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Got nervous about the Limited Run Scott Pilgrim release because I got a "high volume" notification and I've been through that enough recently. But I managed to get a KO edition for Switch. It is finally safe from digital only purgatory.


Apparently the EU version of the Untitled Goose Game has a misprint. Someone forgot to remove a layer


Some nice ray traced reflections on that table. Character art is a bit shit tho.


If true, this performing well on Switch would be more surprising than Witcher 3. But it's also one of my favorite open world games of this past generation. The starting loading time on PS4/X1 was unbearable. Clearly a pc game. Can't imagine the Switch


If the distasteful (at best) nickname for covid was "Kung Flu," can we call the British version the "Tea virus"? ..... I'll show myself out


If you backed the Bloodborne Board game on Kickstarter and shelled out to receive all expansions, you'll be getting all of this soon. ... Now to find space (pic via Bloodborne subreddit)


(Re)Building a PC Step One: Deal with cat. Also, say hi to my bass in the background, Dtoid. Most expensive piece of furniture in the house...


So of course the US spending bill passed. Some may remember that there were other things snuck in regarding streaming and felonies. This guy is a notable copyright attorney and helped lower my concerns a bit. Lots of info in here though. Worth a watch


Pepper got a Switch for Christmas! She already beat Cat Quest and is now winding down with some Cat TV on YouTube.


If Crysis was bad, your PCs will weep at the mere THOUGHT of Flight Simulator VR. And it's available now with wide headset support.


Been enjoying Cyberpunk recently. This game's crazy. So apparently Puerto Rico never became the next state. Instead, Puerto Rico seceded and annexed OTHER states in order to become Puertos Rico.


Edgy Sword Guy is pretty cool. Final Smash and victory screen spoilers:


Good question, cause it ain't eyes.


That's a nice wallpaper and all, but don't hype up something like that. Ever. 😅 ... 💔 #KojimasCursedmas


CDPR is a little confused


Welp, this Game Awards was way more underwhelming than I was prepared for. And Mass Effect Will Continue is such a silly name!


With how they prefaced the action/adventure game of the year, I feel like they're prepping us for a extra surprising Hades GOTY win. (Ha. A man can wishfully think.) Don't care for Smash, but Sephiroth looks great. Dat music and dat long reach.. Nice.


When your boss insists on using the free version of a service:


Doing a follow up ADHD screener: "Do you have difficulty remembering appointments" Me: "Oh, shit. I was supposed to get blood work done." Also, being in charge of school attendance during a pandemic, in a poor area, sucks...




Found out why Supergiant games still gets put in the indie category, "FOR OUTSTANDING CREATIVE AND TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT IN A GAME MADE OUTSIDE THE TRADITIONAL PUBLISHER SYSTEM." (Caps due to lazy copy/paste on mobile)


Best Buy has B1G1 free on Switch titles at the moment. Personally, I used it to pre-order both Ori games coming out physically tomorrow. Saved $20. EDIT: B1G1 50% off. Sleep deprived and can't rest today...


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