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Feel the Hatred: Haters

I really don't like this Monthly Musing's topic, so I wanted to take it in a different direction. There is too much hate in this industry Like any industry or artistic medium that came before video games there is always fear and hate tha...


FNF: Wii - Mario Kart

Hello everyone... With the big presidential debates looming, I know that I want something else to do to keep my mind off of the absolute crap hole condition our country is in by drowning myself in some good games. I know that usually eve...


Offline Multiplayer Gaming: Mario Kart DS

Game Details Game: Mario Kart DS Genre: Racing # of Players: 1 - 8 Multiplayer Mode: Both MultiCart and Download Game Play Modes: Racing, Battle, and Keep Away. All of the modes can be played one-for-all or in teams. Box Art: I know th...


Offline Multiplayer Gaming

Back in my day we didn't have this fancy internet thing. We had to actually get up out of our homes and go places to game. And if you were a PC Gamer that meant totting your rig around. Through snow, uphill both ways, using null modem ...


Contest: Halloween for SNES and Super Mario World

So I got this extra SNES, it has one controller and Super Mario World and Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure that needs a home. And I need idea's for Halloween costumes for me and my sons. I can come up with a bunch of ideas that involve two o...


The Non-Penis Creator

On Ep 58 of Podtoid, Tiff thinks that Spore will be a flash in the pan game that will flop (or something along those lines). From everything that I have read about people trying it out and playing with it. I just don't see it. Did any o...


The Aging Gamer: 7 Steps to Use Your Kids to Game

With kids the whole concept of gaming changes. You are now responsible for another human being(s). So you have to get more creative in finding time(excuses) to game. 1. Prerequisite: For those not yet tied down. Make sure you have a wo...


The Aging Gamer: Hold onto that old system

As someone who is now looking to rekindle some of my lost youth... I have a little advice for you young'ens, keep your shit. No matter what new kickass system comes out, no matter how lame the old graphics it might seem, keep it. And for...


The Aging Gamer: Never Be Ashamed

I am going to start a series of Blogs under the title "The Aging Gamer". Since that is where my mind is pretty much all the time now-a-days. So it has come up a couple of times now by the Destructoid staffers, "Are people ashamed of thei...


Beating a Dead Game

Back in the late 80's I learned a very important lesson that has haunted me to this day. You know when you really really like a song and listen to it constantly. Then you get tired of it and try avoiding it. Years later when you hear it...


Where Did All the Old People Go?

I guess as I get older, I am concerned about loosing some of my youth. More to the point of this article, my gaming heritage. Right now, I seem to be one of the older people on here, which I am cool with being "Grey Bush", but it seems to...


The Start of the Affair: A Link Like No Other

My first gaming experience was the Atari 2600... most likely Breakout. My brothers were 10 and 8 years older then me. So I would watch them play, and then try my best, and of course fail. It wasn't until the NES came out that I really go...


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Name: Kevin
Age: 41
Location: New Hampshire
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I do things with costumes

While I have some favorite games:
Dragon Warrior
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Soul Caliber
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Mario Kart

My passion is more table top now:
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
Glass Road

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