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I really was not pleased with the performance of Kingdom Hearts 3 on X1. I eventually got it on sale for PS4 after getting a PS5. I still wasn't happy with it, ha... However, I am really happy with the PC version!


I decided I'm not cancelling my Aya Neo order and the Steam Deck is still months away. I've also been testing out my Steam Controller and this thing is criminally underrated. Dragon Age & other games without gamepad support, like Oblivion, feel so good.


Early Halo Infinite impressions: Fun! Looks good. Clearly still in development, but I'm getting good performance on my laptop. Might test on my desktop later. This game might spark new discussion on KB and Mouse vs Gamepad cross play.


A story I wrote got approved for a contest, not the biggest deal, but I had to change some things to make it fit within the rules, so it's a relief. I also got an invite to try out Halo Infinite multiplayer over the weekend. It's been a decent week so far


Because I'm the "cool uncle," I brought my toolkit to see if I could fix my nephew's joy-con while babysitting. His were even worse than mine and it was on both sides. Dropped in the cardboard, recalibrated, and they're good as new. Now I'm 3-0 vs drift.


Haven't gotten too far in yet, but I'm enjoying Skyward Sword. Happy to finally play it. The combat and camera controls took getting used to, but so far so good. Pic unrelated.


Steam Deck and a new Stream Deck announced on the same day. Makes me wonder if Valve might change the name. Not sure if this is something Elgato would or could litigate. (Stream deck existed for a good while now)


I ordered a pricy portable PC console last week, so I am doing my best to behave after the Steam Deck announcement. Even the priciest model at $650 is a steal y'all. :'( Going to play FFXIV and ignore the butthurt. Here's my paladin:


Saw this "joy-con drift fix" video and was skeptical. However, I just tried it and it seems to work! If it spontaneously combust, I'll update y'all. As of now, however, my drift issues completely stopped. Additional info in comments.


New leak: The final Smash character is Y'shtola from critically acclaimed, sold out, MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV that has a free trial up to level 60 including the Heavensward expansion


Wow, my laptop scored almost as high as my desktop did at the same settings. Desktop scored 21982.


WayForward and Limited Run Games announced a new RWBY metroidvania/co-op game. The composer? Former Dtoid Editor-in-Chief Dale North!


Had a student tell me, in front of their actual teacher, "You're the best teacher!" -- So, while my birthdays are uneventful nowadays, this one is going quite alright.


My thoughts on the new Switch:


Did a thing during a summer school activity.One child loved it & asked if he could have it, so I only have this picture to remember it by Another student said the eyes made it look like a superhero, so I gave em a cape I better not find it on ebay


These past few days, there's been absolutely nothing to do at work other than handling phone calls and walk-ins. That never happens. But it let me finally get into Morrowind. Been playing on my phone (OpenMW makes it control beautifully) and having a time


Final Fantasy IX is getting a children's show adaptation and I just... Don't feel anything anymore apparently.


If you want that SMT V Premium edition with the steelbook and other goodies, it's up on GameStop. If it's like everything else, be quick. Link in comments


I guess I won't share Tool's latest album with my dad.


Found myself a summer project


PSA: As of today, Target had a huge buy 2 get 1 free sale going on and the new Nintendo games were added to the eligible titles. (Metroid Dread, Wario, Advanced Wars, Mario Party) Lots of other great games too. Saved me $50.


Had to take a Spanish interpreter test recently.. I'm pretty sure I passed it and did better than I thought. The test site was a labyrinth though...got lost on my out & took the wrong exit door, got locked out in a gated area... Had to jump a railing.....


Something, something "Chaos"


Finished moving!* * Not my home, but the whole school where I worked. Holy hell, didn't think we/I'd finish in time. When Rift Apart arrives in the mail, I'm going to lack the strength to pick it up. I'm in charge of supplies, to make it worse, ha.


Black PS5 controller came in. I love it. My cat checked out the box. She loves it


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