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Hmm. My FFR7 preorder delivery date has gone from one day after official release to "Unknown". I guess it's to be expected with the current situation. I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer...


I woke up to see someone sent me a trailer of a Nier remaster and I cried. That's all for now, speak to you guys later.


Waiiiitt....wait. Bravely Default 2 looks amazing?!


This is the little monster I steal hugs from daily. His collar doesn't have a name so I don't actually know it...but he runs over when he sees me so calling him is never issue. No idea why he's so friendly but I'm not complaining, he's a cutie.


Well my local supermarket might be out of bread, pasta, rice, meat, toilet paper, cereal, vegetables and fruit but according to Amazon my copy of DOOM is still coming tomorrow so I guess it's not all that bad?


Sony presentation was pretty interesting


The Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative) Movie is available to watch on the GundamInfo youtube channel. Pretty cool! Know how I'm ending the night!


So the new EVANGELION UNIT-01 RG scale model kit sold out before I even knew it existed


I'm seeing the word "Masocore" a lot today. Is that the politically correct way of saying "Soulsborne" now?


I don't think I'll buy Nioh 2 until May. If we're continuing with my sensible buying mentality... March's purchase will be DOOM, April will be FF7R. Nothing I'm interested drops in May so I'll play with my Samurai then.


Season 2 of cool sci-fi show is just bad fight scenes and mediocre plot twists feels bad man


I saw Parasite today. Hmmm it was a fun watch sure, don't think I'm intelligent enough to understand the hype for it though. Like, it was enjoyable but I think I missed what makes it so special?


Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Pillars of Eternity 2 on Switch? Are they good? Only digital versions?


I wish the Switch wasn't the only focus on handheld gaming. It doesn't feel portable sometimes, too big to play comfortably in some busier areas like trains. I miss my Vita.


Bro I'm so horny I can't think straight someone put me down


Heppy Burtman Limo Mars and Jetter Maker


I've never played Chrono Trigga (No hard R's please)


So. I need to lose about 70 pounds to regain my old prime form.


If I were a smart man I'd try to clear some of the games I have near completion before the flood of ne- oops, I accidentally bought the Megaman Zero Legacy Collection oh no


The soundtrack that plays when it's 00:45 and I rush to put my pyjamas on realising I gotta be up in 6 hours


I have a sealed-in-plastic copy of the original Street Fighter IV. I don't really know why. Maybe I'll keep it fresh and it can be inheritance for my kids.


Bought a pack of 7 mini flapjacks. Had 9 in the pack. 2 more than stated on the packet. That makes today 2 more gooder than yesterday.


Imagine coming home early to clean your house and then not cleaning your house that's crazy


I kinda wanna try one of those one handed keyboard/gamepads thingies. Like the Razer Orbweaver, anyone used one before?


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