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Weekends are great because you get to wake up whenever you want. You also get to pick up deliveries from the post office! Hurray for plastic #MechaAppreciationPost


I'm not happy and I'm not sure what to do.


Happy Birthday to my favorite mechanical animal (with Liger Zero and Shadow Fox in joint 2nd place). May you pet cute dogs for many, many more years to come!


I'm tired, I worked 3 extra hours today, I disconnected during a ranked game, the post office are holding my package ransom...did I say I'm tired? I'm going to bed. ;_;


Happy birthday two of the softest asses I've ever caressed. Much love you both, dads.




Feel kinda bad, could hear this weird crying noise outside my window but I just ignored it. Now there's a crowd of people standing around some guy lying on the ground. Apparently he's hallucinating hard and has been screaming at...something.


Uhm, how the fuck am I meant to clear my backlog with Monster Hunter World and SF:AE coming?


Muscular Asian guy wins the Changing Room Weirdo of the Day award for spending 8 minutes drying his naked body with a hairdryer.


The gympocalypse already started, I ain't seen so many people in my tiny budget gym since...this time last year.


2018 is gonna be my year, put it in the bag now before I blow your head off, sucker.


You know when you try so hard to look normal that you end up looking suspicious? That's me right now. Trying to be invisible as possible with a petrified look on my face probably isn't helping. Internal screaming volume level 100. Cute dog here though.


End of year blues, is that a thing? I always seem to get so miserable as a year comes to an end. At least we get fireworks soon :o


So like a moron I was testing out new techniques on RG Qant and ended up fucking it up because I used the wrong equipment. So yeah, I'm kinda mad since I've ruined a kit but nobody becomes professional without making mistakes, right?


Is worth "it"?


I am not ready for work tomorrow lol


It's still missing an arm but I'm tired. I'll do it tomorrow :v


I ate dinner and passed out on the sofa. I feel no shame. 😂


My mother bought me tools and brushes for gunpla 😂


Merry Christmas! Enjoy the day and eat as much as you can!


I just wanna lie in bed tbh


I've got a brainache...


MH Beta has solidified my love for the Bow but has also made me get very close with the greatsword... But we're just friends, I swear.


Oh. Well that was a very interesting meeting with my boss. Looks like I'm about to experience my very first pay rise.


Two skellington legs. So many pieces, such little stickers... Crazy how nature do dat.


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