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You gotta look at the positive side at all times. For example, while this hot weather may be unbearable it does make the suppositories melt faster. Silver linings, my guy. Silver linings.


My dream console would be a Vita 2 with a sensible storage medium and actual games/support. There's nothing you can do to change my mind.


Might just throw the Switch under my bed and forget it exists. I'm not paying £70 pounds for another set of Joy-Cons, fuck that. I can't justify that cost at all. Next time I play my Switch will be when they go on sale I guess. Back to Yakuza...


Think I'll wait a month before picking up Fire Emblem, I'd really rather wait to see what other people think before buying it. Some of the previous games really burned me lol.


Alright, got paid today and I already bought replacement joycon thumbsticks and a food processor. The essentials.


Fully geared and ready for Eden! The Extreme trials and dungeons this time around are pretty fun, didn't feel like a grind at all.


Alright well my Switch is unplayable now lol gg I guess. Just when I was starting to have fun with a new game.


Hol' up. Joy cons are more expensive than the Pro Controller?


FINALLY started on Bayonetta 2 today, after all this time. That shit good.


A Switch Lite is awesome for me since I never dock. Then I remember that I currently have a Switch with horrendous joycon drift issues. The idea of being stuck with that kinda kills the hype. Otherwise, It'd be an instant replacement.


I finished the main scenario quests for Shadowbringers last night and I'm still buzzed. Those last two instances had me more hype than anything else I've played in a long time. They did an amazing job with the story.


Yeah uh, I've been hidden away playing Shadowbringers since Friday and holy fuck-


I don't have a salad but I had a garden on my head


My Bloodstained came and it was just the game which is odd because I'm sure I paid for more like a special case or some shit but whatever, the important news is that I don't need surgery I just gotta buy a load of expensive medicines so fuck yeah I guess


I got my wish, she's perfect.


Tomorrow I'll be taking the day off work to play some Smash and try out the new Samurai Shodown! No idea what characters will be available to play but I'm hoping...


Having trouble keeping up with all these game release dates, vision going funny due to a deficiency of disposable income. Someone make a release calendar or something.


So I got past the area I was stuck on in Sekiro but I think I'm going to stop anyway. I'm not feeling any enjoyment playing it so I think that's a good enough reason. Guess it's just not my kinda game, I feel nothing.


Right well I've made so little progress I might as well delete my save file to rid me of all the debuffs. I don't understand this one. I don't think I like at all.


I've been putting it off all this time but I guess I'm finally playing it.


At some point I want to do a Final Fantasy marathon. Give me a chance to play ones I've never tried (3, 4 and 5) and a second attempt to finish those I gave up on (8). I'll probably skip 11 (obvious reasons), 13-1 and 15 though.


Another year, another lack of new Onimusha announcements. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. We want ONIMUSHA and FRESHLY SQUEEZED LEMONADE and NOTHING ELSE!


i want magic dust to turn me into a skellington


Ayy I might actually try to play a video game today! Do we continue with DMC5 or give Sekiro a go? Still haven't played that yet...


Thanks for answering my RPG question guys, it was really fun to read through! I've learned a lot like... I should probably try to play Crono Trigger some time. I put mine in the comments, it's similar to a few of yours really.


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