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CAPTION CONTEST: Jim Sterling in Miami!

Thanks to Niero and the wonderful state country are you sure it's not a country i'm pretty sure it's a country you guys city of Miami, the above photo (sans caption, of course) appeared in Niero's Facebook photos just now, and I'd be a fo...


In Honor of Samit Q. Sarkar Jr. III Esq.

You know, Samit Sarkar is a respected member of the Destructoid community. As an editor, a genuine sports lover, and the token punching bag of the Podtoid cast, Samit Sarkar (aka Bronxbomber21, Summit Soccer, Browntown, Mein Führer) deser...


Ahh, Sony Marketing Strikes Again

Dear Sony: This commercial sucks. Disregard the fact that the “It Only Does Eveything” campaign has been setting itself up for jokes since it started, this one is the worst of the series so far. Why? Because in a supposed “montage” of al...


Weekly Musing: Free Speech, the 2-Way Street

It's been a while since I've written anything on Destructoid that wasn't an embed tag followed by a sentence, but this Monthly Musing article struck a chord with me, even moreso than the "I suck at games" topic from last month. Online com...


Zombutler & Lemon Discuss #1: Destructoid's Trolls

(Welcome to Zombutler & Lemon Discuss, a whenever-the-fuck-we-find-something-interesting-to-talk-about-ly article where everyone's favorite Dtoid community members (and Zombutler and Lemon) discuss the news, funny things they find on the ...


Late Night Lulz™: The Lost Episode

This past week has been rather eventful for me, as with the help of Destructoid community member Zombutler, I have rediscovered a past love of Nicktoons in the best possible way. Apparently, Verizon FiOS (and some other television provide...


Late Night Lulz™: Welcome Back, Destructoid!

It's funny- even though the server was down for "the weekend", while it was down, many of us had no problem accessing Dtoid. And yet, when it came back up, a few people had MySQL errors left and right. Luckily, our dutiful robot overlords...


Rumor: The Beatles: Rock Band Setlist Leaked?

I originally wrote this over at Ripten, but no one reads Ripten. I really wish I were joking. So here you go. This is aaaaaalll just a rumor. As of this point, we’ve seen almost everything The Beatles Rock Band has to offer. The beautifu...


MS Paint Masterpiece Theatre (Week 2 Contest Poll)

Sorry this one's late, guys. Seven entries this week, vote for the best! I'll put up the next topic tomorrow, when I announce the winner. Poll ends in roughly 24 hours- at 4:40PM tomorrow. Once again, hurrs the rules. The winner of this p...


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