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I really want Raymond in my Animal Crossing town, he's got such a cute design


Spinel piece I started back ages ago, glad to finally have it finished!. Who else is looking forward to the end of StevenUniverseFuture I think it's so far been just the perfect epilogue, will feel strange when the series is truly over.


When you wanna play Iceborne but also wanna keep your old fashion. Also, unrelated but trying to keep that Pukei Pukei alive in the Geralt mission is hell.


More Giga mermaid for Gamemaniac. This one was tough to paint but fun, Xenoblade armor is so difficult.


patreon dailysketch request of Miles Edgeworth


Rip and Tear(the weeds) until it is done..


Feeling a bit sick atm, so drew a Nia to cheer me up!.


Sketched out Saint Germain, I really hope he appears again in S4, such a fun character.


Alucard sketch today. i'm running out of Castlevania characters to draw lol.


Already drawn Isaac and Trevor, heck why not Sypha too.


Sketched Isaac, the MVP of Castlevania season 3.


Did a quick Trevor sketch today, made his face a bit round I think but otherwise happy with it.


Painted Wacky Woohoo Pizza man on stream today


Vandham deserves more love and fanart in the Xenoblade2 fanbase, he's an absolute unit.


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