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Linktober sketch 12. Redrew Ganondorfs famous transformation from OOT but with his TP incarnation


Linktober prompt today was shopkeeper...so I chose this time to draw the sexiest, manliest, all around best Zelda character to ever have existed....no I am not accepting constructive criticism.


Linktober sketch 9 "forest". These prompts are really testing me, lot of subjects I'm not comfortable drawing, it's good practice!.


Linktober day 8. Drawing horses is haaaaaard, haha animals aren't my strong point, I think it came out well irregardless though


Linktober day 7. To this day I still wish TP had a direct sequel. Great story and lore and I'd never say no to another game with my favourite imp.


Linktober day 6. Quite tired so this one didn't come out too well imo. I should do a bigger piece of Din sometime though her design is great.


Linktober day 5, I really like the Poe designs from Twilight Princess, they're mega creepy.


Today's linktober sketch, I really hope when Ganondorf returns in Botw2 that it's with the complexity of his WW appearence, one of my fav villains due to that game.


Yesterday's linktober sketch!(forgot to post it here). I've always found Sheik really attractive but not Zelda in her true form, guess I just like mysterious tomboys.


Second Linktober sketch, bit tired so I copied the ref quite a bit for this, still I tried to add a bit more design for the fairy fountain mixing it with another games .


First drawing for linktober trying to draw only in ink with minimal guidelines is super hard


quick sketch of Bernie bears today!, trying to get an idea on how to draw chibi, not to sure of it yet but i'm getting there.


Marin as an idol, this took a while. Who's been playing the Links Awakening remake btw? i've been planning on getting it soon.


random sketch today, spent half the day working on an unfinished piece(should be done tommorow!). Anyway I quite like how this design came out, might redraw her in the future.


Did a quick sketch of the new zombo's from Shantae and the Seven Sirens...either that or it's just Rottytops messing with us I'm honestly not sure at this stage haha.


Quick sketch today of boomslang a kemono friend I'd not heard of till today but she's cute!


Today's patreon dailysketch for Cedi of his little Moth OC.


Quick birthday gift for my friend Sacorguy79 of Nettie from Serious Sam.


Got back to Kobayashi's dragon maid yesterday and they (finally) introduced Elma, she's pretty cute and I love how indecisive she is. If you've seen the show who's your favourite dragon?


Sketched Peni Parker today from into the spiderverse, she was one of the best parts of the movie for me.


Did a quick sketch of Ferdinand Von Aegir!.


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