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Went on a hike at the river with the dog and some friends after the Microsoft/Bethesda presentation. Did I miss anything good?


The Microsoft/Bethesda stream article is scheduled to go live at 12:30 EST tomorrow (show starts at 1:00pm EST), and I hope to see y’all there! Bit early to start drinking for me (*shakes fist*), but it should still be a good time!


My dog Rufio, after going on a big hike at the river and swimming for the first time.


Am I crazy or does my guitar have extreme “Carl from Jimmy Neutron” energy?


I saw the Demon Slayer movie today! It was a pretty good time, but I accidentally got a ticket for the wrong version, and I had no idea they did Inosuke so dirty in the english dub haha...


Watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for the first time, and it’s pretty great! I also love that it’s rated TV-14 for “fear, language, and smoking” haha... WTF does “fear” mean?!?


Me, watching Dangus say even remotely positive things about the Sonic franchise:


Me, thinking about the ending to Mass Effect 3:


One Cut of the Dead is one of the most heartfelt love letters to modern film I’ve seen in the past 10 years. I can’t say anymore without ruining it, but watch it to at least the halfway point before giving up. I promise, it’s worth it.


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s first episode was basically just some “kid playing with action figures” bs, but every episode after gets better and better. By the end, it’s one of the better film/tv things Marvel has put out. Solid stuff.


I made this my lock screen about two years ago, the day I got my phone, and I don’t think I’ll ever change it.


I got my copy of Ask Iwata, and I’m looking forward to checking it out later tonight! Should be a pretty cool read!


I was worried that the new Invincible cartoon wasn’t going to be willing to go to the places the comic was, but after the first episode, that is no longer an issue. It ain’t the damn near perfect translation The Boys is, but it’s still solid.


I finished watching Devs (so freaking good!), and now I’ve got another huge, Alex Garland-shaped hole in my heart. Do y’all have any recommendations for movies or shows that might scratch a similar itch?


After a night of reckless financial decisions on eBay, and a couple months of waiting, I now have all five 1st print variant covers of the 1st issue of Seven to Eternity! Sending them in to CGC for grading once the shipping kit arrives!


After watching Psycho Goreman, I decided to start looking into the director’s other movies and started with The Void (2017). It’s way darker and more serious, but still a great time for anyone into 80’s body horror stuff like From Beyond.


Psycho Goreman is preeeeeeeeettttyyyy daaaaaannnnnggggg good. The monster designs are rad as hell, it’s absurdly gory in a fun way, and it’s made me laugh a bunch so far. Definitely recommended.


After rewatching it, I take back everything bad I said about the movie Dredd. It’s cheesy, it’s dumb, and it copies a bunch of stuff from The Raid: Redemption, but it’s still good. Gamemaniac, Marzano, and Vxxy: You were right. I was wrong.


I’m currently rewatching Small Soldiers for the first time since I was a kid, and it surprisingly holds up pretty damn well so far!


This thing is freaking massive! No idea where I’m going to put it, but I’m definitely stoked to play around with it! I’ve got Demon’s Souls & Miles Morales, but do y’all have any recs for other games that are substantially better on PS5?


(Trailer NSFW) Following Pat’s lead... Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (the 6th and only truly “good” entry in the franchise) is legitimately one of the best action movies I’ve seen since The Raid: Redemption. It’s absurdly brutal.


I couldn’t get an RTX 3070 today, but I did finally manage to snag a PS5 from Gamstop!


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