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How's everyone doing


Last night I witnessed a large argument in-game about whether or not Endwalker is a boring heap of shit and it made me realise that with all the promotion material I think a lot were expecting to be on the moon within the first 30 mins...


Managed to get Reaper from 70 to 79 before the game crashed. 10k login queue, I'm hearing that takes like 6 hours to clear. Guess I'm done for today whether I like it or not heh


I love how my mum's view on games has changed over the years. She's gone from "you'll never have one of those console things" to "I'm bringing you dinner because your game comes out tomorrow and I know you ain't cooking for yourself" which is bad BUT-


They're increasing the exp gain on the Halo battle pass which is cool because faster unlocks but isn't this meant to last until May? We'll be done with it by Jan at this rate, does that mean we'll have nothing to unlock for 4 months? 🤨🤔


I hope in 20ish years I'm watching Halo eSports but there's a league where all the players are in their 50's like I am


That accuracy stat just shows how much aim assist was carrying me on controller, mouse is starting to get comfortable though. I've been playing nothing but Halo since it dropped it's so much fun :D


I played a lot of Halo back on Xbox but never have I played it on PC. Whew, this aiming shit is tough on a mouse. I'm not used to it at all, gonna keep my ass out of ranked I'm not tryna ruin anyone's day


Seeing adults on twitter joke about walking into stores and buying the new Pokémon is really funny to me because I just realized that I'm going to be no-lifing whatever the top MMO is for the rest of my life, as long as my bones and joints let me


Do they still make rechargeable batteries? I love my mouse but it seems to be eating batteries a lot more than usual lately. Maybe Duracell just sucks, I do usually use Energizer... I'm an environmental hazard aren't I...?


I'm well fed, I'm energized and I'm kinda high I can't lie. Saturday is for the soul.


For legal reasons, it wasn't me. Shh.


What we all hoping to see in this Playstation show tonight?


so PS5 havers are y'all doing much on there or what


Just found out a family friend voiced a character in a Star Ocean videogame lol


I might need a new mouse pad should I get one of those big titty ones and if yes which character


God bless the Old People. My mum told my grandfather about my situation and he bailed me out. I owe him quite a bit, but it's better to owe him than a bank. I gotta visit the old man more often...


Hmm. What am I missing about this Nintendo Online+ pricing drama. Doesn't 50 annually make it just over 4 a month? That's like...the price of a sandwich, no? What do I not see here?




Thinking of starting a youtube channel. The idea is for it to have no idea. A brain dump that you can watch. Maybe I'll also record myself building all the hobby stuff I haven't built.


I hear Riot is disabling /all chat in LoL to try and cut back on player toxicity which is so funny to me because /all is where the memes happen. The toxic shit usually happens in team chat. Now you can't even say "GG" to an enemy at the end of a game...


You think Samus's suit does all that weird space stuff like recycle her pee into drinking water or superfreeze her dumps so they can be disposed of hygienically? Is it soundproofed? How does Morph Ball mode not make one need to fart uncontrollably?


anyone who can get me this hat will get a picture of my cock


It's my Uncle and Father's birthday. Yes, that's right, it's the same man and I'm on my way to suck him off right now


This might be the most anti-climatic reveal I've ever experienced


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