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#selfietoid POV: you are a cat and are trying to convince me to let you into my house.


The sensation I feel when frustrated suddenly feels a lot more... familiar? I remember now that I used to combat it by working out. My body has become so weak, I hate it. I can't tell if this is motivation or a calling from the void.


I got a monkey in the mail 😁


Messaged a lady about a cat. That's not an euphemism.


I went into the Guilty Gear beta sure that I wanted to play Giovanna but...Ky is so fun :(


Wanna make this the year I play as many games as possible. There's so many games I've missed, I got some catching up to do. Gotta focus instead of pouring all my time into endless voids like mmos and gacha


I'd pay for a Sylvanas Onlyfans.


I still find the idea of a Nintendo Direct being good or bad hilarious. How do you rate a list of announcements. That's like reading the TV guide and rating each day on what's showing.


I'm gonna start my journey to becoming a hentai artist. I've never drawn anything in my life but the reward of being able to draw the perfect pair of titties whenever you want is motivation enough.


Is it inappropriate to flirt with the delivery lady


Might make an alt Twitter account where I can be a degenerate in peace


It's friday night make sure you throw a party even if all you got is a light beer take your shirt off


Honestly I'm willing to take any job, even if it's packing boxes in a warehouse. My brain just can't deal with the sitting and doing nothing. Maybe I should just see if Amazon needs any new drivers...


My Final Fantasy Tactics gacha account got a permanent suspension. I don't even get to appeal. Boy am I happy I'm not a whale. Still, 300 days of log-in and nothing to show for it. FeelsBadMan


When an old colleague asks if you're doing ok and your response is "absolutely not". I've been ignoring the world, high off my ass for a month straight and having to pay rent again has made me realise I actually have to live life and do adult shit...


I got Astral Chain


Chinese restaurants. When I order food it's because I wanna eat, I order as much food as I know I can handle. I'm grateful for the free prawn crackers but I'm not going to eat them. I'm too full on the meal. Please, this dilemma is heart breaking.


Hell yeah this is what america is all about


The Medium might be a little scary but it sucks in almost every other way


I have commitments but I'd rather sleep?


I dont get the tall Resident Evil Village Lady thing, she's not even hot she's just tall


played a game with girls and got a cute samurai


grapes are really something amazing




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