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How come there was never a video game based on the D&D cartoon? Or action figures for that matter... And don't get me started on THUNDARR the barbarian! I used to play Trojan on my neighbors' NES and pretend it was a THUNDARR game!


Keeping busy on my free time... How about y'all? https://www.instagram.com/p/CQmX0LnhQgn/?utm%20=copy%20


"No, I am your father."


Is it Tuesday yet?


So, RE8 is the RE4 of this generation. Only a hell lottta easier. If you keep that in mind, perhaps you'll like it. I didn't. And don't get me started on how Dimitrescu is wasted on a weak plot...


With the help of our favorite dtoid bot, RobsonC68704105, my personal museum is growing. Two more Master System exclusive to Brazil (black and blue Sonic) and a Turbo Game (NES clone). Pics in the comments.


I guess it's better than wait for another hour of the game...


Mistakes were made...


Not me. No. But hentai games with touch controls would have made the console have a longer life... I'm just saying. No, I'm not Morpho.


So, this is what I think about the Promised Neverland season 2...


#caturday I've been making figures as a hobby... This is clearly not one of them.


80s cartoon sketch. #ThatsMyAriel I'm gonna make some figures based on it.. Even a diorama, perhaps.


#Caturday I leave the empty space, so the felines can easily accommodate, but where would be the fun in that?


After and before pic of my gaming setting. Now I can actually see my consoles! Before pic in the comments.


#indietoid A gory approach to Fatal Frame. I love this game. The folkloric creatures they portray comes with an explanation of its origins. Quite interesting to see another culture's depiction of horror.


Anyone else plays the Wii? I know I do...


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Through generations : Atari - Eskimo(very complex at the time),Master System-Spellcaster(a mix of side scroll platforming/adventure with point and click investigation unique on a 8bit game),Genesis-Valis III(anime style narrative with the tragic heroine plot and the option to swap between 3 characters on the go),Saturn-RE(there was nothing like it at the time horror always fascinated me,it was lacking plotwise,but the survival aspect was really horrifying),PS1-SilentHill(what RE tried to do,but with real horror instead),Dreamcast-Draconus(huge sandbox stages,sarcastic dialogues,kick ass witch protagonist,realistic combat system,customizable upgrades),PS2-Rule of Rose(survival horror with anime approach,disturbing,provocative,tender),GameCube-Eternal Darkness (imaginative,unusual,ambitious),PS3/XB360-Skyrim elder scrolls V(the huge world and absolute sense of liberty,infinite sidequests,complex gameplay so detailed in each aspect),current gen-Revelations 2(a return to form and endless fun with Raid Mode).