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I cannot wait for this to go on sale


Legend of Mana...Anime?! Oh hell yes


If you choose to ignore errands then they do not exist. Life hacks.


I wouldn't feel right if I didn't do everything I could and I know this is reaching but if anyone is in the Ohio area on here and sees this please take a look and pass this along https://twitter.com/mikeyperk/status/1408979388457234435?s=20


Off work. Two more 12s then I am done!


Work got my brain tangled status


Wife was sneaky and looked through my XIV screens screenshots to get me a custom mug


Just ordered Scarecrow Gone Wild. It was missing from my shitty DVD collection. It'll look nice next to Hell Comes to Frogtown and Turbo Kid. I need some more. Runner up: Hot Ticket to Hawaii and The Room of course


Red Dead Redemption 2 swagger with me, my wife and a buddy of ours. Time to hogtie some baddies


This is good let's get all of the bad rolls out of the way. Also no idea why my pictures come out sideways on here


Wait why does everyone want to be deleted?


Beat Dying Light. It was pretty good. Very Mirror's Edge with zombies basically. I guess now that's out of the way Ill hop more into PSO2 NGS. Has a lot of potential. Combat's super dope


Feels good to be back on Dtoid. Once again tried Twitter out but whew it's like going to an evil Burning Man Festival trying to tell you that their art is the best art of all the art and someone is set on fire at the end


Jamming on my buddys PS5 copy of Demons Souls. I havent played this game in so long! Forgot how much the Crescent Falchion slaps. Should be good till the Uchikatana is upgraded and used with Enchant Weapon.


Just as an update we did end up getting Reginald von Catsberg! And he immediately crashed. Super chill dude


Palace of the Dead finally Finished!!!


FF XIV added electric guitar as a playable instrument. Through the Fire and Flames!!


I want to play Nocturne but the FFXIV patch is going to keep me in Bozjan forever. I also bought Ghost of Tsushima and I still need to beat Pillars of Eternity II. I should have taken this whole week off instead of last week.


Is Ghost of Tsushima any good? Seems different from PlayStation's usual Television original series type games like Uncharted and Last of Us. Not big on Sony exclusives as I once was so I'm hesitant.


Getting closer! Freedom from Heaven on High very soon


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