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Just realized I've been gone awhile. Got really sucked up in Elder Scrolls Online. Didn't expect to like it so much. Anyone play on PS4? Anyways, I'll be making an August edition of the Dtoid Game Completion Master List soon. & mark if a game's for August


Woah, is today Crash day?


Congrats to GajKnight! As of now, he is July's Pro Gamer. Here's something to show off. Feel free to put this on your profile, print it out for your fridge, or use it as virtual toilet paper. Honorable mention to LaTerry. No virtual toilet paper though.


Oh my, tomorrow is the last day of July and there seems to be a tie in July's leaderboard for most games completed. Will there be a last minute completion?


I really really wish I could change the time zone on that publication time portion of the cblog edit page. If there's a way to do that, please let me know. If not and it's an easy fix, please do that? Do I write to support to recommend that change?


Just a heads up to card game fans out there, The Elder Scrolls Legends just released on mobile today. Also, it runs so much more smoothly on my Galaxy S5 than Hearthstone. And to the uninitiated, I think it's amazing. Much more strategic than HS.


Hey y'all. The month is coming to a close and the game completions list is kind of chaotic. So please check your list and make sure I didn't make any mistakes. I caught a couple of small ones and don't anticipate that I made a bunch, but it's worth a look


Completed any games? Send me your lists while it's still the weekend and I'm not exhausted from working in a school. Had an easy day today and showed the kids an anime, but it's still exhausting getting them to pipe down...


[Heavy breathing]...Dunno if anyone here cares as much as I do, but a mobile client for Old School Runescape was just announced today and you can register for the closed beta here: http://bit.ly/OSRSMobileFB


Every time I watch something on Twitch I realize why I kinda hate streams. A huge amount of people are so overly negative/cynical. It just kills any hype that I would've naturally had. I miss the magazines that'd hype things up or go "eh, might be good."


The weekend is the perfect time for y'all to gimme them game list updates. Shortcuts to the July and master lists can be found on my Profile.


Doing the bass part for an international full orchestral cover of a Kamelot song and all the memories of the pain of music recording came back to me. Even the easiest bits. At least it's not the last bits of Beethoven 9.


Am I the only one getting this constantly? It's making updating the Games master list the bane of my existence. I like the .gif though. <3


Any WWE fans? Been watching a few of Woods' game vids and love getting to know some of the wrestlers more. Hearing Big Show nerd out on Destiny was a real treat and this video made me fall in love with Samoa Joe. Felt like I was listening to RetroforceGO


Anyone noticing how some characters on the leftmost part of the margins in cblogs get kinda clipped? I typed July and the J looks like an I. I'll check if it looks like that on my phone as well. Odd. & fun fact: PS4 has 95 Dtoid completed games. X1 has 8.


The July edition of the community completed games master list is set to be live soon, be sure to send in your new finished games, or give me your list if you haven't already. If you completed the game in July mark that next to the game name.


Been away for the week, but will be back and post the July edition of the completed games blog on Sunday. Get your updates ready for this Sunday. Will probably go live around evening time EST.


Venting: I've not been doing too well financially, so my side gigs as a bassist have always been really helpful. Just checked a defunct email of mine and this pops orchestra had been contacting me. I gave them a different email, not that one!


Anyone play Cards against Humanity? Was playing with Rando rules (additional invisible player whose cards are random) and Rando won big time. If this isn't a line in the next Wolfenstein game I'll be very disappointed.


Up late watching TV for no good reason and just saw Adult Swim give a shout out to Mother 3 and called for the localization to finally happen. I'd be so down for that even if AS had a hand in it. But playing the translation was still great. Loved it.


Hey, that new article looks an awful lot like something I wrote last year...[GASP] Senpai noticed me!


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