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I've been struggling so much through this year with my issues, trying not to make it over people's problem and just trying to push through it all but now I've been made redundant and I just feel like collapsing and staying down forever.


We vibin'


Do I eat the burger


Had a good 5 hours on WoW until Draenor died, why do I play on this server


Every day I pray nothing in my PC breaks or fails because I won't have the money to replace any part in this thing for a decade


Bro that CAPCOM leak contains a certain "O" word that has made it impossible to focus on my work, I'm ending 30 mins early to go lie down.


This SQUEAKING MOTHERFUCKER decided that one trap wasn't enough so he made me waste TWO to kill his ass like we ain't in the middle of a fucking ECONOMIC CRISIS I ain't got money to be buying traps ya homies are gonna have to share, fuck y'all.


Wait, that Ratchet and Clank game wasn't a release title?


Howling at this (No real spoiler, just 4 seconds of speech).


I'm gonna be a bitch and just say I'm still bummed about Cyberpunk being first person I get it "eye cybernetics lmao" but what's the point of making a hot, fat booty cyborg detective if I can't see the hot fat booty cyborging about.


Being stuck in my mental dark hole of despair means I only have the energy to play games that play themselves. I think the simulation is bugged since I always only get 4th place.


If you want to see a scary Xbox Series X video, look inside this post for a tweet I found...


I've eaten way too much 😂


Guess I'm not eating that donut. Healthy living and smart decisions win again.


The biggest, softest, warmest, shiniest, sexiest, tastiest, loudest, strongest, sweetest, purplest, manliest, powerfulest HAPPY BIRTHDAY ever to the coolest Chris on the planet (and there's a fuckton of 'em out there so that's pretty pog if u ask me)


Marvel's Spider-Man: Miguel O'Hara


If Trump wins I'll eat a donut (I'm on a diet)


Happy Halloween


Oof. Next Path of Exile league has been delayed to Jan because it was originally coming one day before Cyberpunk's new release date. So much delayed hype, I can only be excited for so much ffs. Let's get some shit out already!


Eh, my birthday present to myself has been delayed. Gonna spend that money on gacha rolls instead :v


I'm gonna start doing yoga and hopefully in 3 or so years I'll be flexible enough to curl up and roll down a hill like a pangolin.


Went to my mum's for dinner last night and a cat walked all the way home with me. This is a 30 minute walk by the way...Should I call the X-Men or consider changing aftershave? I really don't get what's going on with these animals...


I don't plan to buy a PS5 for a while so my real struggle right now is deciding if I buy Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS4 or suffer the wait and play it whenever I pick up the PS5 in all its teraflopped glory.


I took this photo 4 years ago and only now I realised there's a little bird sitting on his head.


You ever have such a nice dream that the difference between it and reality leaves you miserable all day? 😅


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