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Just ordered Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion. Im looking for more rpg campaign based coop board games


Who is this guy next to Karen?


I bought a Starz sub because it was like $25 for 6 months. Let me give yall a scenario, it's dark and you're watching something you're immersed in like a horror movie and out of nowhere a Starz logo pops up on the bottom right throughout the movie. UGH


Star Wars games...my wife absolutely hates star wars. She's way more into Lord of the Rings. I'm thinking I can change her perspective if we play KOTOR and KOTOR 2. Anyone out there know how to make KOTOR controller compatible on PC? Thanks!


Dare Dare to believe you can survive You hold the future in your hand Dare Dare to keep all your dreams alive


Reconnected with one of my old friends from middle school. Talking about early 98. Talked about Babbages and my best retail experience was when we went there and wrote down the safe combination to FF7 in the Shinra Mansion and some SotN secrets.


Happy New Year to everyone. Man...we all lost so much in 2020. I hope this is the year of some amazing recovery and prosperity. I hope everyone stays safe and has a great time tonight.


Hell yeah! My wife passed her medical coding exam!! Now she needs to come back to the real world and get a job and stop playing cyberpunk all night till 7am. That game and I have a love hate relationship right now


What's your favorite video game soundtrack?


Wish my wife all the luck taking her medical coding certification test today. This will determine how big the mancave will be.


Deciding between Enhancement Shaman or Fury Warrior for my alt. Tough choice.


I was digging out my closet and I found my Rift CE with the mouse pad and 8 GB flash drive. More CEs should come with stuff like this. No more statues, give me a snuggy or a bigger flash drive or some coasters for my coffee table


I introduced my wife to Morrowind. I'll probably hang out with her again in 2022


Balance of Power quest for the 4th time lets gooooo. Gotta get that glowy bear form


Blows your mind drastically, fantastically


Plugged in Dracula Battle Perfect Selection II in my audio cables while jamming on the Sega Saturn version of SotN. Hell of a way to start my first day off after a 60 hour work week


Drunk and watching Westworld. Started Season 2. This show is CRAZY


Whats the worst Summer job you ever had and did it hold you back from beating any games?


Left to right, who are these people?


Shadowlands preordered, Destiny 2 Beyond Light preordered, Wasteland 3 purchased, Cyberpunk preordered, Baldurs Gate 3 early access coming, last MHW patch otw, new XIV update, Shining Force 3, Policenauts, and Dragon Force. See yall 2022 at the earliest..


How is Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn? I was thinking about picking it up


To cope with my loss of playing Shining Force 3 Scenario 1-3. I haven't gone through them all yet so this should be a treat. I was a big fan of the series as a kid.


R.I.P Zeia. He was the best cat ever. He loved watching my wife and I play XIV together. He'll be eternally my companion in Monster Hunter World.


Best combination: Randy Savage rap album and the DC deck building game


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