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Two charity workers come to the door. I open up and they immediately apologize and start to back up. I ask why. "We're looking for people between 25-65 sorry". I'm 27 in a couple of months. Is that an insult? She said I don't look past 20? HUH?


Lord Heston, birthday happy to u mate now hands off my wife


Unfortunately I must confess that my current favourite game to play high right now is osrs. I feel 11 years old again, let me be.


I love it. Genshin announces a HZD crossover and the only comments on the post is "Who the fuck is Aloy??" One discord I'm in has set on fire, not because they hate her but the old "why is development time wasted on stupid shit" argument. I love gamers �


Quick updates: The man downstairs isn't dead he's just nasty also what do baby cats eat


The guy downstairs is old, his house stinks. Right now it stinks 100x worse than usual. It's suffocating walking through the stairway. Is he dead? I can hear fans running in his house. He can't be dead, right?


shout out to all the friendly, necessary criminals out there


Am I the only one who wont order food if it's raining heavy? I know the delivery dudes are still gonna be out there even if I don't but I don't wanna be the one to make 'em do it


£77 invoice for a package I didn't receive? Something that was sent back to the sender and I received a full refund for? UPS are trying to rob me! They said I can ignore the letter but I just KNOW this is gonna turn into an issue...


Holy shit I just got a letter about a tax refund. Just as I was about to start selling video games to pay for groceries. I hope the deity looking down on me is thicc as hell so at least I'll enjoy my afterlife.


Gotta save my coins so I can get Age of Empires IV when it drops I can't wait


The "reduced" section of the supermarket literally saved my life these last 6 months, it's crazy how much food items can be discounted when they're on their last day of shelf life.


I dunno man buying games for this base ps4 feels like a waste these days but I kinda don't want to buy the first iteration of the PS5 because I just know there'll be a "pro" one day


What if Wet Ass Pussy was a RPG boss fight?


Why does shit always break when you ain't got the money to fix it? Like, you been waiting for this moment huh.


Post your favourite condiments/sauces I need some inspiration


hey thanks


Ugh, I hate when food places hide their healthy eating agenda. A yogurt based coleslaw?


went to the pub with my dad to watch the football drank cider and also do old people smell of piss?


hey fellas remember to drink water


Happy Birthday Lord Gundy


Oof. That'll make things a little harder. Although, I see that some spells in the trailers have levels. I wonder if that changes things in the future...




oh my




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