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From Retro Gamer to Table Top Designer - A Journey

  Some of you may remember the costumes that I have made over the years thanks to this community, but this is the first year I am not doing costumes. I know it is sad, but my family and I have been hard at work on another project...

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Dr. Lights Halloween Boys: Mega Man and Proto Man

Hello everyone, its been awhile again. Family life doesn’t leave itself much free time, but I managed to get my whole family helping with this years costumes. This year after talking it over with my sons we decided to continue with ...


NVGR: My Christmas Project... That's no moon!

Been away awhile again... Christmas breaks will do that. During this break I made something I wanted to share with the Destructoid Community, my new Christmas tree topper. I have been collecting star wars ornaments for my tree since about...


BabaGeek Family Friendly Gaming Setup

This may not look like much, but under the hood is another story, and that is exactly how I want it to be. If you have read any of my other articles you know I am a happily married father of two boys. The need for a nice family room tha...


Gearing up for Halloween with the Kids... Again.

It has been a long while since I have been around these parts, but I am in need of motivation. For those that are new around here, or don't remember... I did a custom set of costumes last year. I have the idea for the costume this year, b...


Wii FNF: Teetering on the brink of Collapse

Come one come all to our fun night of Wii games and Skype mayhem. Looks to be a decent crowd so far... please add your info in the comments below as the Wii is a steamy pile when it comes to online play. Mario Kart: Mine Kart Kode: 3738...


Wii FNF: Wii're Baaaack

That is right, after a long hiatus, we have returned! Since we will have some visitors from across the pond, it will be a Kart and Bomberman event (mostly Kart). And like I have said before, our FNF's are more about the gathering and le...


BabaGeek: Mikey is Awesome

A little while ago, and now I can't remember where I read it (probably facebook), it sounded like Mikey needed some funds. This sparked a thought in my head... I really wanted a custom piece done by him for me and the kids. My idea was t...


Wii FNF: FingerBangTastik, the Good Years.

At the First ever show of FingerBangTastik much more than games and friendly banter transpired. It was a night of angry meltdowns and drunken words... and of course... Titties. If you missed the show, hold onto your hats, because live a...


Wii FNF: Introducing... FingerBangTastik

Left to Right: Banj as Banjina, Groebo as Deep Throat, Digtastik as Diq-a-Stick, Serpentish as Slurp, Craineum as Cranus Ok, we will be starting with Kart at 10pm, Bomberman after that, then maybe some MOH. Also ryu89 will be hosting Br...


10 Things That Can Kill EGM

I do not venture out here enough... these top 10 lists are truly amazing, so now I will add my own. 1. Life Changing Places I have an Awesome wife, and has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. She happens to be from Nepal. So for...


BabaGeek: More Lullabys with 100% more video's

A while ago I posted a cblog about me creating lullabies for my kids. This time I got a new one about Mega Man that is much longer, and I got video's of me singing. They are horrible and terribly embarrassing, so have fun making fun ;) D...

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Wii FNF: Lazy

I'm Lazy so you get no image. Ok, we will be starting with Bomberman at 10pm, Kart after that, then maybe some MOH. Also ryu89 will be hosting Brawl again... see information below for that. Destructoid FNF Facebook Group got a little mo...


Shortblog: Retroforce Go! Bittorrent HELP!!!

Ok, so I just made the front page recap, now I have 6 or 7 people trying to download on my very limited pipe... since ALL MY SEEDERS HAVE LEFT ME!!! WTF people?!? Seriously, these hungry Retroforce Go! listeners are being starved becaus...


Wii FNF: Longing For Better Times

Starting with MOH again, that way people can join whenever and we don't have to wait around. Again will move to Bomberman Blast or Mario Kart after that. I started up a Destructoid FNF Facebook Group since we don't have the forums, and ...


Shortblog: Retroforce Go! Bittorrent

I posted this in the forums... right before they died. Then I was waiting for the Retroforce Go! crew to put this somewhere, but Chad just said to go ahead and do a cblog... so here it is. RetroforceGO! - Destructoid's Retro Gaming Podc...


Wii FNF: I Have A Dream

I have a dream that one day, the Wii will get as much love as all the other consoles. I have a dream that there will be a pile of online games to play. I have a dream that people will be knocking down my mailbox to get into our FNF... ...


BabaGeek: Growing Gamer Gifts

When I was growing up I got a lot of hand me down toys, cloths, and crap. Every once in awhile I would get some real gems (usually after asking for them), but they were few and far between. My sons will not have to suffer this fate. Wh...


Wii FNF: Aaannd We're Back

And the fans are patiently waiting for the racing to begin, which will be sometime around 10pm. If you want to be able to tell the person your hitting in the back with a red shell to eat it, join us on Skype: kevin.craine. We also have ...


BabaGeek: Major Award Recipient and EGM Killer

Yesterday was an exciting day, not only did I find out that I can take down a mighty magazine like EGM with a single appearance, but on my arrival home I had received my "Major Award" for my sons Mega Man costume. After I created the cos...


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My passion is more table top now:
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