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My week in gaming 11/16/08 - 11/22/08

First off before we start I feel I should apologize to everyone for this post being late with this article this week. As anyone who keeps up with my writing will know I have been in the process of moving over the last couple weeks, so I ha...


The merits of the used and the new.

I mentioned a couple of days ago I would be posting an article on my philosophy on the purchasing of new and used games with an argument for and against bot and how it all works into my buying habits so ladies and gentlemen, here you have i...


Small thought about DRM.

I've decided that DRM actually stands for draconian retard mandate because all it really is is some draconian retard mandating that the you can't actually own the software you paid for.


From now on, you deserve what you get.

I saw an article posted a while back about the redonkulious piracy rate of World Of Goo and was a little disturbed but didn't much thought to it. As I'm writing this article however I'm listening to episode 76 of Podtoid and it has again c...


My week in gaming 11/09/08 - 11/15/08

Welcome back to my weekly feature about all the crap I've been playing over the course of the last week. I usually have this up by the end of Sunday but unfortunately my hard drive decided now was a good time to turn into a pile of molten ...


On the hunt.

I don't know why it took me so long to think of doing this but here I am at last. As those of you who read my writings will know, I am a huge whore for all things Metroid. This also includes rocking out some Metroid Prime Hunters on my ...


My week in gaming 11/02/08 - 11/08/08

Welcome back to my weekly feature, My week in gaming. Sadly this weeks update will be rather lackluster as most of my wee has been chewed up by the moving process. Well on that that note, on to what I have been playing. Yes I know I'm ...


My week in gaming 10/26/08 - 11/01/08

Welcome to my new weekly feature my week in gaming. I plan on using these articles as an opportunity to cover what I've been playing throughout the week and my thoughts on what I've been playing. This week i picked up a couple of new...


Metroid Prime: Frontlines

I've been putting this one off for awhile now as a couple folks know. I've recently been listening to some old podcasts including some from around the time Prime 3 was released. In these podcasts a few people complained that there wasn't ...


This is getting out of hand.

At this point I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that everything that has to have a sequel can't have just one sequel. Why the hell is it that anything that has any potential to expand past it's first installment has to be a fuc...


Doctor Who

As a few folks know I've recently been binging on all things Doctor Who. While doing so I thought it sweet if someone actually managed to make an awesome Doctor Who game. But what kind of game would it be? Then it it occurred to m...


My Collection

Yeah I know it's not the most original post ever made but I wanted to put something up that required minimal effort. So on that note I present to you my game collection. Game Cube Chibi-Robo: Complete Donkey Kong Jungle Beat: Complete a...


Shut the fuck up.

Let me first preface this article by saying I'm not a fan either Gears Of War or Call Of Duty. (Pictured above, Moron) I've read this story about Cliffy B badmouthing the new Call Of Duty three different places today already. When ...


Geometry Wars High Score Update #2

This update I'm going to start including medals earned over all score and leader board ranking as well as total geoms. Also, I apologize for the lack of the Wii scores however my tv is presently occupied by other people right now, so ...


Geometry Wars Scores

This article isn't meant to be terribly insightful or anything else along the lines of my other articles. This article will be an ongoing project namely for my own benefit spawned out of my own boredom and insomnia. In light of my re...


Why not on the Wii?

I was thinking the other day as I was playing Legend Of Dragoon again which by the way, at the end of disc one, best cut scene. Ever. In any case I'm playing Legend Of Dragoon and I remembered that when I first saw the wiimote I was remin...


A lack luster year in gaming.

I've gotta say, after giving it some thought it occurred to me just how uneventful this year has been in gaming. There have been a few major releases and one or two more coming but nothing that's getting any major press. Take Castle Crash...


Escape Pod

I was recently turned onto a fantastic podcast by my father and thought it merited sharing with everyone else. Every week they post up a new podcast with an excellent science fiction short story. For anyone that has an interest in ...


Return of the LAN party!

My friends and used to have regular get-togethers and as a lot of you have read in my recent article Feel The Hate: X-Box Live, system linkable games have been all but gone in recent years and with them our regular LAN parties due to a lack...


