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Had my brother and the nephews over today, but only because we always babysit and they know it's safe. Finally figured out what to do with the PS4 now that I have a PS5: Give it to my older brother who hasn't played games in years. He was excited. 😌


I was checking out at the grocery store a bit ago, I saw some gum advertising "free Marvel's Avengers in-game item with purchase". That's when I remembered this headline and thought, "... Good."


Movie idea: It's a Wonderful World, but instead of Claudette Colbert and James Stewart, it's Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. I'm sure I'm the only one to ever pitch this. #PitchToid


#Creed4G4 is an official success and at the end of the G4 reunion, Xavier Woods literally crashed into the room and was then given the golden briefcase. It was a great special if you were super into G4 like I was. Now he's streaming with em all.


I can confirm that The Actual Charlton Heston is devilishly handsome and very swell.


The new OST for Demon's Souls is amazing, especially for Mother Astraea which I felt really reinforced the lore behind the battle. It would've been a dream come true to have been able to play in that orchestra. Storm King and Flamelurker too. Loved em all


Last Demon's Souls video, I swear. But I made a thing: "When the Dragon God punches you back two generations"


Okay, thanks Hypno for the insight on this fight. I think there may be a need for some rebalancing in Demon's Souls, though... Luckily my mic was off during this, haha


Can I just say that these TWO black phantoms before the Old Monk boss fight in Demon's Souls are bullshit? One is more than enough. Love everything about this segment otherwise. Got my first kill as the boss though. Had a blast


I don't see any cardboard


Free Stadia premium edition of you have YouTube premium. So that's a free controller (kinda works with PC games, feels almost on par with Switch Pro) as well as a Chromecast Ultra. Great deal for the price of free.


Got some PS5 games shipping and even arriving soon just waiting on that PS5 email..... Considering doing some streaming of various launch titles for anyone interested. (Consider it also a beautiful face/voice reveal ) Potential games in comments


Sifted through the PS5 FAQ, this tidbit sounded new to me: "Remote Play will add support for up to three additional users to join the Remote Play session, which allows users to enjoy local multiplayer games via Remote Play.” Pretty neat!


Just got my Dualsense controller. I can already tell it's gonna take the place of the Elite 2 controller as my favorite. It feels great. And those PS button shapes are SO TINY. I had to adjust my eyes like a DSLR camera to even make the shapes out.


My Collector's edition of Stardew Valley came in today too. It's been a good day


We won't just be getting a remastered trilogy in Spring 2021 but a new Mass Effect game with "veteran team". Nice. Official tweet about the remaster in comments.


Got an invite to try Amazon Luna, but it doesn't support Android. Boooo


Have you heard why Mario Kart pros prefer the Switch? ... Because drifting comes naturally


Don't worry, it's not only the controller that's working hard for your hard earned money...


PS+ games for November: Shadow of War, Hollow Knight Voidheart edition, and......... BUGSNAX BAYBEE. LET'S GO.


If you got your PS5 preorder via GameFly, be on the lookout


Y'all remember that time KFC announced their KFConsole and essentially revealed before anyone else when the next gen launch window was gonna be? I can't wait to fry chicken at 120fps.


Probably because these games refuse to communicate with each other nowadays which is essential for Pokemon games. It's a shame.


So I found the same TV deal at Best Buy and they properly delivered it. The TV is amazing. I don't have a PS5 yet, so I tested it with the next best thing..also, cat for scale.


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