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FP: 8===D

An effigy for Adobe Flash

Now that Adobe has announced it will be discontinuing support for Flash after the year 2020, I decided to speak with some of the creators who got their start with the platform. Jim Crawford, Tim Donley, Tyler Glaiel, and Tom Fulp join us to...   read


I've never done one of these before, so I figure now is about as good of a time as any... AMA! I'm going to pull an Amna and post my responses in tomorrow's cblog recap!!!


I realize it's just a title, but still.... This is the part where I get to nerd out and be excited, right?!?

FP: 8===D

Pornbots are invading PSN

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t possibly get any creepier, pornbots have officially made their way onto PSN.  I would have probably just brushed this story off as just a bunch of dumb nonsense, but this actually happe...   read


MFW ZombZ finally makes a post, but I can't comment on it because it's about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers:

FP: 8===D

Review: Gotta Go

Gotta Go is a game about avoiding your fellow employees, strategically farting in a way that they won’t notice, and racing to the nearest bathroom so you don’t crap your pants in front of the whole office. Needless to say, Dire ...   read


PSA: The North American Gamestop website has a few different Nintendo Switch Bundles in stock!


Friendly Reminder: Everyone's favorite shovel-wielding knight is coming to Blaster Master Zero tomorrow as free DLC!


Mike Cosimano is a badass. He will be missed...


Just finished my last exam for the semester about 30 minutes ago!!! Time to finally chill and play some damn video games!


So, uhhhh.... This is kind of weird. My name is Kevin, but you probably all know me as DeadMoon.


I promoted my very first community blog today (It just went live!!!), and it's an NSFW blog about pornography by our very own DaddyZ! That man is an absolute treasure. It's dirty as fuck, but I love it quite a bit haha..... (Link in the comments)


You know you've truly hit the big time when you start getting your own personalized spambots in the Cblogs.......


This is Rufio!!!! He's my pup, and he's pretty rad!


Random Text From Stranger Update 4: The jig is up. I couldn't keep doing this hahaha.....


Random Text From Stranger Update #3: WTF is going on?!? Part of me wants to just come clean to being a wrong number, but the other part NEEDS to know how this ends.... What should I do next Dtoid? How should I respond?




Random Text From Stranger Update: The Saga Continues...


I received these text messages from some random phone number today. I'm torn. Should I just keep saying nothing, so I can see where this goes, or should I totally egg them on and figure out WTF this curse is all about?!? I'm genuinely interested now....


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