The Legend Of Zelda: Royal Alliance

I was surfing around online and to be honest I don't remember where I saw it, but there was a post in regards to the fact that Zelda is a painfully underutilized character. This got me thinking about what could be done to change this and th...


No love for the arcades?

I'm posting this as a response to my previous article. I am honest to God shocked at how many people had the good riddance attitude towards arcades. To me arcades represent a few things. They are a place where gamers would gather in soli...


Feel The Hate: X-Box Live

Let me first start by saying that X-box Live is not a terrible service or anything of the like. In fact it's done a ton of great things. However it's done something terrible to our industry. It's damn near destroyed honest to God ...


The Reset Button: Scurge Hive

Welcome to The Reset Button. This is a feature I plan on doing up every once in a while to talk about some of my favorite under appreciated and forgotten gems. It is at this time I would like to take a moment to look back on one of my f...


Gateway Medium

I had an interesting thought the other day and it occurred to me just now to sit down and put it down on binary paper, so here it is. It recently occurred to me that the video game medium is one of the most gateway style forms of entertainm...


Star Fox Afterburn

I was browsing the forums and stumbled onto something that got me thinking on what could be done with a new Star Fox, and I came up with this idea: it might be crap, it might not but to me it would be the next step in the line of the first ...


About megatron0016one of us since 4:13 PM on 04.24.2008

Game Cube

Chibi-Robo: Complete
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat: Complete and finished
Donkey Konga: Complete and finished
Donkey Konga 2: Complete and finished
Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem: Complete
F-Zero GX: Complete
Geist: Complete
The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Adventure: Complete
Metroid Prime with Metroid Prime 2 Echoes bonus disc: Complete and finished
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes: Complete and finished
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2: Complete and finished
Soul Calibur 2: Complete and finished
SSX On Tour: Complete
Super Bubble Pop: Complete


Battalion Wars 2: Complete
The Bigs: Complete
Da Blob: Complete
Endless Ocean: Complete
Geometry Wars Galaxies: Complete
Ghost Squad: Complete
House Of The Dead 2 & 3 Return: Complete and finished
The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess: Complete and finished
Links Crossbow Training: Complete and finished
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: Complete and finished
Okami: Complete on loan to Josh
Speed Racer: Complete
SSX Blur: Complete on loan to Josh
Super Mario Galaxy: Complete on loan to Josh
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Complete and finished
Wii Play: Complete and finished
Wii Sports: Complete and finished
Zack & Wiki Quest For Barbaros' Treasure: Complete

Wii Ware

Art Style: Orbient:
Bit.Trip Beat:
Bit.Trip Core:*
Lost Winds:
Mega Man 9:

Virtual Console

Beyond Oasis:
Blazing Lazers:
F-Zero: Finished
F-Zero X: Finished
Galaga '90:
Golden Axe: Finished
Gunstar Heroes: Finished
Kid Icarus: Finished
Kirby's Adventure: Finished
The Legend of Zelda:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:
Mario Kart 64: Finished
Metroid: Finished
Ninja Gaiden:
Phantasy Star II:
River City Ransom:
Sin & Punishment:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Finished
StarTropics: Finished
Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting: Finished
Super Mario Bros.: Finished
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels:
Super Mario Bros. 2: Finished
Super Mario Bros. 3: Finished
Super Mario World:
Super Metroid: Finished
Virtua Fighter 2:
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link: Finished

Game Boy

Metroid II Return Of Samus: Complete and finished

Game Boy Advance

F-Zero GP Legend: Complete
Metroid Zero Mission: Complete and finished
Metroid Fusion: Complete and finished

