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died 2 hours into the run at Buckingham Palace, oof. Playing while streaming is difficult, gonna retry it again soon though I think, it was a super fun stream.


playing Zombiu on a 1 life run , drop in and say hi! https://twitch.tv/triggerpigking


Nia relaxing under a starry sky. This one took a long time to finish but it was worth it, came out so nicely.


https://www.twitch.tv/triggerpigking streaming the Crash N sane Trilogy(should work this time, stream was borked last time dangit)


Sketched Subaru today, REZero Season 2 had a heck of an opening episode


Been rewatching Black Lagoon, good time for a Revy sketch


OC thingey, I had no direction with this lol, just threw a bunch of random ideas together.


Sketching OC's to play around with head proportions today.


Drew a cute lil Rosalina. Might color it tommorow.


https://picarto.tv/Triggerpigdraws streaming the crash n sane trilogy for another hour or so if people want to drop in!.


sketched out that cute new Coco design.


Today's sketch, just messing around with OC drawing. Gonna try to get back in the habit of posting my daily-drawings here.


Anthro version of Kazooie I finished up yesterday.


Sketched an OC of mine, Clarissa today, trying to make my figures more expressive.


Dailysketch from yesterday, drew the cute new Ratchet girl(Also another one in comments)


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