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So I got past the area I was stuck on in Sekiro but I think I'm going to stop anyway. I'm not feeling any enjoyment playing it so I think that's a good enough reason. Guess it's just not my kinda game, I feel nothing.


Right well I've made so little progress I might as well delete my save file to rid me of all the debuffs. I don't understand this one. I don't think I like at all.


I've been putting it off all this time but I guess I'm finally playing it.


At some point I want to do a Final Fantasy marathon. Give me a chance to play ones I've never tried (3, 4 and 5) and a second attempt to finish those I gave up on (8). I'll probably skip 11 (obvious reasons), 13-1 and 15 though.


Another year, another lack of new Onimusha announcements. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. We want ONIMUSHA and FRESHLY SQUEEZED LEMONADE and NOTHING ELSE!


i want magic dust to turn me into a skellington


Ayy I might actually try to play a video game today! Do we continue with DMC5 or give Sekiro a go? Still haven't played that yet...


Thanks for answering my RPG question guys, it was really fun to read through! I've learned a lot like... I should probably try to play Crono Trigger some time. I put mine in the comments, it's similar to a few of yours really.


Top 5 RPGs, Go. And no conforming to socio-gaming norms. I wanna hear your personal favourites. And maybe a little sentence on why (but that's not necessary, I'm not gonna tell you how to spend your time...)?


I didn't like Godzilla. The monster fights were fun to watch but the plot, the actors, the lines and the whole the focus of the movie? All terrible! Less crying girl, more Monster MMA pls?! Obviously visibly disappointed as a friend comforted me midway...


Code;Vein looking pretty rough for a game that was held back to smooth off the edges. I'm still gonna be a bitch and buy it, though.


So some people get addicted to their gacha game of choice, right? Well I'm one step above that. My new hobby is downloading them, playing them for an hour, realizing they're boring and downloading others. A continuous gameplay cycle of endless fun(?)


Only Machinist, Black Mage and Red Mage to finish up and I'll have all classes 70. Small goal I had for before the expansion. Also enjoying my last moments with my lizard girl as I'll probably roll Hrothgar when they're released. Lion man, best man.




I might make "SUPLEX NEGATIVITY" into a t-shirt.


Uh so if I backed Bloodstained am I expecting it to be delivered by its general release date? I found where to change the delivery address but can't see anything about an expected delivery date (though I am dumb so that might be why).


Why does the switch turn on when you undock it, that's so annoying! Battery dead because it has been in sleep mode when it should have never turned on in the first place. Console feels like sparkly junk sometimes.


We're almost half way through the year and I'm still no closer to my new years resolution of "touch at least one titty". We gotta put some hard work in these next 6 and a half months.


Hey weebs, what should I be watching right now?


So why didn't we like Sonic Unleashed again? I don't remember it being bad. In fact, I'm pretty sure I enjoyed playing it. Why does it seem to be hated so much?




Hey guys, make sure you all jump on that beta test for GranBlue Versus if you haven't already! https://versus-form.granbluefantasy.jp/en/input.php


With the way my backlog is right now Rage 2 will be £10 on sale by the time I'm ready to play it.


There's a picture I took which isn't of anything special but I really like it and I can't tell why. I've tried showing it to people and nobody else gets it, which I can fully understand. Brains are just kinda weird. I'm still gonna frame it though.


I have difficulty understanding mobile games that need an online connection. If I had access to the internet I wouldn't be playing a mobile game. I'm playing this BECAUSE I don't have internet and can't do anything else!


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