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Hey guys, what did you do today?


I got the day off work tomorrow, I'm gonna go get my hair done and then be a cool guy and sit in a coffee shop for an hour.


I watched anime today and it was pretty cool so I might do it again some time.


Time for some change. Temporary image for now. The icon for [Invigorate] because sometimes I think that's what I need. I wish real life had a button to recover your fighting spirit the same way [Invigorate] does. Guess I just gotta make one. *Fire Emoji*


I know a lot of you won't believe me but I'm gonna say this anyway. I saw a street light turn on. In real time.


Hella crumbling right now, like a biscuit that fell off an airplane.


Talking nonsense in random steams


At home recovering, turns out humans are meant to sleep.


Gym mirrors are why I have trust issues.


Guys lets have a vote - help me pick my new look for my Healer~


Man aren't we lucky we live in the future?


My body is failing hard this morning, can't do anything. At my desk doing a real strong zombie impression. I want my bed...


Gym MILF caught me staring and just smiled. Sorry Miss, I couldn't help myself.


Watch one of my favourite streamers butcher my name.


Am I the only one who thinks "A Show on Destructoid that We Haven't Named Yet" is already the perfect name?


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