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Gameplay hot tip: The horses of Skyrim are strong and hardy, and make up in stamina what they lack in speed.


Just a reminder it’s the last day to take advantage of the amazon prime 20% off. Getting anything? I got RE2 and Luigi’s Mansion. Maybe that Samurai game if I can remember the name of it


Spoiler free, what makes Dark Souls good? Why do ya’ll like those games so much?


What are you listening to tonight Destructoid? I'm listening to some synthwave compilations on youtube. The pink and purple make me feel like I'm in an alternate FC: Blood Dragon where Bob Ross became dictator and ruled with an iron fist of chill


I’m in a Star Wars mood today and sad that the new Battlefront games are meh. What’s your favorite Star Wars game and why?


I just bought the first 6 seasons of Adventure time because I’m an adult


Played Endless Space 2 last night and had a blast, until I realized you get a big disaproval rating if you conquer too many systems. Kind of puts a damper on the whole “xpansion” part of 4X. Why don’t my people want to conquer the galaxy like I do??


So Uncharted: Lost Legacy was pretty good! The gameplay is as you’d expect, bringing in everything Uncharted 4 offered, but they did a good job with the characterization for the most part. I would play another one


It’s too hot to do anything today, so I’m just gonna sit home and play video games. Uncharted: Lost Legacy time!


I ended up ordering one of the Brook ps3 to ps4 converters. I’ll post what I think when it arrives.


I ended up ordering one of the Brook ps3 to os4 converters. I’ll post what I think when it arrives.


Anyone know a good PS3 to PS4 usb fight stick adapter? Doesn’t have to be tournament quality, just good enough for online/local. Bump: do these fit in the PS4s semi-recessed usb slots?


Good morning Destructoid. Keep it real today


I saw a single Time Crisis 2 cabinet for sale yesterday, and that's just sad. Like a special edition version for people with no friends


Does street fighter anniversary on PS4 have an option to use PS3 sticks?


I have $26 in 3DS eshop credit. Do I buy Super Mario Land, Pokemon Sapphire, and Earthbound; All the Picross games; or take a chance on Bloodstained Curse of the Moon? Or is there another hidden gem I need to try?


Things I never thought I'd be asked in a professional setting: "How many of you have seen an orifice?"


The combination of 3D mode on the regular 3DS and gyroscopic controls is not a happy marriage


I wish Nintendo would add more SNES games to the 3DS VC


I'm pretty bummed out about the VC cancellation. I have no interest in a subscription service, but I was looking forward to being able to play N64 and (hopefully) GCN games on the go. I'll be waiting a lot longer on getting a Switch now


Just got out of infinity Wars. That was the best movie I've seen in ages! My friends nearly leapt from their seats


I would love to have a GameCube Classic. Just sayin.


I'm about to travel for work, living out of a hotel for a month. planning on only bringing the SNES classic and reliving simpler times


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I've been reading destruction since 2012, but was too lazy to make an account for the longest time. I'm so glad I finally did. I love most genre's of video games, especially platformers, old school FPSs, fighting games, and exploration/story heavy RPGs. I also enjoy heavy metal, guitar, and potatoes. Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite Mario game.