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GFGames #5: How to Hook Up the NES

In GFGames #5, Jacquo stars in a "how-to" guide to hook up the most memorable video game console of all time. The Shamoozal crew worked hard on this episode and would love to get it out to the masses. Hope you enjoy it! You can also down...


Shamoozal's NES Holiday Marathon for Child's Play

Back in July, Shamoozal (Creators of the GFGames Web Cartoon) held a charity event for Child's Play. We received tremendous support from sites like Destructoid, among others which helped us to surpass our goal of $1000. Tomorrow we'll be h...


GFGames #3: The Last Copy

A little later than planned, here is GFGames #3: The Last Copy. Stemmed from a conversation between Shamoozal's staff about what actually happens to all those opened 'last copies' that you find in the game stores. Hope you like this episo...


GFGames #2: Tactical Espionage Retail Simulation

In the second installment of GFGames, Grey has words with a know-it-all customer while Jacquo plots to take advantage of the guy. You can also download a 720p version of the short from our web site (www.shamoozal.com) and play it back on ...


GFGames #1 - Rated M for Molester

Here's the first episode of Shamoozal's new cartoon series GFGames. The show is scheduled to have monthly releases, episode #2 is in production and will be launching towards the end of February. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it. We have ...


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