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What was in the box??


Vita Alert: Two NEW physical games just dropped. Link in comments. EDIT: They had 1000 copies and already have less than 100 to go.


A quarter of us received the what now?


Oh yeah, Happy Easter folks. Stay safe.


So I somehow ended up having a good day today and missed all the April Fool's day fun. Any good ones happen?


My parents both got their second dose today and got to watch (via livestream) my high school basketball team win the State Championship. It's been a great day with some Monster Hunter Rise peppered in there.


Times are a-changing. Had a student swap a computer twice in two days because of slowdown. Upon inspection, apps like GeForce Now were on it. "I see some things installed on here like game apps." Mother was like, "You don't say" [Glares at nervous kid]


Had to do a double take. "Wait, that not Destructoid!"


Good news, everyone! We're likely getting a new Pikmin! It's going to be made by the makers of Pokemon Go!! [Monkey's paw shifts]


Me: I'm gonna finally learn this on bass... Also me after figuring out the first 30 seconds: My thumb hurts!


I too have Monster Hunter Rise pre-ordered. I mained Sword and Shield in MHW and will likely go the same way in Rise. But I'm also testing out Dual Swords and Bow. Hit me up in general. My FC is SW-3072-1489-5613. Pictured: Not me, but almost as cute.


Got busy yesterday and forgot to wish Dtoid a happy birthday! 15 years of greatness. 12 years ago, I was looking at random RSS feeds that I could find on my PSP. I discovered the RetroforceGo podcast and have been here ever since. Stay quirky, y'all.


Currently really impressed that not only can you now stream games like Skyrim on your phone, you can even download Macho Man mods on the go. It even remembers the mods when you return. Game Pass is cream of the crop.


So I finally caught up with the Attack on Titan anime, and then I couldn't wait and got caught up with the manga. I'm going to need a summary to process everything. But before that... I'm going to need therapy. Lord. (No spoilers)


Gonna finally see what all this Stardew Valley fuss was about.


Not sure how many have a PSVR, but Farpoint is on PS+ and it's a lot better than I thought, except for the constant face huggers coming at me. But I didn't even realize it had multiplayer. It's like an RTS where you capture points and summon mmonsters.


Even if you don't do MMOs, check out the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV. So many bangers. Exponential Entropy (@ 2:48) is my aesthetic right there.


I won a staff member of the month again, it's byvotes. Someone said to the boss, "let people know there are others that deserve to win" Today, my boss made the quote of the day, "Jealousy is unnecessary, lift each other up. It's nice to be nice." 🤣


When strangers on social media start what seems like an argument, find some sort of common ground, and apologize to each other.


The noise keeps getting louder. I would LOVE to play a simple game like Link's Awakening without framerate hitches. Or Age of Calamity w/out the grass 2 inches ahead of me popping in every moment at sub-480p. Love my Switch, but it's a struggle at times..


Friendly reminder that today is the first day until the end of the month that you can pick up Ratchet and Clank PS4 for free, no PS+ required.


Saw bits of that Elden Ring "leak" just now. Hoo boy will it be fun when the true thing gets unveiled.


The bug trainers look funky


Might have been years since my last face reveal. So happy #selfietoid, my nerd self almost spelled it Selphie. Just me and my cat, Pepper, chillin


Sony confirms the upcoming PS5 VR, says that the new controller will incorporate Dualsense features. Won't appear in 2021, confirmed to be "Next-gen VR." Also, Ratchet and Clank "free to keep" download from March 1st through March.


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