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Aeon Must Die looked really interesting, but this is some bullshit: (sources and easier to read image in comment)


Not sure how many hardcore PC enthusiasts we have here but good news. Also, there "technically" was the Eve Spectrum, but I beg y'all NOT to order the Eve Spectrum if you want an HDMI 2.1, 4K/120 monitor. Their track record is shady as all hell.


I'm sick of this dripfeed of information. If Sony doesn't unveil the release date for New Pokemon Snap at the State of Play, I riot.


Turbo's quick impressions: 1. The Touryst: Plays great, runs great, even on Switch. If your favorite part of Mario Odyssey is finding those hidden stars, you'll like this. It's on Game Pass! 2. Terminator: This one's a surprise. Budget, but quality.


Unless you suplex a train


An old friend and former prominent Dtoider,Grant "Everyday Legend" Patterson, just put together what is perhaps the greatest Gundam VS guide that the west has EVER seen. Dude's amazing at the game. Check out his guide. Link in comments.


Heads-up: Psychonauts is free on Xbox live Link in comment


Nooooooo thank you.


Ugh, everything's a sequel nowadays.


Don't tell Microsoft, but I got a really, really early copy of Flight Simulator. Gotta say, not too impressed with the graphics.




A Microsoft store listing for Excess Sex launch game "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" mistakenly had it listed as releasing on November 13th. OoOooOo. I'm pretty sure we all figured November anyways... I just want actual news. Someone hold me


Can the Switch run Crysis Remastered? According to Digital Foundry, yes. But how well? Yes.


It's really annoying how Super Mario Maker levels are all about "Let's make this stupid hard and unfun." So I did this one to feel good about myself and called it a day... Back to Yoshi's Island.


Awhile back, I mentioned that I had a GBA SP that was sent for repair and the guy didn't fix the buttons rotating problem. So I finally decided to try fixing it. The screws we're all stripped... Luckily, I still fixed it and tested it PROPERLY.


I love how this somehow got flagged and it still isn't approved. [Written after finding my name on the Dtoid shirt]


So PlayAsia confirmed that MS Gundam Extreme VS Maxiboost will be getting a physical version in Asia only, but it's going to have English subs. Nice.


Game idea: Animal Crossing, but set in the Pokemon world. The mayor is a Tyranitar. He has a crush on Kangaskhan. He helps you build houses to impress her with his building abilities. You just pay him for the price of materials.


Rumor has it that Sony is unveiling the PS5 pre-order details, release date, and likely price are going to be revealed today. Potentially around 3ish Eastern Time? The leaker got the previously rescheduled PS5 event date correct, so... Worth checking.


There's no way they hyped people up for Bakugan...


inb4 the swarm of clickbait articles: Devs aren't publishers. Yes, this is promising, but they also noted that they likely don't have enough staff at the moment for a full-console based Half-Life.


On one hand, I HATE these $70 games rumors for next-gen. On the other hand, I've been needing to save money and buy less games overall, especially upon release, anyways. Seeing that 2K of all companies is making the push is gross. Put effort in first, 2K


Anyone have any experience with modded GBA SPs? I sent one back for repair because the A/B buttons sometimes turn and get stuck when playing more "demanding" games like MM Zero... They're still turning and sticking. I'm not pressing hard, by the way.


Bought some 1.5 inch receipt paper and it works perfectly with my GB Printer! I just had to carefully roll up a new roll since the rolls that came were huge. Here's an HD pic of myself


Of all the random 90s tech junk, these are what I've wanted the most since I was young(er). They're even complete, in box. Now to get some modern thermal paper that fits since the GB paper is expired


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