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I really wanted a bonus single player expansion for Splatoon 2, but not like this...


Just saw the Halo reveal trailer. I've never owned an Xbox console, so Halo 1 PC was my life for many years. I read the description of the official video, "Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive." I never thought I'd see the day


With Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Ikaruga, Mega Man (&X) Legacy Collections, and so many other retromazing games coming out (or that have released)...I REALLY miss RetroforceGO. I just want to hear Chad, Topher, Collette, Dyson, and friends gush.


My last QP was on March 8th, and I said I couldn't order a Solaire amiibo. It is now May 23rd, I finally ordered a Solaire amiibo. Everyone is safe now.


I can't order a Solaire amiibo. Someone is going to get beat


It was just the third hunt in MH World and I ended it with two Rathian plates. That was a pleasant surprise


If anyone here plans on playing Monster Hunter World add me on PSN @ TurboThrill. I'm beyond hyped. As far as Dragon Ball FighterZ goes, I went PC. I have more game pad options on there. Steam: Turbokill Maybe I'll find a used PS4 copy down the line.


Definitely convinced by the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, so I'm heavily considering getting it. DTOIDers, what are your platforms of choice? I'm between PC or PS4


Wasn't around much to wish y'all a happy new years and such, but today's the day after Three Kings Happy Four Kings day to my fellow Dark Souls fans!


I joined the PC Master race, but Disqus is still not having any of it.


Feels dirty, but I was curious


I feel like I'm enjoying The Mummy Demastered on Switch way more than I should be. Voez is another great gem. I really hope we get a DJ Max game.


Beat a Stone Talus shortly after starting BotW, got many top spots in Spatoon 2, enjoyed some Ultra Street Fighter 2, and also got Super Mario Odyssey. I'm loving my Switch and am definitely good for the next couple of months.


I just impulse purchased a Switch bundled with 3 games and I've never felt so privileged. I feel disgusted with myself, fat, and really excited.


In other news, I did double bass for a music video. The frontman of Kamelot saw it and said ""WOW!! No words, just a massive smile and so honored. Please tell everyone involved thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!" So that was cool.


I'm still alive, but I come home from work so exhausted that I've nearly forgotten about the list. Soon, I'm gonna be dealing with more people regarding truancy fines :) May just make it into a public Google doc eventually, unless someone else wants to.

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Faking it: Finishing games

[Has a pesky backlog got your hard drive and game shelf all clogged up worse than a Taco Bell bathroom? Let TurboKill's handy-dandy tips on completing games give you a little boost! This is an entry from August's Bloggers Wanted prompt. We'...


New job is difficult. Juggling a ton at once, but I do enjoy it once the ball gets rolling. That said, I've been too busy to take care of the list the past couple of weeks. So the wrap up for August will be late. Leaving for a trip or I'd do it now.


Always was terrible at being social in MMOs, but actually managed to discover a guild in Elder Scrolls Online full of great people. Feels almost like Dtoid. There was even a massive event where they personalized gear sets for everyone to level faster.


I think I got the August blog and master list up to date now. Feel free to double check and correct me. August link: [Link to master list is in my side bar photo]


Oh my...I still haven't updated it. After I got the job, life went into fast forward. Did tons of tests and such. Then there was another serious worry, but now everything seems to be going well. Will update lists today. New? join us! See the comments.


The good news is, I finally got the job. And by finally I mean, "hoo damn, that was fast!" But now I'm pretty drained. Will finally update the list later today. Probably. Maybe.


Got a call for an interview pretty much a day after I submitted my stuff. Clerical job in a school district. Once that's all done, I'll be able to get back to the games lists. Keep double checking if I made any mistakes.


I love the many small details present in Final Fantasy XV. Particularly the auto generated photos that Prompto takes. Even stopping to snap a picture in the middle of a battle.


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