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Final Fantasy IX is getting a children's show adaptation and I just... Don't feel anything anymore apparently.


If you want that SMT V Premium edition with the steelbook and other goodies, it's up on GameStop. If it's like everything else, be quick. Link in comments


I guess I won't share Tool's latest album with my dad.


Found myself a summer project


PSA: As of today, Target had a huge buy 2 get 1 free sale going on and the new Nintendo games were added to the eligible titles. (Metroid Dread, Wario, Advanced Wars, Mario Party) Lots of other great games too. Saved me $50.


Had to take a Spanish interpreter test recently.. I'm pretty sure I passed it and did better than I thought. The test site was a labyrinth though...got lost on my out & took the wrong exit door, got locked out in a gated area... Had to jump a railing.....


Something, something "Chaos"


Finished moving!* * Not my home, but the whole school where I worked. Holy hell, didn't think we/I'd finish in time. When Rift Apart arrives in the mail, I'm going to lack the strength to pick it up. I'm in charge of supplies, to make it worse, ha.


Black PS5 controller came in. I love it. My cat checked out the box. She loves it


#EldenRingTrailerAnalysis: Even the jars are mimics now. Nothing is safe. Also... If you squint, you will see a giant tortoise with a bell for testicles. With each step it takes, we experience the true Elden Ring


I told you it was coming today. I saw it in the sky


Elden Ring is near, don't tell me you don't see it:


I got that Pokemon Snap sponsored smartphone printer, so naturally I made a bunch of prints of my cat.


Don't expect Elden Ring news at E3... That said... Summer Games Fest is soon as well.


Was chilling, enjoying my day off for memorial day, when I decided to check out Dtoid


Still thinking about Resident Evil 8 and how Ethan Winters became one of my most respected video game characters... He really breaks the mold from other horror game protagonists.


Finished RE8. Wasn't prepared for the feels. Thoroughly enjoyed that even though some encounters overstayed their welcome. I suppose that's a hallmark of the series though.


How was my work day today? Let's just say I understand how tanks in MMOs feel... Unrelated, in the comments will be 26% off codes for Biomutant on PC. If you're interested, have at it and let me know if you used one. (Just so others know it was taken)


When my bass is out, my cat gains a new bed.


Allow me to be overZEALous about my Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker hype:


Working at a school, awkward situations are a given. Today, a teacher checking social media during a break saw something prompting a school lockdown. When our principal called the help line, she was told, "You're fine. The threat was eliminated" ......Um.


Welp, Final Fantasy just experienced the greatest live performance ever at the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest. Soken, that nutty mastermind.


There's going to be a new Fatal Frame game! I'm not joking. It's a pachinko machine. ... Still not joking.


Heads up if anyone else saw ads for YS Origin limited edition physical for Switch, but I got one and... Unfortunately it doesn't look very good. It looks like they used economy printing mode. I can barely read the text on the box. Via Super Rare Games.


I'm not one to order people around, but when someone says they like something, maybe don't waltz in and call that thing trash.


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