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I tried R6 Siege's outbreak mode. It's a pretty good concept, but limited as is. I'd play a game built around it, with more variety in weapons, maps, and enemies, and the ability to have people join your game after one guy DCs half way through


Down with a cold this weekend. Feeling too crappy to play anything remotely on my to play list. Guess I'll just lie down and watch some Netflix and play some Animal Crossing while waiting to be able to breathe again


Did we ever pick a bloggers wanted prompt for this month, or did I just miss it?


Have a great time at EGLX Destructoid! Next time come to SoCal and I'll see you there!


Does anyone have a GTX 1060? If so, how do you like it? Do you find it's still doing well for 1080? I have a line on a deal on one, but I don't want to buy something that'll only last for a year or two


Today is the first day I've had in weeks to actually sit down and play videogames for more than an hour. I know I can't follow through on starting anything new right now, so I think I'll make a dent in Skyrim


Aaaand my glasses just broke. Cool. Current status:


I have a lot of studying to do tonight, in need of some relaxing background music. Any suggestions? Currently listening to Phendrana Drifts from Metroid: Prime and the Soundtrack to Skyrim.


If all video game characters' motivations were replaced with a Klondike bar, who's gone the farthest to get one?


I'm just not feeling Bloodborne right now. Granted, I've had maybe 2 opportunities to play videogames in the last 3 weeks, but I have too much going on to come home and bash my head against a wall. I need something more story driven, more relaxing


Is there any reason to own an OG Xbox anymore? Between remakes, ports, and 360 backwards compatibility, does the OG have anything left to offer?


What's the best RPG you've ever played? Edit: Wow a lot of good responses! But let me here why you love these games! What made them so great to you?


Did you know you can still buy Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne digitally? I didn't. Also, I just bought Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne!


I have too many 360 games, but they're all (mostly) good, and I don't want to get rid of them! Can I really justify 3 shelves of them though?


Avernum 3 just got a remake! This was one of the first series I played growing up! https://www.gog.com/game/avernum%20?pp=a93c168323147d1135503939396cac628dc194c5


Does Resident Evil: Code Veronica X have a PSN port? This is important in determining whether or not the PS2 goes into storage


Fuck unpacking, in going to go see Hammerfall tonight. Long live power metal!


Actual move in day today! First box unpacked is the one with scotch


Dtoid, I need a recommendation. I'm looking for something with 4 player online co-op for PS4. Ideally not just versus or horde modes. Diablo 3 is out b/c I have all my progress on PC.


Beat the Cleric Beast on my first try. Not pretty, but making progress


Bloodborne update: That first Goomba doesn't mess around


I'm about to start Bloodborne. This is my first souls game. Will I like it? Let's find out


Moving into a new apartment today, but my furniture doesn't arrive for a couple weeks. Makeshift #desktoid while I wait for the cable guy


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I've been reading destruction since 2012, but was too lazy to make an account for the longest time. I'm so glad I finally did. I love most genre's of video games, especially platformers, old school FPSs, fighting games, and exploration/story heavy RPGs. I also enjoy heavy metal, guitar, and potatoes. Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite Mario game.