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I ordered the complete Calvin & Hobbes over the weekend, since it was on sale for ~$65! This thing is wayyyyy more massive and heavy than I was expecting haha… It’s been great revisiting it all for the first time since I was a kid!


I’d like to give a HUGE shoutout to Lokhe for being obscenely kind and gifting me a copy of Far Cry 6!!! I’m only a couple hours in, but I’m really digging it. Plus, I get to push my pc a bit. Also, Guapo (the croc companion) is the dang best!


I’m unhealthily obsessed with both this song and music video.


Still whittling my way through Sion Sono’s filmography. Tonight was Himizu, and it did not disappoint. Whole movie is rad, but the closing scene just works absurdly well, and I can’t get it outta my brain.


Played about 2hrs of Deathloop, and it’s definitely fun! However, I started Brand New Cherry Flavor (after seeing y’all post about it a bunch), and the first episode was awesome. I’m about to start the second episode now!


Love and Peace (2015) by Sion Sono was incredible. I highly recommend watching it any way you can. Unlike his other movies I’ve seen so far, this one was downright whimsical and heartwarming. It also has puppets and a giant turtle. 10/10


Vadicta sent me down the Sion Sono rabbit hole, so I picked this blu ray up. Not sure what I was expecting, but it 100% wasn’t that haha… The synopsis is wild as hell, but it does not prepare you. 4hrs long, but great movie.


I don’t usually share my music here, but I just spent all night making this, it’s 6:26 am, and I’m much too tired to regret any of this until around 12pm tomorrow. [link in comments]


Just finished watching Nobody, and Christopher Lloyd’s character is so dang great. Whole movie was stupid good.


Took the dog to the river again today! Saw a bunch of deer and ate chicken. Good times.


Finally got Joint Security Area in the mail, and it was preeeeeeeeeeetty dang fantastic. Definitely recommend.


I’ve played about 4 hours of Journey to the Savage Planet so far, and it’s wonderful. Really nails the presentation, and it’s pretty damn funny.


Update: The Age of Shadows was great. Also, Kung Fu Hustle is weirdly free on Amazon, but it’s only available in Spanish. This is definitely, at 1am on a Tuesday, one of those moments when I’m stoked that I already own the Blu Ray.


Going to drink some beer and watch this blu ray tonight, since this is probably my last chance for a few days. If any of y’all have any pro tips for wisdom teeth removal recovery, let me know! I’m going under on Thursday.




Rewatching The Descent for the first time in about a decade. That movie has zero chill. I love it, but that stuff stresses me out.


Got Pikmin 3 for $30 at Target, and just started playing. It’s my first game in the series, and I’m pretty sure I just accidentally just left 45 of them to die on the third night.


First Love is free on Amazon Prime right now. Don’t go in expecting a “Takashi Miike” film, but as a longtime fan, it is rad to see him flourish so well in unexpected ways. As ever with Miike, not perfect, but that’s hardly the point. Good movie.


Reached the ending of it yesterday, and Chicory is my GOTY by a large margin as of right now. Good, passionate stuff that gets it right. That world rules. Also, there was a small cameo that made me audibly gasp haha…


Went on a hike at the river with the dog and some friends after the Microsoft/Bethesda presentation. Did I miss anything good?


The Microsoft/Bethesda stream article is scheduled to go live at 12:30 EST tomorrow (show starts at 1:00pm EST), and I hope to see y’all there! Bit early to start drinking for me (*shakes fist*), but it should still be a good time!


My dog Rufio, after going on a big hike at the river and swimming for the first time.


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