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Bloodborne update: That first Goomba doesn't mess around


I'm about to start Bloodborne. This is my first souls game. Will I like it? Let's find out


Moving into a new apartment today, but my furniture doesn't arrive for a couple weeks. Makeshift #desktoid while I wait for the cable guy


I beat Titanfall 2 in one sitting last night. Been a while since a game got me caught up like that. It's campaign was shockingly good! I wish it were a bit longer, but I'd love to see a sequel now


Do any of you use gaming laptops? I'm doing a lot of long term traveling this year and I need a new laptop. Been trying to find something with a 1060, but I haven't seen one in budget (around $1k max), and I don't want to spend a ton on something outdated


Do I try to unlock all the online dependent stuff in Gravity Rush 2, or do I just start Bloodborne?


Just finished Uncharted 4. That was a great game. Damn I love that series!


I've really been enjoying my new PS4, frankly a lot more than I thought I would. It's been refreshing to play on a TV again instead of my little PC monitor. Really enjoying Uncharted 4 as well!


Man I'd love to have another proper Trials game. Let RedLynx go back to doing what they do, and take plenty of inspiration from Trials Evolution


I hope you all have a fun, safe New Years Eve! remember, don't drink and drive, it's never worth it!


I haven't had a chance to play much this year, in fact I only played 2 2017 games. So, my top two are Zelda BotW and Dirt 4, both of which I heartily recommend


I appear to have accidentally bought what seems to be a Spanish copy of Gravith Rush Remastered. This should be interesting...


Merry Christmas Destructoid! May your holidays be filled with video games, robots, and a Darkstalker or two


I listen to this when I'm stressed and I find it really helpful. Hopefully you do to.


I need to get a headset/mic for my new PS4. Any suggestions?


Hope you're all doing well tonight. It's the end of a long damn week for me. Come kick it with some Baroness


Apartment hunting sucks. Not much time for videogames right now, been spending a lot of time reading. Have you read Glen Cook's "The Black Company" series? It's pretty good. I'm on the 3rd omnibus now


Day 4 of moving across the country. Current status:


Anybody from the San Diego area and willing to answer some questions? I'm moving out there next week and know absolutely nothing about the area


Is the PS4 pro really worth it over the slim? $200 for a slim is pretty tempting


I haven't had internet access for the past 12 weeks. What's I miss?


How long do you think a 3ds can survive in the trunk of a car without being affected by the temperature? 3 weeks? 6?


What games do you all play to relax? Animal Crossing and Diablo 3 have been my go to games, but I'm looking for something different to take my mind off stress


Unpopular opinion: water levels are some of the best levels


I just found out that Val Kilmer (the man who was the bat) will be performing his one man show about Mark Twain LIVE in my town in October. I'm hoping it's actually just a platform for him to announce the return of the Thanksgiving Family Showdown


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I've been reading destruction since 2012, but was too lazy to make an account for the longest time. I'm so glad I finally did. I love most genre's of video games, especially platformers, old school FPSs, fighting games, and exploration/story heavy RPGs. I also enjoy heavy metal, guitar, and potatoes. Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite Mario game.