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#Caturday I think I might follow Latte's exercise program, after seeing his results...


Now we have a true hero...


Cloudy, with a chance of... COWS?!?


Size does not matter!... Or does it?


Okay, now...How can I even begin to...I'm negotiating a fair price on this lot.But the guy simply found them on his mom's house.It belonged to a cousin or something.The console isn't working, but two controllers are.One vmu.Not gonna play it anyway.


ItanimĂȘ cosplay event is over. I tried to steal RobsonC3P0R2D2's CDX... I didn't succeed...


ItanimĂȘ event here in Brazil... My wife is an outsider, just like me!


RobsonC3poR2D2 collection on the event ItanimĂȘ!


Happy Halloween! Link in the comments...


Almost done... How come THUNDARR never got a game!?! Not even on the NES! Can I make a khajit look like Ookla, I wonder? Back to Skyrim, then!


So, thanks to RobsonC3P0R2D2, dtoid's favorite bot, I'll soon be the owner of this beauty, a Brazilian NES knockoff from the late 80s!Check comments.


BA-by, Kratos, doh doh doh...


Soon... When it's ready.


CAN'T TOUCH THIS! (fresh paint)


There's no mistake about it.


Couldn't let this day go by without finishing these!


SoR4 MrX Nightmare is quite alright. But a DLC that turns all characters playable, Guardian Heroes/Code of Princess style, would put the Cherry on the top!


How come there was never a video game based on the D&D cartoon? Or action figures for that matter... And don't get me started on THUNDARR the barbarian! I used to play Trojan on my neighbors' NES and pretend it was a THUNDARR game!


Keeping busy on my free time... How about y'all? https://www.instagram.com/p/CQmX0LnhQgn/?utm%20=copy%20


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Through generations : Atari - Eskimo(very complex at the time),Master System-Spellcaster(a mix of side scroll platforming/adventure with point and click investigation unique on a 8bit game),Genesis-Valis III(anime style narrative with the tragic heroine plot and the option to swap between 3 characters on the go),Saturn-RE(there was nothing like it at the time horror always fascinated me,it was lacking plotwise,but the survival aspect was really horrifying),PS1-SilentHill(what RE tried to do,but with real horror instead),Dreamcast-Draconus(huge sandbox stages,sarcastic dialogues,kick ass witch protagonist,realistic combat system,customizable upgrades),PS2-Rule of Rose(survival horror with anime approach,disturbing,provocative,tender),GameCube-Eternal Darkness (imaginative,unusual,ambitious),PS3/XB360-Skyrim elder scrolls V(the huge world and absolute sense of liberty,infinite sidequests,complex gameplay so detailed in each aspect),current gen-Revelations 2(a return to form and endless fun with Raid Mode).