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Let's be honest..they're basically the same character, and I love them for it! ❤️.


People have drawn this idea before but I love the Scottish poke girl so wanted to take a shot at it haha. I'm still very critical of S/S so I won't be playing it but I hope everyone's having a great time with it!


Been drawing a lot of FE recently, wanted to redraw the Lorenz piece I did a while back, he's such a good character.


Dailysketch today is Flayn thinkin about fishy things


Who's picked up the Fire Emblem dlc so far are you enjoying it?. I drew maid Annette, I saw a pic of her in the new maid suit's and by god she's so adorable I had to draw her.


Was'nt planning on drawing Terry art but man, he's a lot of fun in Smash and he's got damn good style too


Sketched Jill from Va11halla one of my favorite games and one of my fav girls!


Painted Charlie's demon form from Hazbin Hotel, I adore her so much, she's so cute and I love that it seems like her normal form is a facade for her demonic form to make her seem friendlier.


Playing a lot of MHW lately after falling off it a while ago, been really getting into it this time, almost into the endgame now!. I drew my character Mia. Also who's lookin forward to Iceborne on PC.


More Hazbin Hotel sketches, this time of Angel Dust


Sketch of Kronya from Fire Emblem doing the joker pose.....it was funnier in my head ok!.


Long nose, emblem on forehead, yup she's a dorf alright.


Patreon sketch for Cedi of his big buff moth boi.


I absolutely loved Hazbin Hotel's pilot, Alastor and Charlie are great, gonna be doing some art of them, I'll probably do a bigger piece then this sometime down the line.


Linktober 31! Halloween Groose. Almost didn't get this done. it's 5am but hey I've not slept so it counts haha, spent all night playing Luigi's mansion 3 with a friend. Anyway linktober was a lot of fun this year!.


Linktober sketch 30 sage. Only one more to go!


Sketch of lord ghirahm for linktober. only a few left to do!


Just a quick linktober sketch for today I'm not feeling up to much else . drew cutest birb Medli.


Linktober25 quick sketch of Mipha with a very long neck haha


Linktober 24 wish I could've fleshed this out more but way too tired today, my hand was wobbling while drawing haha


Only a quick drawing today , I've had some bad stuff on today so didn't have much time for drawing, hope you all enjoy though!


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