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No sleep til Taipei.

Will be heading off to Taiwan the day after tomorrow. ALso known as the 'Republic of China'. Yes, the other China. I seriously do not know where to visit in Taipei. Hopefully there will be places that'll tickle my fancy instead of the us...


Supernova Pop Culture Expo 2008.

Yes, it's one of the many exciting annual events on the geek calendar if there ever was one. And I'm gonna be attending it with my mate Mike in approximately 8 hours. Supernova's basically a huge excuse to gather up all the different nerds ...


Aussie blog/podcast.

So my xbox is coming in a week. I know delays, what are you gonna do. Me and my mate Mike started a blog/weekly podcast as an extra-curricular project for our degree. It's basically a place where we blog about the happenings and events of o...


I've given in to console gaming.

So after a couple of years of firmly placing my feet into the concrete of pc gaming, i've finally called my own bluff and realised the only reason i havent got a console yet is cos i'm a cheapass. so today i placed the final bid for a used ...


Digg find: Dude constructs lego game scenes

So this guy on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/skinnycoder/sets/72057594067730271/detail/ is like totally skilled at having nothing better to do than recreating iconic scenes from some of our favourite video games. Katamari Damacy? Ge...


Intel Vs Nvidia.

So i read that intel's not gonna allow Nvidia to make any of its Nforce chipsets to be compatible with the new Nehalem architecture. Apparently it's a tactic that Intel's using as an offensive against Nvidia's tight grip on its SLI license...


San Andreas. Jim Sterling.

I've been playing San Andreas Multiplayer. Yes. People DO still play that. Although most people on the servers were south American I've noticed. Since i don't have any of the current consoles, I'll probably have to wait another several mon...


About Mr Jamieone of us since 5:35 AM on 05.14.2008

Hi. I'm James, and I live in Sydney and I play video games and read comic books. I really like gangsta stuff cos I'm asian. I think Biggie is gangsta enough, and so is Lone Wolf and Cub. But I do also listen to Pavement, cos Stephen Malkmus is sort of tough in a kinda brittle way.

Please visit my BLOG and subscribe to my weekly podcast about two young Aussie lads living in the great city of Sydney. Oh and they talk tech and games too.

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