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I'm bored of my job but I don't know if I should just deal with it or start looking around...


That Cyberpunk gameplay. Damn.


Getting turnt up on hazelnut wafers and cranberry juice


I wanna join in on #AMAToid but I'm gonna go buy dinner so maybe when I get back we can talk about things like your favourite colour of baby or the best spots to watch trucks after midnight.


Damn man, all these guys I went to school with making themselves famous in all kinda ways and I'm just here drinking almond milk and building models 😂


Wtf I'm so hungry right now.


When we're this late in the generation I wonder if it's worth upgrading from a base PS4 to a Pro...


DMC5 and Sekiro look so good. Just in time, I'm starting to enjoy video games again. I need to catch up on big ones I've missed like Horizon, Yakuza, God of War...there's probably many more...


Hyper Light Drifter is really fun, I feel silly for owning it all this time and never playing it.


My arms are like blocks of cement with elbows. Imagine long blocks of cement with small, out of place elbows. And not the good kind either, the kind you gotta oil every 2 days because they squeak really loud. Rusty elbow cement block arms.


Just went through what can only be described as physical torture. All because I'm no good at saying "no". All I want for Christmas is the ability to turn people down when they try to pull me into their madness.


Do you think Sony will ever attempt a handheld console again?


Guess I'm playing this again, look how cute I am :D


Nice, new teaser trailer for Gundam NT


I need to learn how to enjoy doing things alone instead of missing out on events because my friends aren't down or bail on me.


Bad Mood Gang, I've been ill all weekend and work today has been horrible. I did get something nice in the post though, I just hope it fits... I hate/love buying clothes online.


Hey guys, just a quick one from me. 1. Alright, see y'all later.


Everyone hyped for Doom Eternal and I still haven't played Doom :v


Today I found out a guy I went to school with became a model. How? My train station is plastered with pictures of him posing for a clothing brand. Kind of a weird experience lol


Bro let's just cry together that shit sounds so dope


How many of us will be picking up Soul Calibur and on what platform? We should get a Dtoid sparring group running when it drops.


Flanx's tomato farm now open for business. We got a wide range of tomatoes to choose from including ripe tomatoes, unripe tomatoes, half eaten tomatoes, slightly red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes with brown spots and many many more!


Negan? Meh. Reserving the hype to see who those other returning characters will be. The Walking Dead is ResidentSleeper af.


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