On NE: Rapper wants to give away his money and work at GameStop
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I need to learn how to enjoy doing things alone instead of missing out on events because my friends aren't down or bail on me.


Bad Mood Gang, I've been ill all weekend and work today has been horrible. I did get something nice in the post though, I just hope it fits... I hate/love buying clothes online.


Hey guys, just a quick one from me. 1. Alright, see y'all later.


Everyone hyped for Doom Eternal and I still haven't played Doom :v


Today I found out a guy I went to school with became a model. How? My train station is plastered with pictures of him posing for a clothing brand. Kind of a weird experience lol


Bro let's just cry together that shit sounds so dope


How many of us will be picking up Soul Calibur and on what platform? We should get a Dtoid sparring group running when it drops.


Flanx's tomato farm now open for business. We got a wide range of tomatoes to choose from including ripe tomatoes, unripe tomatoes, half eaten tomatoes, slightly red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes with brown spots and many many more!


Negan? Meh. Reserving the hype to see who those other returning characters will be. The Walking Dead is ResidentSleeper af.


It's most probably because I don't play it so I don't understand the skill being shown here but Smash really isn't fun to watch for me. I don't really know what I should be impressed by, I can't tell if this is hype or not but my brother is going NUTS lol


I'm not too impressed with the progress I've made this year but at the same time making some progress is better than none at all so I'm stuck in the middle of my emotions 🤔


I watched the first episode of "Kids go to hero school" and I wasn't even paying attention. Mt Lady got me all kinds of fucked up. I was sitting on the train staring at my screen for 20 mins like


I wonder if I should just give in and watch Boku No Hero. My brother wont shut up about it, help.


So...second trailer. What y'all think?


I ate cake today. I haven't had cake in a while. It was really good...really, really good. I hope I can eat it again some day, it was a glorious experience. Mmm...


Hmm. I can get Yakuza 0 real cheap. That could hold me through August. Should I do it? I've not played any Yakuza yet...


For some reason I thought I owned XCOM. I sat down ready to play it and everything. Did I buy it in my dream or something?


What do you do to calm down that annoying and everlasting desire to be good at something?


I can't wait for Soul Calibur but really I'm only gonna play it for 2 months, realize im terrible at it and then hide it under my sofa like I always do.


This is all I needed in my life omfg I love him


Hey that Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 mobile game came out! The music is great...haven't actually played it because I've been stuck behind multiple loading screens but the music is great...!


It's official - Monday is the best day of the week.


There's a place I go maybe 1-2 ever 2 weeks for a quick meal. I order the same thing every time. They now order for me when I walk through the door. You ever get worried you're going somewhere too often? Hah.


I watched the Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer and I cried, I'm not ashamed.


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