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BIG BODY. Worth for the mounted cannon alone.


Liking a comment from 3 months ago? Forgot to switch accounts, huh...UPVOTEBOT!


Day of Occams, congrat. Much nice.


Wow. I didn't know I was missing out on so much, this new phone is making me wonder why I didn't upgrade earlier. Everything is so fast...all my apps do different things...


Gundam Narrative announced. Seems to be a sequel to Unicorn. Phenex and Sinanju Stein make appearances with new HG kits announced for both. Here's "Narrative Gundam", the new main character MS.


A little while ago it was snowing. Now I'm lying in my bed feeling like microwaved leftovers. Someone broke the weather button.


One of my arms is slightly bigger than the other. My mind is allergic to asymmetry. My existence is pain. WHY AM I NOT BALANCED. My soul will never find peace like this. The quest for equilibrium must begin now.


Off day, again. Not with it lately. Feeling rather weak, cant concentrate. Not tired but don't feel rested either. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, maybe I should go back to base for maintenance.


"New Gundam Series Project To be Announced on April 20th". Me:


God of War isn't even out yet and it's already unavailable everywhere. The power of hype is strong :v


I wish I was a wireless mouse.


What do you do when you're lonely but can't get a cat? Is a goldfish my only option? :v


Daily reminder to pet your friendly wolf.


Ordered a new phone. Nothing fancy but at least it wont freeze when I'm trying to answer calls or call me a bitch in the morning.


So I didn't sleep. As in 00hrs, 00mins and 00seconds of sleep. I'm like 7 different kinds of fucked up right now.


Gym scales hitting me with that late April Fools surprise, ouch. I only ate one Easter egg too. Oh well..


I hope I become a cool old man one day


You have been hugged by a wandering bear cub. Your luck increases by +3.


Low tier Monday, but at least it's a 4 day work week!


Who's buying Dad of War next month? I wont lie, I am somewhat interested.


I just spent an hour watching a Korean guy play a rubber chicken like an instrument. I have to be up for work in 4 hours.


A conversation in Twitch chat got me talking about one of my favourite games. I've been sitting here thinking about it for a while.


When you should be sleeping but you up eating Icelandic style yogurt.


For some reason my rent has been reduced £14.74 a month. I'm not complaining, I'm just not sure why.


Only 94 days until I'm on a plane to St. Lucia for our family holiday. My mother is super hyped, she hasn't left the country in about a decade. She wont stop talking about it, like a kid going to Disneyland. Can't tell if 50 or 5 lol


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