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For Mother's Day, I made my mom some spiced wine. *Recipe from the Elder Scrolls cook book *cough* Came out great, and I don't even like red wine


Just tried out Cytus α on Switch and it was a glorious experience. First time I actually tried a rhythm game Vs mode. Got a 99% and still lost. Lovely!


If anyone is interested in buying a Mini-ITX form factor GTX 1080, let me know. I have a listing currently up (with a small bit of proceeds going to charity) and would be willing to make a small discount to a Dtoider.


Starting to get into FFXIV. Chose a tank class for the first time in any MMO. It felt really good to get a commendation from the whole team after that last dungeon. Lvl 27 Gladiator atm.


Finally beat Sekiro... That final boss fight was the toughest time I've had in any Souls game, but I can finally rest.


Funimation with the desperate measures when I was trying to unsubscribe. (It worked anyways)


After my last play session, Sekiro might be on its way to becoming my favorite game ever. Here's a silly video I found.


Pretty crazy that if I said on this day a few years ago, "Activision will publish a FromSoft title but show FromSoft absolute respect for their craft and let them make another top tier game without any shenanigans" many would say "nice April fool's joke."


Can we just talk about that Mecha ending in Sekiro? Don't toy with my emotions FromSoft!


Woo Guy is watching, ready to woo you when you least expect it. Also my new wallpaper for awhile. (Sekiro is another 10/10 FromSoft game.)


Trying out Metro Exodus since it came bundles with my new RTX 2080. The game will be remembered for some of its graphical achievements, but after that first big setpiece, this game is doing some really subtle-yet-cool things with voice acting.


To those interested, Elder Scrolls Blades is finally available to download. But it's Early Access and invite only


Getting Sekiro on PC was definitely the right choice. Solid 60fps at Max on my laptop. It's a pretty good looking game. Can't wait to get the rest of my PC parts and try this at 1440p. Ugh, the combat feels so good


These Kirby games keep getting weirder


My reaction when Halo returns to PC after 12 years:


All signs are pointing to the Halo MCC releasing on PC soon.(Link inside) As soon as a surprise release tomorrow, even. My body is not ready. I might make/join a clan for the first time since..Halo on PC. Someone please hold me if it doesn't get announced


Pokemon direct tomorrow. Nintendo has been full of surprises recently. People keep screaming for more Animal Crossing news... Pokemon Crossing gets teased after an intro to 8th gen. Calling it. (Not really, but that game would be dope)


I hope I'm not the only one here that has nostalgia for Chex Quest. I just saw this today and couldn't believe it. It's gonna be free once released too


I knew the digital NA version of this game was dead, and a physical version never existed for Vita, but I had no idea how hard it'd be to track down an Asian English import. At least it's sealed, with the now expired add-on code still intact.


Dat Bloodstained boxart is aight (linked in comments)


Played a bunch of games without interruption and could only get 16th place. Tetris 99 is objectively the worst battle Royale game and Nintendo should feel bad.There's strangely no mtx to be seen.I wanted to buy flame skins for my tetrominos! 0/5 I love it


Got my first ever win in a battle royale game. Apex Legends is objectively the best battle royale game now. I thought my winning kill was my only one, but apparently I ran over some fool without a second thought.


Finally upgraded my default modem to a dual-band one. It's like going from a van to a sports car. Remote play is actually perfectly playable now. Now just to wonder why I hadn't thought of doing this before...


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