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Smash Bros came in. Got my ass handed to me by Stages. Whew!


Who will be the Ultinate Challengers from Smash? Sora? Solaire? Crono?! Let me know your predictions!


Hmmm who should I play as in Smash...Gee I wonder who I'm going to pick


Listening to the Zill O'll OST. Good stuff! Definitely added to my music library. Same goes for the SoM remake. Now some of those tracks are TERRIBLE but some of them outweigh the original. Bring on the space progression vibes!


Crushed 76. You know, I didnt have any bugs like a lot of people are reporting. I just had terrible awful no good very bad frame rates holy crap!! My Steam library is building up. Might have to play the Batman Arkham games and then AC Odyssey, or Hitman 2


What are you thankful for in the gaming world? I'm thankful for Nintendo putting in Simon and Richter Belmont in Smash


Woooooo Blue Mage confirmed in XIV Patch 4.5


Looking for some metal remixes of VG soundtracks. Any suggestions?


I cant put Fallout 76 down! This games amazing. I dont get all the hate. Yeah the frame rate dashes a bit but the gameplay is so immersive


Gonna be an interesting Survivor Series...


Alright let's get down to soundtracks! Legend of Mana, Castlevania Chronicles and Bloodlines, Chrono Cross, FFT, Dissidia, III, V, and XI, Ocarina of time, Breath of Fire II and III, Arc the Lad, SaGa Frontier II, Front Mission, and Growlanser. What else?


I had no idea the Sonic CD JP tracks were different until I watched a youtube video. I gave it a listen and while the US tracks are darker, something about the jazziness of the JP...


Finally got all of my steam games set with 40-60 FPS on High/Max with 4K. I have a 1060 GTX. I'm thinking about taking advantage of the Thunderbolt 3 and buying a 1080 external. Thoughts?


Was talked into buying Grim Dawn last night. Stayed up playing for about 10 hours. About to get up and have at it. I Highly recommend this for a solid ARPG. Decent PS4 controller support. No phone required


Hell yeah weekends off to a great start! My wife was cleaning out the attic and found my old disc wallet with Vigilante *8, Virtua Fighter, Twisted Metal 3 and some other goodies. What games did you like putting in your skip free Sony Walkman for?


Started playing Portrait of Ruin for the second time. I missed a lot of "Wind's" questchains my first playthrough. Makes me want to play Bloodlines again. Someone make it 2 player!


Looking at XIV's Logogram system. Looks like a beta towards Blue Mage outside of Eureka. *crosses fingers*


Just bought a 4K HDR TV and Dark Souls III on PC...I wanna stay home and forget work.


Is Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey worth playing if you loved the second one but didnt like the rest?


Imagine if DLC existed as a kid. Now I'm not okay with preexisting work being used for extra cash but if games like VI, SotN, Vagrant Story, ooo even FFT had DLC you betcha I'd be shelling out for it.


Listening to Alundra OST. Think it's about time to play through it again. Such grim dialogue for a PS1 game


I never played Chrono Cross but damn that has a great OST


What games led you from hobby to passion? One of the first games I ever played was Zelda 2. Not gonna lie, that got me into gaming as a kid and I still love that game but Shining Force is when I knew I would be playing games for the rest of my life


Time to get the day started *queue up Arc the Lad Battle 8 theme*


How many times have you played a game and you had mixed thoughts about it the whole time but you still sink in 100+ hours? Some off the top of my head: Destiny (Post Vault of Glass), Final Fantasy XII, Diablo III, and Skyrim.


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