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I was "today years old" when I discovered that the GBA SP doesn't have a headphone jack. Damn. Nintendo was ahead of its time.


Looking up version difference of Link's Awakening, because I'm a nerd, and discovered that in the original German version, if you sprinkle those cucumber looking things with magic powder, they might say "Never without a condom!" ["NIE OHNE KONDOM"]


If you were on the fence about Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive, it is suddenly $10 off on Amazon. (At least in the US, mileage may vary elsewhere)


Ken M - Video Game Edition


Anyone else having trouble with replying, upvoting, and all-around interaction with Disqus comments on Chrome mobile? It's getting terribly annoying. I can't even check notifications


Nice, the Turbografx 16 mini changed its ship date from January 5th, 2021 to May 26th 2020.


Wishing the mother's among us a happy day today. And I hope everyone's plans went well.


I've had the impression for awhile, but I had been hoping to hear them state it this clearly. (Greenberg is from the marketing team)


That Limited Run article got me thinking about game box art and some of the great manuals they came with. My favorite one was the PC "City Guide" to San Andreas. That thing made playing San Andreas even more immersive. What were some other great boxes?


I previously had a cheap (but still good) gaming keyboard by Redragon, but just upgraded to the Steelseries Apex Pro. I managed to make a neat label on the OLED screen. Working from home just got a lot comfier.


Just wrapped up watching a live comedy show done through Zoom (Nowhere Comedy Club) and it was great. The person watching while lying in bed was really unprepared for the crowd work. I really recommend y'all check it out if you can.


The last census called my city the countries poorest. I happen to work in the school distric. As we're transitioning to online learning through Google Classroom, some lack computers/smartphones. Consoles were mentioned as an alt. Anyone ever tried this?


Am I late to the party?


Having a hard time making a Servbot hat that I'm happy with, but the servhoodie is perfect.


When Half-Life Alyx first opened up, my jaw dropped and I got giddy with how good it looked. Wasn't so amused when I got my first headcrabbing though. Damn am I loving this though.


It seems that volunteers have spiked up, but I think it could be better. Check out my cblog on how you can help with virus/disease research by downloading & running a program when your PC is idle https://www.destructoid.com/--583562.phtml


Doom Eternal, at max settings/144fps, is positively delightful.


To any in anticipation: Half-Life Alyx is ready to Pre-Load.


Idk, worth a shot: Does anyone here know how Moonlight (Open-sourced Nvidia gamestream app) performs at 90 and 120fps? The options menu says "may reduce latency on higher end devices" but I wanna be sure. 60fps works great, but I might upgrade my phone.


We went from 'They're closing everything EXCEPT work' to 'They're closing everything'. I work attendance in a school. I no like this whole situation.


Got a new house and a new ride.... In FFXIV. They're still nice tho


Buying a house in FFXIV SUCKS. That said, I found one in a beautiful location and managed to snag it thanks to the wonder of Steam Link and discreetly checking at work in intervals. Hey, I still had a productive day somehow.


I used to really, really want a Switch Pro, but Steam Link, Moonlight, and GeForce Now all perform really well. Have played a ton of mobile Final Fantasy XIV and had no performance issues; even on the toilet. That's important.


This remaster of Joust is getting out of hand


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