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When no one thinks you'd actually win:


According to Tom Warren of the Verge, Game Pass on PC will soon let you know how a game will perform on your PC with messages like, "Should play great on this PC" or if you're not so fortunate:


If anyone is feeling generous... I already bought a FFXIV one


When you want to be playing Halo, but have to practice because the Nutcracker music is harder than you gave it credit for...


60fps in most areas in FFXIV with my Aya Neo. Pretty sweet. ... And it'll have to do because the Steam Deck got delayed.


PSA: 20% off PC Elden Ring on Green Man Gaming.


Ordered without a second thought:


Atlus, that's a big typo... Interesting. (PC is cut off in the screenshot)


When you get Morrowind working on your phone and now you can get attacked by Cliff Racers on the go:


So apparently this happened


If you have Amazon Prime, you might wanna check out Prime Gaming's free games this month. Alien Isolation, Star Wars Squadrons, Blue Fire, Ghostrunner and more. Check my comments for Alien Isolation and Star Wars Squadrons codes


Halo Infinite has a grappling hook and I love it. These previews have been fun. Swooping in with a grappling hook and then slamming the gravity hammer for two kills was just the best power fantasy I've had since kill streaks with a titan in Titanfall 2


They're already casting for Super Mario Film 2 and I'm here for it:


This can't be real. It's too hilarious. It must be April 1st.


It's been nearly 10 years and I'm still finding good, fresh videos based on Skyrim.


Honestly, I'm having buyer's remorse about getting WarioWare. I should've researched it, but I've liked every other entry that I played. But when I play as 9-Volt, I die inside.


New Vegas looks better than I remember


I'm that neighbor. Anyone else into jazz at all or anything quite jazzy? I'm impressed at how hard the Gundam Thunderbolt OST goes.


Been playing Psychonauts 2 & have been absolutely loving it. Rare for anything that's been waiting over 10 years for a follow up to be so good, but this game nailed it. This interview also has a great discussion on both crunch and Microsoft's helping hand


Finally got to play in a symphony orchestra again (double bass). I really missed this. What blew me away was seeing the flute players manage to play perfectly while wearing a mask.


Happy birthday Gaj and Kerrik.


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