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Frog Fractions is out now on Steam, and it's free

Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition is available on Steam right now for the low price of zero dollars. If you’ve somehow managed to never get around to checking it out, especially if you still don’t know what it actually ...


I put Popeye’s Sweet Heat sauce on a homemade muenster cheeseburger about two weeks ago, because I realized I didn’t have any ketchup or mustard when it was too late, and it was genuinely pretty good. I’d definitely do it again. That is all.


My favorite thing about Bojack Horseman is that it not only introduced me to Character Actress Margo Martindale, but it also now has me completely brainwashed into thinking she’s the best and awesome no matter what. Even just saying her name is fun.


These stickers have been on the door to my room for about 6 years now. When I eventually move, I’m either going to have to steal the whole door or cut this tiny square out to be framed. I refuse to live without them. My landlord will have to understand.


Game idea: You’re an innocent new Destructoid user that wakes up on Oh Shit Island. Vadicta is there, taunting you with threats of the card game Cribbage, pretending to be a Grandpa. You’re certain he’s not a Grandpa. In fact...


Times have been tough & $ has been super tight, but I came home today to an unexpected check from my college for over $1,100 that I received via a grant that I didn’t even apply for. Couldn’t have come at a better time. Feeling pretty dang blessed.


Happy birthday to, resident Top Nep, Gundy! You may be eternally stained with the blood of countless generations of Nep Neps, but we still love you, and we’re better off (outside of your terrible opinions on NieR:Automata...) for having ya around!


I started playing Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time, and after the opening scenes where Aloy is a child (and rocks a pretty mean mullet), I can’t help but think of this as the story of Feral Kid from The Road Warrior.


This is a picture of my dog, Rufio, getting dirt and hair all over my bed after going to the park. A fair trade for that smile.


RTJ4 is stupid good. It took them four albums to get serious, but they’ve always had it in them, and it’s wonderful to see them finally fully dig into shit.


Only two episodes into Bojack Horseman, but I can confirm that Limo has officially had at least one good opinion. It’s genuinely great, and I definitely needed the laughs.


Guess who just finished the semester with four A’s and a B?!? This freakin’ guy, that’s who!!!


It took 32 years, but it finally happened! All thanks to the new Destructoid forums!


It’s no secret around here that I love the movie Heathers. However, I don’t often talk about the soundtrack. This song is legit desert island material for me.


I’m slowly dipping my toes further and further into video game music. This demo is my first real attempt. I still need to upload it to Ableton, mix, and add some overdubs, but this feels like a solid foundation to build from!


It didn’t look like something I’d get into, but I started watching The Good Place on a whim (also, Ted Danson!), and everyone was right. It’s great. I finished the first season in less than 24hrs, and I’m watching season two right now!


#MyFirstQuickpost was about a comic I like a bunch, and (although, the Disqus history is gone now) Anthony Marzano (aka my arch nemesis) was the very first friend I made here as a result.


Are there any goofy video game mysteries that keep you up at night? I’m looking for submissions of any kind, no matter how insane, dumb, or small. It’s about to be summer break, so I’ve got a few months to play detective.


One of the things on my bucket list is to own a guitar that glows neon green like the violin in Starship Troopers.


I had a Zoom party with a few of my friends last night, all of us drinking and hanging out digitally. I gotta say, it was a good time! I thought it’d be lame, but it was rad as hell. It’s nice to have even just a little slice of normal these days.


I’m about two hours into Beyond: Two Souls, and I’m starting to question whether I really do have terrible taste in games. I loved Detroit, liked Heavy Rain, and I’m definitely digging this so far. It’s goofy sci-fi, and I’m all about that stuff


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