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Hope you're all doing well tonight. It's the end of a long damn week for me. Come kick it with some Baroness


Apartment hunting sucks. Not much time for videogames right now, been spending a lot of time reading. Have you read Glen Cook's "The Black Company" series? It's pretty good. I'm on the 3rd omnibus now


Day 4 of moving across the country. Current status:


Anybody from the San Diego area and willing to answer some questions? I'm moving out there next week and know absolutely nothing about the area


Is the PS4 pro really worth it over the slim? $200 for a slim is pretty tempting


I haven't had internet access for the past 12 weeks. What's I miss?


How long do you think a 3ds can survive in the trunk of a car without being affected by the temperature? 3 weeks? 6?


What games do you all play to relax? Animal Crossing and Diablo 3 have been my go to games, but I'm looking for something different to take my mind off stress


Unpopular opinion: water levels are some of the best levels


I just found out that Val Kilmer (the man who was the bat) will be performing his one man show about Mark Twain LIVE in my town in October. I'm hoping it's actually just a platform for him to announce the return of the Thanksgiving Family Showdown


A 34gb patch for DOOM?! You can keep the free multiplayer levels, I'm not going to play them anyway! I'd rather have the hard drive space!


Just found a pile of old demo discs while packing. Most look like shit; "Horizons: Empire of Istaria", "Will Rock", "Alter Echo", "Freaky Fliers", and "Sphinx and the Shadow of Set", but there are some good ones as well (Jak 2, Sands of Time, Metal Arms)


I hit Paragon 700 and Greater Rift 700 in Diablo 3 last night. I should probably get back to Chrono Trigger at some point...


I had to get a haircut today for the first time in 7 months and the barber took off a lot more than I wanted. I'm really pissed!


A local shop has season 2 of Space Dandy for $30. Is it worth it?


The release of the Necromancer DLC has sucked me back into Diablo 3. Currently trying to augment my ancient items to see if I can break GR70 solo


If you were a SNES Classic what game would you be?


Getting in some Chrono Trigger while D3 necromancer installs. I should be able to get pretty far considering my internet is powered by hamster wheels


I'm trying to learn some essential phrases to prepare for the future of Destructoid. How do you say "You're wiafu is shit" in Canadian?


Just a reminder, Nintendo has an E3 eshop sale going on until the 20th. Not a huge selection, but there are a couple good picks including super Metroid, LotP, Shantae, and more


Now that I've had time to catch up, I'm genuinely smiling from E3 news. 2 Metroid games, new Kirby looks fun, I love the diorama look of Yoshi, and I've done a total 180 on Mario Odyssey! Looks like I'll have to get my hands on a Switch later this year


Wow, thanks for saving E3 for me Nintendo! After a pretty lackluster showing I am now officially hyped!


So did Devolver end up actually announcing anything, or was it just nonsense the whole time?


I just tuned in to Devolver. I have many questions..


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