Nintendo DS

Big Bang Mini: Complete
Brain Age: Complete
Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow: Complete and finished
Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin: Complete and finished
Chrono Trigger: Complete
Clubhouse Games: Complete
Contra 4: Complete
Dementium: The Ward: Complete
Geometry Wars Galaxies: Complete
Kirby Canvas Curse: Complete and finished
Lock's Quest: Complete
Lost In Blue: Complete
Lost In Blue 2: Complete
Mario Kart DS: Complete and finished
Meteos: Complete and finished
Metroid Prime Hunters: Complete and finished
Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt: Complete and finished
Metroid Prime Pinball with rumble pack: Complete and finished
Moon: Complete on loan to Nick
N+: Complete
Nanostray 2: Complete
Retro Game Challenge: Complete
Ridge Racer DS: Complete
Scurge Hive: Complete and finished
Sonic Rush: Complete and finished
Super Mario 64 DS: Complete
Tetris DS: Complete and finished
Trace Memory: Complete and finished
True Swing Golf: Complete and finished
The World Ends With You: Complete


Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare: Complete
Alundra 2: Complete
Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror: Complete
Dance Dance Revolution: Complete and finished
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix: Complete and finished
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix: Complete and finished
Inuyasha: Complete
The Legend Of Dragoon: Complete and finished
Marvel VS. Capcom: Complete and finished
Myst: Complete
Oddworld: Abe's Exodus: Complete and finished
Riven The Sequal To Myst: No Manual
Spyro The Dragon: Complete and finished
Tall: Infinity: Complete
Wipeout: 3: Complete and finished
Worms Armageddon: Complete and finished

Playstation 2

Amplitude: Complete and finished
Beatmania: Complete
Blood Will Tell: Complete
Bombastic: Complete
DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution: Complete and finished
Dance Dance Revolution Supernova: Complete
Echo Night Beyond: Complete
Flipnic: Complete
Frequency: Complete and finished
Future Tactics The Uprising: Complete and finished
God Of War: Complete and finished
Guitar Hero: Complete and finished
Guitar Hero Encore Rocks The 80's: Complete and finished
Half-Life: Complete on loan to Chris
Ico: Complete
Katamari Damacy: Complete
Lumines: Complete
Odin Sphere: Complete on loan to Chris
Ribbit King: Complete
Shadow Of The Colossus: Complete and finished
Shadow Of Destiny: Complete


Advent Rising: Complete and finished
Oddworld Stranger's Wrath: Complete
Phantom Dust: Complete and finished

X-Box 360

Army Of Two: Complete and finished
Bioshock: Complete and finished on loan to Tom
Burnout Revenge: Complete
Dark Sector: Complete
Dead Space: Complete
Guitar Hero II: Complete and finished
Guitar Hero III Legends Of Rock: Complete
Guitar hero Aerosmith: Complete and finished
Guitar Hero World Tour: Complete
NBA Street Homecourt: Complete
The Orange Box: Complete
Ridge Racer 6: Complete
Rock Band: Complete
Rock Band AC/DC Live Track Pack Fan Pack: Complete and finished
Sega Superstars Tennis/X-Box Live Arcade Compilation: Complete
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection: Complete

X-Box Live Arcade

A Kingdom For Keflings: Finished
Alien Hominid:
Braid: Finished
Castle Crashers: Finished
Dishwasher Dead Samurai:
Magic The Gathering: Duels Of The Planeswalkers:*
Marble Blast Ultra:
Rez: Finished
The Maw: Finished

Guitar Hero III Legends Of Rock DLC

The Devil Went Down To Georgia: Charlie Daniels Band
I Am Murloc: L7oetc
Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix: O'Donnell/Salvatori/Va
Slash Guitar Battle: Slash
We Three Kings: Steve Ouimette
Tom Morello Guitar Battle: Tom Morello
Top Gun Anthem: Unknown

Guitar Hero World Tour DLC

Anything: An Endless Sporadic
Born To Run: Bruce Springsteen
My Lucky Day: Bruce Springsteen
Sacrifice: The Expendables
Drive: Incubus
Your Face: Pepper
Jimi: Slightly Stoopid
The Touch: Stan Bush
Electro Rock: Sworn
Guitar Duel With Ted Nugent: Ted Nugent
Guitar Duel With Zack Wylde: Zack Wylde

