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I used to really, really want a Switch Pro, but Steam Link, Moonlight, and GeForce Now all perform really well. Have played a ton of mobile Final Fantasy XIV and had no performance issues; even on the toilet. That's important.


This remaster of Joust is getting out of hand


Anybody have any gaming themed mugs or travel containers that they really like? Thinking of getting one for work. The MegaMan one looks like low quality material... Though I generally prefer more minimalistic designs anyways. Also microwave safe.


Just played the first hour or so of the new Walking Dead VR game. That's a damn fine game. Quite tense, but very enjoyable. Getting your your shiv back out is almost as satisfying as impaling the zombie's head with it.


Anyone interested in a 14-day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial code? You can't have ever been a subscriber or used a trial to use it. If you meet that requirement, then the blacked out character is the amount of dragon balls that exist on DBZ's Earth.


Any gaming New year's resolutions besides clearing your backlog? Mine is to clear up my backlo--er, finally finish all of the mainline Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy XI included.


Happy New Year to those of you that live in the future. Pace yourselves


So I'm building a warp speed capable engine and bought a 2TB and 500GB 970 EVO Plus SSD. Thank goodness Amazon says a shipment is delayed, otherwise I'd be sweating bullets. Still me:


These $60 Astro headphones are going for $10 right now, if anyone was looking for a mic: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/a9951639


Today was Christmas for my brother and nephews. The girlfriend (sister in law eventually) works a long while tomorrow. Got the nephew Sonic Mania for Switch and his parents seemed just as excited about it. Ha, I love when my gifts are a hit. Merry Xmas


I wasn't sure what my GOTY was. But then they announced Sekiro and I was so happy to see that it won. Way happier than I expected to be. I think I know now.


If Microsoft simply HAD to include another X in the next console's name, they should have called it Xbox Next. Series X is inviting well meaning family to buy a One X and not a Series X.


Everyone, hide your belongings. The Goose is coming to Game Pass


Well damn. Trying dancer out in FFXIV and am getting a huge reminder of why I chose to be a tank. #Queues


May as well have some more leftovers and wine


Personally, I'm super hyped to see VR get a huge entry like Half-Life: Alyx. I hope there's a Marvel-esque post-credits scene that just says, "Half-Life 3 Confirmed" and then says "PC, PS5, and Xbox" just to shut people up.


If anyone does VR here, Pistol Whip is a VR game I'd rate 10/10. Thought Audica was alright, but this is 'the' rhythm VR shooter, if you ask me. "John Wick: The Musical" might actually be an appropriate nickname.


MegaMan Legends 3 confirmed!!! .......Is what I would say if this were April 1st.


Got an invite to test Microsoft's Project xCloud, and I'm pleasantly surprised. You can feel some latency, but it runs smoothly and looks good. Streaming PS4 or X1 games used to work terribly due to frequent drops in quality or disconnection. This works.


Got sick of Nintendo's shit and ordered a third party joy con replacement. These aren't bad. Rumble ain't that great, so I finally know why it's called "HD rumble," but other than that, I really enjoy the feel. It's not loose like my official joy cons...


Saw Thrill of the Fight released on Oculus Quest. Sure, why not? I made space since it's roomscale movement only. I haven't felt this winded since my first week doing collegiate sports. I'm really excited for gen 2 VR.


You know why I surprisingly enjoy CoD Mobile? I go in thinking, "first time with this mode, let's just not get last place." Then this happened. (Yes, I sometimes go by Leeroy Janky. I feel it perfectly describes my "play style" in FPS and fighting game


Got an invite to the GOG Galaxy 2.0 closed beta. I must say... This is nice. Really nice. I hope it brings a lot more exposure to GOG.


Hey, so PS4 remote play is finally out for Android. Works pretty well. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/ps4/remote-play/


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