DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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This holiday I've had 5 beers. That's more alcohol than I've had in the past 24 years combined.


There's a beautiful young woman here with a t-shirt that says "Hoe life or No life" in gold sparkly text. Honesty is the best policy, she's gained a fan in me.


The island must be haunted. Why else does every single dog start barking like crazy as soon as it gets close to midnight? It's so quiet otherwise, I'm sure I can hear some barking from miles away. What are they seeing/hearing..?


Lycanth Family Holiday 2018


About 12 hours until I get on the plane. Sorted out some flight entertainment (since the Switch won't last the whole trip). The My Hero book is for my brother. I didn't know what to get him. He likes the anime and it seemed like a funny side story...


Gaj put me off Xenoblade Chronicles so I picked up this since I still haven't played it yet! Oh, try to ignore the dust on my desk. I promise I'm doing some polishing right now.


Awww shiiittt, I'm on a plane on Monday! :D


Whoever runs the discord twitter page is just great. They don't try too hard to be funny but they still make laugh. Even with the simple things.


Ohhhh, Octopath Traveller is next month...whoops. I thought it was coming out in June. I could buy Azure Striker Gunvolt but I don't like that weird "zapping" mechanic I keep seeing in all the trailers. I just wanna shoot stuff. Megaman Zero 5 when?


So I'm at home, I've eaten...what next? ._.


On those rare occasions when I find someone I'm comfortable talking with I always worry that I might be an annoyance. I can really go on if the topic is of an interest of mine. I don't hide my weird side either, I wonder if I'm "too much". 🤔


I zoned out of that presentation, way too much Smash. Was still pretty awesome though, I'm more than happy with what I've seen of that new Fire Emblem. I can't wait...


I feel like I've subjected myself to 3 hours of sleep for no reason. I didn't need to watch that, it'd have been just as exciting to read it here on the train to work. Kinda disappointed, oh well.


What the hell is a pizza roll?


At this point the only thing that could knock me out now is a new Onimusha. That would leave me deceased. Unfortunately I doubt that'll happen.


Holy shit, Aatrox got...buff. I can't wait to see what changes they've made to him.


The fact that we'll probably see more world premieres at Sony's show is scaring my wallet. 2019 is looking mighty antisocial right now, more than 2018 is gonna be.


Fuck a Bethesda.


Nothing matters anymore, DMC 5 is coming. Life is good.


[Sat here for 30 mins deleting multiple paragraphs explaining why this game meant so much to me but all were far too depressing or just impossible to explain within the character limit so just enjoy the song]


Please don't suck, Anthem. Please. :(


I should probably complete some games before buying a load later this year...




My right joycon comes off without having to press the eject button...


Code Vein drops in September further confirming that none of us will leave our homes that month with all the titles being released.


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