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I received a handwritten letter today from the handsome Mr. Tacos that came stuffed with these delightful Destructoid-themed stickers! Huge shoutout to The Lone Mak (aka The Lone Fondler) & Meanderbot for always pumping out dope ass Destructoid merch!!!


The laziest way to play Nintendo Switch

Have you ever tried playing your Nintendo Switch in bed? It works, but I constantly end up shifting my body weight in a fruitless bid to keep my upper arms from falling asleep. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Kevin, t...


There's a badass Devolver Digital sale on the North American PSN right now! I just picked up Mother Russia Bleeds for ony $5.09!!! I've been waiting to play this damn game since all the way back when our very own Occams gave it a 9/10 in his review!


I'm curious. What kind of content do y'all want to see more of on the Front Page? You folks are the lifeblood of this place. You know it better than anyone else. I'm just one writer, but I'd still like to hear your suggestions. I'm all ears, people!


Review: 1bitHeart

1bitHeart is a visual novel that was originally released for free by a mysterious individual known as Miwashiba (aka △○□×). There isn’t much known about them outside of their work as an illustrator and game dev...


The Fall Part 2: Unbound release delayed

The Fall Part 2: Unbound has been delayed until February of 2018. Instead of giving us some vague excuse, Over The Moon Games has decided to go the completely honest route in their latest video update. They don’t want t...


Feel my wrath. If you didn't get one, let this be a warning... I take Bloggers Wanted entries VERY seriously, and, true to my word, I WILL spam you all with sad puppy pictures.


I've spent almost a decade waiting for this moment. My friend and I used to dream about a stuffed crust variant, and it's now, finally, a fucking reality. The future is now people. The future is good.


Opinion: Vivendi needs to stop

Before I get started on my long-winded tangent down below, let me go over the basic events that inspired it. Vivendi is currently trying to decide if a Ubisoft takeover is even worth it. I've always assumed, like most sane individuals, that...


I'm only about 2hrs deep, but SteamWorld Dig 2 is fucking amazing so far! If you own a Switch, you should really check this shit out... It's dope.


The Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle is up for preorder at the North American Gamestop's website.


Review: West of Loathing

West of Loathing is a point-and-click adventure that doubles as a turn-based RPG. The artwork consists of crude stick figures, drawn in a typical western setting, with a stubbornly black and white color palette. If you’re looking for ...

 from  our Community Blogs

This whole music video and song are amazing. Everything from the hair flicks to the ridiculous skeleton animations are just absolutely perfect.


Bloggers Wanted: Schooled

Gather round boys and girls! School may be back in session, but you should still have a bit of time left to skirt your responsibilities and write some damn blogs! In the true spirit of the classroom, this month’s Bloggers Wanted promp...


Holy shit! The Octopath Traveller demo is dark as fuck. I was not expecting it to have so many "adult" themes....


Outcast: Second Contact finally releases next month

It’s been 18 years since the original PC release of the critically acclaimed Outcast, but Cutter Slade is finally making his way to current-gen consoles this October. After both a failed Kickstarter and an initial delay, the...


Developer says 3DS eShop is dead for Nindies

Jools Watsham, known for his work on both Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter, released his newest game, Chicken Wiggle, to what he refers to as "shockingly low" sales. He goes on to state that “Chicken Wiggle’s firs...


I just posted my last "official" Cblog Recap as a part of the weekly team. I'm definitely going to miss it, but you'll still see me pop in from time to time as a reservist. (Link in comments...)


Stranger Things season one retold through pixel art

Stranger Things is one of those rare instances where the hype was fully justified. It successfully milked my ’80s nostalgia by invoking the spirit of films like The Goonies and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial without ever feeling downright...


Binding of Isaac prequel on target for a 2017 release

The Legend of Bum-bo, the upcoming project between Edmund McMillen and James Id, has been something of a mystery since its announcement over a year ago as "a turn based puzzle RPG type thingy that's randomly generated." Since then, the...


I'd like to dedicate this song to one of my favorite writers on Destructoid: Vadicta (aka DaddyZ/Vadz/VaddyZ). You're fucking beautiful. Never change....


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