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just did a quick sketch of Krystal today, really couldn't focus on drawing.


did have more ideas for this initially but eh, I have no energy today haha.


today's daily-sketch, been a while since I drew Rei. Trying to experiment with different brushes and filters. didn't get the watercolor look I wanted but I still dig it.


I am so happy with how this cutie came out, was gonna draw it as a one time thing but she's too cute for that.


I am so happy with how this cutie came out, was gonna draw it as a one time thing but she's too cute for that.


all i could really get drawn today. having a major hard time finding the motivation to draw, so just did a quick sketch for 30 mins and gonna take the rest of the day off.


said I'd draw OC stuff for a while...but with it being Saki's birthday the other day I couldn't resist drawing her haha.


Another OC thingy. trying to do a bit less fanart for a little while, it's a bit of a crutch for me in terms of ideas so i'm trying to flex my imagination muscles a bit more right now and experiment


dailysketch for today, didn't get to finish it but I think i'll finish it tommorow since I like how it's coming out, also gonna redo the paint since I want to try watercolor brushes out.


He can stop when he wants too!. Wish I had more time for this one, Pikachu came out looking a bit weird, anyway Detective Pika was actually way better then I was expecting! absolutely loved it.


just ended up doing a very quick sketch of the 8th doctor today, it took it out of me to even do this.. dunno why but i've been getting so damn tired lately.


mega tired right now and I need a nap before i'm busy later, so I just did a quick heavily reffed Futaba for today's drawing.


Really looking forward to playing the new hat in time dlc tomorrow! haven't got time for it today.


Painted Bunji Kugashira from Gungrave!. Anyone interested in the new game? I am but in a weird way also not. I adore the anime but the games always looked kinda meh, maybe this one will change that. Either way they look awesome in that new art-style.


100th Dailysketch! I've been considering changing my avatar to my own work but i'm hesitant to chance it from this, i've had it so long that it's kinda a part of me haha. So I'm experimenting with drawing Clarissa in it, see if it would fit me.


Since Patreon will be upping it's fees tomorrow I decided to jump into patreon, if anyone fancies giving me a tip or voting on a weekly dailysketchthen you can do so here.(thanks!)https://www.patreon.com/Triggerpig


after about 150 or so hours(give or take 10) I finally beat Xenoblade2.....now I just feel empty...still a bit more content in NG+ and the torna dlc sometime but the overall story is done and now i'm just in that phase where i'm sad it's over.


Drew Akairiot's Kelda today, had this thumbnail for a long time, decided to do it for today's dailysketch. it's a bit lewd so I was advised to keep it in the comments.


Quick dailysketch today, did have something bigger planned but i'm all tuckered out. i love that I can be sick with flu for 3days and work relatively fine, but I eat 1 large pizza and my brain and willpower throws up it's arms and says fuck this i'm out


phew almost didn't get this one finished. Anyway british parliament member did stupid shit and held up a photoshop of Lilly with a gun...how could i resist!


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