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Team Ninja was like "Yo, I know you ain't getting that Onimusha you wanted to take this Nioh 2 for now bro".


yo can I get a few extra hours I got too many games man wtf


Seeing that Terry trailer reminded me of running around the house screaming ARE YOU OK?! with my cousins. It's like I turned 7 years old again for a split second. What a wonderful wave of memories...


Guys what's it called when you come home from work and have many hobbies to enjoy but instead you lie face down on your sofa for an hour straight??


Am I making a mistake playing Fire Emblem on Hard - Classic?


How was your weekend?


What do you guys play when you don't wanna get deep into something? Like, when you've got 20 mins spare or when it's late and you just wanna do something to pass the time?


Feeling kinda weak lately, got no energy. Dunno what's up. Diet hasn't changed, I thought I'd been eating well. Taking some time off to relax and play games. Brother has convinced me to go to our Smash locals so we 'bout to get bopped on stream!


Respect the garlic, man. Where would we be without it?


Hey man, if it means Spider-Man gets to be Spider-Man and not Iron Man Jr like he is now, I'm all cool with mum and dad breaking up.


What's up people


My web filter really doesn't like something on the home page so now I have a legitimate excuse for not being active in article comment sections


Oh yeah, we cleared Eden's Gate - Descent (Savage) last night. Not fast in days since release but pretty damn decent in total hours spent since we're all so busy don't actually spend much time in raid. Also I forgot to record it, ouch...!


I hear they're opening a pop-up Pokémon Center in London for a month. My wallet winces at the implications. I hear it's opening 5 minutes walk from my house. My wallet contemplates an early departure from our realm.


You ever find a really good song and just listen to it continuously until you can't stand it anymore? I need to learn restraint. Isn't listening to the same song 7 times in a row some sort of self-hypnotism anyway? Far too kinky for the workplace.


Tfw your Charisma stat is high but your Intelligence stat is low


New team in FFXIV making steady progress through the Savage raid, cleared the first room today. Took just under 4 hours in total but the last run was reaaaally smooth. Real chill people, super fun so far!




Fuck the haters (Torchman) I saw that bitch on sale and I picked it up quicc


I feel kinda good right now.


You gotta look at the positive side at all times. For example, while this hot weather may be unbearable it does make the suppositories melt faster. Silver linings, my guy. Silver linings.


My dream console would be a Vita 2 with a sensible storage medium and actual games/support. There's nothing you can do to change my mind.


Might just throw the Switch under my bed and forget it exists. I'm not paying £70 pounds for another set of Joy-Cons, fuck that. I can't justify that cost at all. Next time I play my Switch will be when they go on sale I guess. Back to Yakuza...


Think I'll wait a month before picking up Fire Emblem, I'd really rather wait to see what other people think before buying it. Some of the previous games really burned me lol.


Alright, got paid today and I already bought replacement joycon thumbsticks and a food processor. The essentials.


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