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Finished TloU2. Liked it, but... (some thoughts, no spoilers, in the comments).


So, RobsonC68704105 just sent me some unfixable consoles, that I needed to start my bizarre consoles collection, that I've been postponing! I only display them, so don't care if they don't work at all! Cheers, mate!


Now we're talking


Got SoR4 for Xbox. Online name MeeGhoulz. Guess who's my main!


Had no idea how cool DOOM Eternal was!


Getting in the mood. Do you guys gonna grab SoR4 on PS4 or Xbox? Switch is not an option for me. Gotta know which service, PSN or Gold, to subscribe to, so I can play it with more of you guys... 4 player Co op, damn!


https://www.escapistmagazine.com/v2/resident-evil-3-zero-punctuation/#brid%20 Oh, that summarize it pretty well. Working link in the comments.


Who the hell were you expecting... Santa Claus?


Never played any FF... Here's a cat, though.


Finished R3make standard. Branching paths as a nod to the split second decisions, adding locations it ignored as alternative route, more enemy variety, higher difficulty would get this game on RE2 level. City isn't chaotic or tense. Mercs absent. 5/10.


My 12h shift starts at 7am tomorrow... I could come back home at 7pm and finally enjoy R3make through the whole weekend. Or I can skip sleeping and play it all night long already. Only one right path.


So, I just pre ordered R3make cuz I get to play with Jill in a mini skirt, according to God's plan. FIGHT ME!


Good night and Gid bless...


#selftoid Gotta a sudden craving to play my Dreamcast... I'm sure it's around here somewhere.


Now, tell me this shit is not a thing of beauty!


"Set me free, your heaven is a lie, set me free with your love, set me free, yeah... "


So, @ShadeOfLight , this is the only Origami I know how to make. An Oni mask, it's my brand!


Not in Egypt, though. An exhibit on ancient Egypt here in Brazil. Now I have to know, how historically accurate was Assassins Creed Origins? Is it worth playing, if only for the historic depiction of the Era?


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