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Uh oh, I downloaded Girls Frontline. Someone is already using the name Flanx. I can't play this game now, that was fun.


Lol I think the printer engineer messed up. He was boasting that he fixed the issue but he's spent the last hour trying to put it back together.


There's one guy in the office who almost seems as if he's scared to talk to me. The IT team does not (yet) practice cannibalism, it's perfectly ok to ask us questions, sir. Maybe I'm not friendly-looking :v


I'm meant to be saving games in September but I've already forgotten what they are?


Happy Birthday Parismo~! Enjoy your day, stay off the cereal.


My boss gave me an Amazon Echo Dot for free :o


A is for "Alpha is a cool guy and if you're ever in the area you should mention it as well I'm sure he'll buy you lunch or something".


Looks like I get to pick up a Switch game before I disappear for two weeks. Too many to decide from as I only own Breath of the Wild at the moment. Been focusing on other things but it's time to Switch my priorities up.


I know I'm late but I finally watched Avengers. All I can think about is how Bucky gets a sick new arm and does nothing with it. Give it to me instead...


The most beautiful thing I've ever seen is doing pull ups about 2 meters away from me and I can't take my eyes off the mirror allowing me to quench my thirst without looking at her directly thank God for Physics and also I apologize for my sins amen.


If I twist my neck as if Im trying to look over my shoulder my muscles lock and I have to fight to move my head back in place. I showed my mother this and she freaked out. Maybe I should visit one of the 4 (Yes, really, idk) massage parlours on my road...


She rite. It tru.


Only been out of the gym two weeks and I'm struggling to keep up, yikes. At least the my illness is gone, I can just about breathe out of my nose. Only one month until my holiday too!


I never finished Fallout 4. I don't really like it, nowhere near as much as I did 3 or NV. Kinda feel like I should at least finish the main story one day... I did pay for it so...


TAKI CONFIRMED! She looks pretty awesome! Video in comments (linking to site as it's unlisted - was ripped from a stream).


Avengers Spoiler:


I thought I might have survived a month without being ill but no. A few days away from may and I'm lying in bed dying. Ill once a month. That's my power. When's my comic book debut?


So I should start holding money in case Soul Calibur VI has some sort of collectors edition...


I'm not a monk.


BIG BODY. Worth for the mounted cannon alone.


Liking a comment from 3 months ago? Forgot to switch accounts, huh...UPVOTEBOT!


Day of Occams, congrat. Much nice.


Wow. I didn't know I was missing out on so much, this new phone is making me wonder why I didn't upgrade earlier. Everything is so fast...all my apps do different things...


Gundam Narrative announced. Seems to be a sequel to Unicorn. Phenex and Sinanju Stein make appearances with new HG kits announced for both. Here's "Narrative Gundam", the new main character MS.


A little while ago it was snowing. Now I'm lying in my bed feeling like microwaved leftovers. Someone broke the weather button.


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