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My love for Golden Axe is no secret around here, I even recommended Myths, a fan game, but this one here just came out! PC or Android! It's from a Brazilian openbor veteran, check his work!


I gotta admit, the graphics on the Galerians remake, exclusive to PS5, are pretty impressive...


Ok, TODAY the year officially begins!


I know this is a recurrent joke I make with my figures, but I'm not Morpho m'kay?


As xmas tradition me and my wife watched a selection of horror movies To All a Good Night (1980), ATM (2012),Dead End (2003), Mercy Christmas (2017) go to the good list. But Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 (1989)goes to the naughty list. Merry Xmas!


Not Golden, but still an Axe... Is Dotemu sleeping on the opportunity of a new version or what?


I completely understand how silly it is. But what would be the point of having these figures and not doing it? Link in the comments works...



Hello. Friends. Been enjoying retrogaming through Powkiddy X18S this last year,surprising results. Just got the Ultra model, R3 /L3, supports 512gb SD card. Running a good bunch of GC, PS2 games. And Popful Mail is finally playable using ClassicBoy Pro!


So, Alone in the Dark the New Nightmare was not a great game, played on the PS2, perhaps if I played it before on the DreamCast I would have appreciated it more. And, yeah, bubbliest butt in video games history! What y'all playing on Halloween?


Random shout-out to our very own Admiral! How you doing buddy? Just saw this cosplay and felt obligated to share with the community! Cheers!


So... SEGA cinematic universe?


So, SEGA allowed me to kill Sonic on a DreamCast game... If only I knew back then. Gotta love the DreamCast!


How's your Monday?


So, modders added Chun Li, Mai Shiranui, Taki to Sifu... Now I have no excuse not to Play it.


Let's get to it. On a 100" projector, as my 13 year old self dreamt of, while playing the arcade game in '92 (not sure about the date).


In celebration of @SlimeyBearXXL979990 post! This video is spoiler, so go watch the animê before seeing it. And, uh... WATCH. THE. ANIMÊ.


#underratedmonday Draconus Cult of the Wyrm, DreamCast 's greatest exclusive! Aeowyn is gaming' s baddest ass witch! She even turn into Maleficent at the end...


A game making a comeback including pvp? ROAD RASH (drops mic)


Never had a Walkman... What did I miss? On the other hand, I used my Sega CDX as a discman. How 90's was that?


So, there's a game I'm really looking forward to... Can you guys guess? By the way, "what's your favorite color, baby!?"


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