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The bug trainers look funky


Might have been years since my last face reveal. So happy #selfietoid, my nerd self almost spelled it Selphie. Just me and my cat, Pepper, chillin


Sony confirms the upcoming PS5 VR, says that the new controller will incorporate Dualsense features. Won't appear in 2021, confirmed to be "Next-gen VR." Also, Ratchet and Clank "free to keep" download from March 1st through March.


Bought a used launch title Vita game and I have some thoughts... First, wow, the Vita had a kick-ass launch lineup (link in comments). But also, I'm glad that online passes are a thing of the past. Hot Shots had one. Shockingly, the pass worked at least.


Here's my cat sitting on my bass. Yes, that's a toothbrush in my bass bib. Yes, it's called a bib.


Baby-sitting my nephew and their pitbull puppy. This pup is so sweet and playful, but he got hyper and started running around with a chewtoy that had hard bones attached to it like it was a morning star. I can now relate to the Dark Souls protagonist :'(


Hades Physical Edition preorder is up on Amazon, for anyone looking to beef up their collection. $34.99 and the image are the bonuses. Sounds nice


All this talk about Skyward Sword HD's price (and how Twilight Princess had the same price) made me look up Wii U figures. That poor console sold less than the ... Vita. What's a Vita?


Holy difficulty spikes. I'm breezing through Digimon Cyber Sleuth, to the point that I fear it's too easy like recent Pokemon games. And then there's Jimiken, the first true boss, I guess. Bastard has three champions and I can barely make a dent. How??


Bakugan is getting a sequel already! Kidding, Nintendo said it's 50 minutes of info on current games like Smash and Switch games coming the first half of the year. This'll be fun.


Dtoid be like, "10/10... Also cocks”


Dbrand just launched orders for their new PS5 faceplates. $49, plus $11 for the middle part skin. Link in comment. They're on backorder to ship in May.


This game has really impressive visuals. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it looks this good and at a stable 60fps on PS5/XSX. New trailer celebrating the Year of the Ox, by the way:


Dbrand sent a survey about those PS5 faceplates regarding potential price points. It's probably going to be around $69(nice) to $80. Plates had a legal-friendly texture akin to PS5. Screenshots and a video in comments. Looks great


Yesssss. Also, 5.5 patch on this date


Big reveal showcase for Final Fantasy XIV. Could very well be the beginning of the end of the current narrative. And new jobs? Should be hype. Less than 15 minutes to go


Important official press release from Xbox:


All-time high. Pun intended


New bass, a Sire V7 Vintage by Marcus Miller. I'm loving it so far. Jammed to Rage Against The Machine, RHCP, and even Dream Theater. Feels great in the hands.


My favorite comedy. Nobody can top Jonesy


Still the best moment in all of Pokemon.


Screw it. New bass avatar.


Dayum. Bloodborne board game (complete edition) came in.


Playing Final Fantasy XIV and the way my cat's eye lit up when she saw me enter Limsa Lominsa was *chef's kiss*. What a.... Special place Limsa is.


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