not laugh out loud funny and it's plot is simple but it creates a relaxing vibe that makes it so nice to watch. Do you have a show or game you watch/play just to relax?


Angry wombat noises!. I'm really having a lot of fun drawing her and the whole mood change idea!. Do you guys have any OC's of your own?.


More of my OC Rei! this time in her more shy persona, intended to do a companion pic to this where she fly's off the lid but this took 4 hours as is haha. I think I should study how to be more efficient with these, finding no time to study afterwards.


He might not be my favorite but 10 was my first doc so he'll always have a special place of nostalgia for me, if you've ever watched Dr Who, who was your first doctor?.


New OC,Rei. never done a furry one before. Idea I have for her is to make her a really timid character that will fly off the rails when pushed to her limit haha. I'll be drawing her in her more timid form soon.


Drew Erwin from girls und panzer on Malthor's request. still feeling like i'm having trouble translating over to digital sketching again but I'll get used to it.


Sketch of Brandon Heat from Gungrave, one of my favorite(and most heartbreaking) anime's. but it's so obscure! no one knows it dammit. What's an obscure show you love but no one else knows?.


Drew Reg from Made in Abyss. Man I love this show so much, really looking forward to the movie!. This'll probably be my last traditional sketch for a while, ran out of sketchbook so I'm gonna try digital for a bit and maybe add a bit of color to these.


So dr doom asked if I had any bebop drawings and I realized..I haven't drawn bebop in years, feels weird haha.


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