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Woo...an Arsene model kit? The workshop is already pretty full but it's gonna be hard to pass on that one...


One of my favorite groups recently announced that they'll be coming to London on tour soon, who has a PDF on how to go to concerts alone and stay mentally stable?


I'm ill again but I've been paid, SEAM2018 is going on and i'm just chillin' in my favorite chair.


I think the blue light filter on my phone is making my eyes hurt even more haha


If anyone ever makes the mistake of giving me a daughter she'll probably turn out like this.


It's a month before my 24th birthday, women seem to have begun to notice that I exist and my inexperience is hindering any further progress. More news at 8.


Venom was alright. I mean, eh. Yeah. Ugh.


Happy Birthday Mike, I owe you a pizza and you will get it one day but I can't promise it'll be fresh.


Don't tell Bong but a hobby store opened up right behind my house and it's huge...


Since I've got a pretty empty weekend and a large backlog I'm gonna do a Torchman and ask the community to help me what to build next. The Mobile Pod Ball or the Jegan? Images of both in comments, upvote on your choice.


Darksiders 3 looks alright, too bad I've only played the first one. Hmm.


This is a picture of my gym partner after our leg session. I call it "The defeated man".


I've lost the will to cook lately which is really bad because I kinda need to eat


I've played LoL for a bit but never cared about Ranked mode. My brother recently got Gold so now I'm trying to get there too so I don't get bullied by a 16 year old. I think this season only has another month though, gonna be tight.


High five for anyone that needs one, it's free and fresh so come collect it.


3rd issue in a row. Items delivered and handed to a "Lukas". Nobody has heard of anyone called Lukas. I'm about to quit using Amazon completely tbh.


Nice... I managed to secure myself a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice collectors edition. Guess they realized the purchase page was busted.


I'm really hating living alone. Almost 2 years since I moved out and it's still hard to fall asleep at night. I'm not comfortable in this quiet at all but there's not much I can do.


Ugh, this is why I don't take time off. 3 days off work and now I'm drowning. Plus the multiple "high importance" tasks that have been dumped on me and have to be done this week. Oh and I gotta come in on Saturday, too. Yaaaay.


Gotta work on my social skills it'd be nice to talk to someone at least once a month


I like Dragon Quest XI as a game. I really don't like the story or the events within it though. Playing it is fun but also very annoying.


Anyone use a dock or charging station for their DS4? Cool kit or pirate trick?


Jade from Dragon Quest XI is just the most cutest thing I've seen all week and I'm trying to concentrate but my brain is efihgfiwefhipewhfpweiohfpiwehrfipwehfpiwhepifhwepifhwepif


Need to build some sort of playlist for when i'm grinding through ranked games but I don't want to hear anyone calling it a "gaming playlist" because that sounds dumb and IM NOT DUMB :(


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