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You probably wont see me around for a while - nothing dramatic but there's a note inside on why in case anyone asks!


That Star Wars game getting nice reviews, can't wait to buy it in the January sales.


It took a while but the Xbox One is starting to look worth the price


Every day I feel like I'm closer and closer to getting a cat




I'm in tears this is fucking hilarious


Yo, thanks for all the birthday wishes! It's past midnight here so the 25th annual Lycanth parade has ended. Had dinner out with the lady wolf. Thai food is fucking amazing, man. Anyway, big thank y'all.


A man walked up to me today and said "You look like a religious man". I told him I wasn't and he just stared at me until I left. Wednesday, everybody.


I really can't decide if I'm buying Pokémon or not...


finna sleep


Oh. Diablo 4. My groin.


Anime nibbas, what y'all watching this season?


Dang, I'm hearing so much good shit about The Outer Worlds? Guess that'll be my birthday present to myself!


Truth is, i'm dog


What's the best way to play FF7 these days? Wanna run through it with a friend before Remake


My brother (who goes by the tag "Monarch") came 4th at his SSBU tournament on the weekend. If you can be bothered, drop a "Monarch PogChamp" in the comments (but don't say it has anything to do with me), I wanna get a reaction out of him. Small Prank :P


Yeah, I've just recently completed one of those Japanese mobile games where you collect waifu. I've got the best girl in the game now. Pretty easy, maybe I'm just that good idk.


They're releasing Daemon X Machina model kits? Haha, help me.


Team Ninja was like "Yo, I know you ain't getting that Onimusha you wanted to take this Nioh 2 for now bro".


yo can I get a few extra hours I got too many games man wtf


Seeing that Terry trailer reminded me of running around the house screaming ARE YOU OK?! with my cousins. It's like I turned 7 years old again for a split second. What a wonderful wave of memories...


Guys what's it called when you come home from work and have many hobbies to enjoy but instead you lie face down on your sofa for an hour straight??


Am I making a mistake playing Fire Emblem on Hard - Classic?


How was your weekend?


What do you guys play when you don't wanna get deep into something? Like, when you've got 20 mins spare or when it's late and you just wanna do something to pass the time?


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