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It has been super rainy so I spent the day playing games and actually building the stuff I've bought. This little guy is almost done, just needs lining and topcoat. It's cute but weird because the head looks 100x better than every other part of it...


Thanks for all the love people, you've helped today feel great. I made carrot cake and everybody loved it! That was fun, I do like making people melt from the joy of sweet treats. I've eaten far too much. I also sorted my corner of shame, here's a pic!


Professor Layton for Smash.


This was before I ripped his arms off and got him ready for his "redesign" >:D


Happy Birthday Cloudmoon and DeadmanSam. I love you both at least 4 much!


Happy birthday to my favourite, Chris Moyse. I don't want to hear any complaints about having a favourite. He's earned that title and he'll damn well have it. Pitchforks are banned.


Smallest gunpla ever? It's just a core fighter but ships/jets are my weakness.


RIP Omegamon. Left leg shattered. Kinda annoyed since I had spent a few hours on that model already. Accidents happen though, can't get mad. Should have put my belongings away properly.


Migraine. Pretty bad. Probably won't survive. Was nice knowing you all.


Business trip with the boss tomorrow. 2 hours to Manchester, 2 hours back. Woo. Castlevania Season 2 and Bayonetta to keep my brain running on the train. I get free lunch, benefits of being a professional :^)


What would I do without my stuffed toys. I'd cry in an empty bed, that's what. Baby Behemoth plushie is the real MVP.


Wasted a whole day trying to find clothes for this business meeting. The average man is puny and has arms shorter than a T Rex.


Omegamon getting somewhere. Somewhat of a horrible build but the mechanisms like the armheads keep it worth it. Doing it a little different this time, building the whole thing before applying (the horrendous) stickers or lining so it looks... Unbaked.


Some people would call me a moron for buying so much stuff even though I have such little free time. I personally call myself "excited".


I'm about to write.


You ever sit on the internet and wonder why people are so mad? It's like, you ready through these "controversies" and none of them are really that bad. They're understandable, often explained and sometimes with an apology. Why are we mad.


This is just everything I love in one image. Ugh, I wish I played this game. Juri is


I bought two of these. And the SD 00 Diver. But who cares about that, HAROPLA BEST PLA.


My Senpai is a Bunny Girl is too much for me to handle, the main characters are perfect together, their relationship and interactions are far too cute and I can't deal with it. I'm done after 2 episodes, my heart can't handle this.


Just picked up a solid second hand wooden desk for only 30! Gonna repaint it and turn it into my "workshop" desk. It has nice deep draws for paint storage, the top lifts up for another spot to keep WIP awesome find tbh


All the girls on tinder look racist


I guess somethings happening soon. The police are out rounding up the homeless, waking them up in the most aggressive ways possible as usual. There does seem to be a lot more rough sleepers lately, maybe a hostel closed? Arsene model kit? The workshop is already pretty full but it's gonna be hard to pass on that one...


One of my favorite groups recently announced that they'll be coming to London on tour soon, who has a PDF on how to go to concerts alone and stay mentally stable?


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