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These Kirby games keep getting weirder


My reaction when Halo returns to PC after 12 years:


All signs are pointing to the Halo MCC releasing on PC soon.(Link inside) As soon as a surprise release tomorrow, even. My body is not ready. I might make/join a clan for the first time since..Halo on PC. Someone please hold me if it doesn't get announced


Pokemon direct tomorrow. Nintendo has been full of surprises recently. People keep screaming for more Animal Crossing news... Pokemon Crossing gets teased after an intro to 8th gen. Calling it. (Not really, but that game would be dope)


I hope I'm not the only one here that has nostalgia for Chex Quest. I just saw this today and couldn't believe it. It's gonna be free once released too


I knew the digital NA version of this game was dead, and a physical version never existed for Vita, but I had no idea how hard it'd be to track down an Asian English import. At least it's sealed, with the now expired add-on code still intact.


Dat Bloodstained boxart is aight (linked in comments)


Played a bunch of games without interruption and could only get 16th place. Tetris 99 is objectively the worst battle Royale game and Nintendo should feel bad.There's strangely no mtx to be seen.I wanted to buy flame skins for my tetrominos! 0/5 I love it


Got my first ever win in a battle royale game. Apex Legends is objectively the best battle royale game now. I thought my winning kill was my only one, but apparently I ran over some fool without a second thought.


Finally upgraded my default modem to a dual-band one. It's like going from a van to a sports car. Remote play is actually perfectly playable now. Now just to wonder why I hadn't thought of doing this before...


Quick thoughts: Kingdom Hearts 3 is fun (except airstepping...), combat isn't too floaty like I feared, the performance can be iffy if you're used to PC, and damn I wish PC was added like Xbox. The "stable" setting doesn't really feel stable.


After today, all I'll be talking about is Kingdom Hearts, so I gotta get this off my chest...It's a damn shame that 'Spookyvania' isn't an actual industry term. I hereby pitch that we adopt this term and hope for a resurgence of more good survival horror.


So I just got jumped by Professor X and then two lickers. I only screamed once and even survived somehow. I deserve an achievement for that.


PC version of REmake 2 is great. Weird that it doesn't detect the amount of memory I have though. I bumped up the game to where it said it's using 12.7GB of graphical memory..doesn't sound right for my GTX1070 laptop. But hey, solid 60fps and looks great.


Tried the REmake 2 demo on both PC and One S, big difference. PC version felt fantastic, but X1 felt slow. Sawban article stating it was at 40 fps on X1. 48 on PS4 standard. That all said, GMG has it 21% off on PC. As a VIP, I got 26%. I couldn't resist.


Just discovered that the lifts in Blighttown are powered by a dog, thus confirming the theory that Blighttown is literally Silent Hill. https://youtu.be/BLMPByYWkKE


Received my Dtoid Christmas card, and I love it. Shoutout to Wes and Meanderbot for the awesome card. It looks great.


Some updates on Bloodstained just released. No more Mac/Linux, however they're at the performance optimization stage for each platform. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iga/bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night/posts/2368304


Two things, first: You can tell how often I get PMs from that timestamp and the time I made this q-post... Second: I only respond to Nigerian Princes anyways.


Merry Christmas, you filthy animals


That feel when you clothesline smash your opponent for the fifteenth time to win


I still miss the forums


I really like Zangi--er, Inciniroar. So simple. So dangerous.


I would like to point out that the port of Monster Hunter Stories on Android is absolutely fantastic, and easily the definitive edition in my opinion. It looks so much better, and controls well. Free demo, just like the 3DS version too.


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