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Drew Saki in the thriller costume. We need season 2 already!


sketched Nero today, pretty tired, think moving house has caught up with me haha.


Today's dailysketch, kinda came out like Harley Quinn, was'nt intended haha.


Dailysketches for the last two of three days, sadly I missed yesterday due to illness and moving house, forgot about drawing doh!. Still that's a 393 day streak of drawing everyday, not too bad! (second one in comments)


Claude sketch today. Also will be offline for the next few days due to moving, will get my daily-sketches done though and if I can, i'll try to find a wifi spot to post them.


Charlie sketch!, can't wait for the next ep of Hazbin.


Lightening girl sketch for today's daily-sketch,might redraw her again, came out better then I expected.


Been a while since I sketched Nia!. Also I really need to do a full XC2 painting at some point, only just realized I have'nt. For this sketch I tried something a bit different and tried to draw without construction lines, was pretty tough.


Wasn't feeling too motivated to do much drawing today, so did a Vergil sketch.


Zelda daily-sketch yesterday, didn't get to post it till now.


More style experimentation today. Think I still need to push my shapes even bigger.


Dorothy sketch today!, also for anyone interested i've started streaming my art, and will occasionally be doing so for games too.


Was playing around with style's today and the end result just kinda worked for today's sketch.


Finally got this finished, began it like a week ago. Might draw her again sometime, really like how her design's shaped up.


Drew a slimey girl today, didn't come out too bad considering im so tired that I'm basically feeling half drunk lol.


Well Re:mind was a damn rip-off but it did get me in the mood to draw Larxene again


365 daily-sketches in a row!, I've done a whole year ^_^. Thanks for everyone who's been following me with these, I think I've improved a lot due to them.


Today's dailysketch is dr who spoilers for the recent ep so i'm gonna hide it in the comments.


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