Music Studio Content

Chemical Plant: Bambisaurus Rex
A Day In The Life: Erimgard
Castlevania Theme: HoboBobulus
Dr Mario Fever: I am Big M
Brinstar X: Keyser SOse
Kraid: kingsizewipes
Amazing: Neversoft
Bee: Neversoft
Bouree: Neversoft
FurElise: Neversoft
FutureFreak: Neversoft
Greensleeves: Neversoft
ILikeDirt: Neversoft
JamAndToast: Neversoft
LaNoche: Neversoft
LaserBop: Neversoft
MapleLeaf: Neversoft
Porto: Neversoft
RajaFunshine: Neversoft
RockHop: Neversoft
Rondo: Neversoft
StarSpangled: Neversoft
YandZ: Neversoft
Big Blue: Nysyare
F Zero X Medley: Nysyare
Mute City: Pimpmobile01
Chrono Trigger: Soup Not See
Kraid's Hideout: TheKnowingDirge
Brinstar: XxLambinatorxX

Rock Band DLC

More Than A Feeling: Boston
Peace Of Mind: Boston
My Hero: Foo Fighters
Times Like These: Foo Fighters
Sprode: Freezepop
Skullcrusher Mountain: Jonathan Coultan
Still Alive: Jonathan Coultan
Closer: Lacuna Coil
Swamped: Lacuna Coil
Simple Man: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Headphones On: Miranda Cosgrove
Wonderwall: Oasis
The Kids Aren't Alright: The Offspring
Black: Pearl Jam
Snow ((Hey Oh)): Red Hot Chili Peppers
Under The Bridge: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Limelight (Original Version): Rush
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You): Stephen And The Colberts
Promised Land: Vesuvius


Bionic Commando: Cartridge Only
Battletoads: Cartridge Only and finished
Castlevania: Cartridge Only
Cyber Stadium Series Base Wars: Cartridge Only and finished
Dragon Warrior: Cartridge Only
Ice Hockey: Cartridge Only and finished
Kid Icarus: Cartridge Only
Little Nemo The Dream Master: Cartridge Only and finished
Marble Madness: Cartridge Only and finished
Mega Man: Cartridge Only
Mega Man 2: Cartridge Only
Mega Man 3: Cartridge Only
Mega Man 4: Cartridge Only
Mega Man 6: No Box
Metroid (Yellow Label): Cartridge Only and finished
Metroid (Silver Label): Cartridge Only and finished
Ninja Gaiden: Cartridge Only
Star Voyager: Complete
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt: Cartridge Only and finished
Super Mario Bros. 3: No Box and finished
Star Tropics: No Box
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game: Cartridge Only and finished
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III The Manhattan Project: Cartridge Only and finished
Tetris: No Manual and finished
Zelda II The Adventure Of Link: No Manual and finished

Super Nintendo

Battletoads/Double Dragon: Cartridge Only
Bust-A-Move: Cartridge Only
Castlevania IV: Cartridge Only
Clayfighter: Cartridge Only
Darius Twin: Cartridge Only
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Cartridge Only
F-Zero: Cartridge Only and finished
Game Genie: No Box
The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past: Complete
Pilotwings: Cartridge Only
Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle: Cartridge Only
Star Fox: Cartridge Only
Street Fighter 2: Cartridge Only and finished
Super Game Boy: Complete
Super Mario All Stars: Complete
Super Metroid: Complete and finished
Tetris 2: Cartridge Only
Yoshi's Island: Cartridge Only

Nintendo 64

F-Zero X: Complete and finished
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards: Cartridge Only
The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Collectors Edition: Complete
The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask Collectors Edition: Complete
Super Mario 64: Cartridge Only
Super Smash Bros.: Cartridge Only and finished

Sega Genesis

Castlevania Bloodlines: No Box
Eartworm Jim: Complete
Genesis 6-Pak: No Box
Game Genie: No Box
Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Complete and finished
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Cartridge Only
Vectorman: Complete and finished
Vectorman 2: Cartridge Only

I plan on updating this list as it changes one way or the other.
* Denotes latest additions
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