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So, RE8 is the RE4 of this generation. Only a hell lottta easier. If you keep that in mind, perhaps you'll like it. I didn't. And don't get me started on how Dimitrescu is wasted on a weak plot...


With the help of our favorite dtoid bot, RobsonC68704105, my personal museum is growing. Two more Master System exclusive to Brazil (black and blue Sonic) and a Turbo Game (NES clone). Pics in the comments.


I guess it's better than wait for another hour of the game...


Mistakes were made...


Not me. No. But hentai games with touch controls would have made the console have a longer life... I'm just saying. No, I'm not Morpho.


So, this is what I think about the Promised Neverland season 2...


#caturday I've been making figures as a hobby... This is clearly not one of them.


80s cartoon sketch. #ThatsMyAriel I'm gonna make some figures based on it.. Even a diorama, perhaps.


#Caturday I leave the empty space, so the felines can easily accommodate, but where would be the fun in that?


After and before pic of my gaming setting. Now I can actually see my consoles! Before pic in the comments.


#indietoid A gory approach to Fatal Frame. I love this game. The folkloric creatures they portray comes with an explanation of its origins. Quite interesting to see another culture's depiction of horror.


Anyone else plays the Wii? I know I do...


This one is for all y'all that are running out of options of what to do with the PS5...


I'm eager for Bayo3 news, just as any of you, but, BRUH...!


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