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The Negative Delusion scenes in Chaos;Child are something else alright.


Really happy that Inazuma Eleven Ares is going to be Switch/PS4! Now, do I dare dream that this mysterious Shin Megami Tensei HD project is also going to be Switch/PS4...? Probably not, Atlus will probably crush my dreams, but STILL...!


A weird case for #TypoToid: The Dutch blurb on Akiba’s Beat’s back cover has what appears to be the Yugoslav flag (blue-white-red triband) next to it, instead of the actual red-white-blue Dutch flag.


Pretty noice haul, if I do may say so myself.


Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, I think Valkyria Revolution beats MGS4 in terms of cutscene overload. I just counted 12 - TWELVE - cutscenes in a row without any gameplay in between. This is just excessive. I’m glad most devs have more restraint.


Yessssss. Really looking forward to a brand-new Science Adventure!


Spooky Scary Serethyns send sundry shivers shooting straight through swathes of spines


Utawarerumonokuma: Mask of Despair.


Sooo... I need to get some Danganronpa V3 spoilers off my chest. I’ll use spoiler tags in the comments, though, don’t worry...


Let’s goooooooooooo~


Klingon subtitles. That's really cute!




Time for some Vita love!


As of today, I've managed to survive another year without dying even once. It's my burfday!


Wisdom teeth are the worst. Ugh. Three days of pain and counting, just because a useless extra tooth suddenly felt like surfacing.


Uh, so this is random... Today I Learned that The Bard's Tale (2004) has a PS4/Vita "remaster" out in the wild since a few weeks ago. Was this given any coverage at all, or did inXile just unceremoniously and suddenly chuck it onto the PS Store?


Hello, my -dear- friends... Are we all having a -splendid- time?


Yoshitaka Amano is -such- an amazing artist.


So when people said Metallia from The Witch and the Hundred Knight was a legit dark character, I was expecting Disgaea-esque "lolevul" stuff. Boy, was I wrong! She truly makes you feel like you're on evil's side instead of merely playing an anti-hero.


Holy crap, the leap in style and production values from Danganronpa 2 to Danganronpa V3 is like Persona 4 to Persona 5! The V3 demo is such a joy, and yet it's making the wait for 29th September all the more difficult...


Jiraya's lovely collection blogs made me wonder. So, here's a fun question for all you fellow collectors out here: how many physical games do you fellow QToid inmates have? I have 29 Vita cases and 97 PS4 ones... Yeah...


If there's one modern software trend I can't stand, it's the need to make every webpage and UI glaringly white. As such, I'm over the moon that firmware 5.00 lets us change PS4 notifications back to the old black style! It's the little things, sometimes.


Netflix finally added the second half of the Little Witch Academia anime! Current status:


Loved this anime, despite the slightly off animation style. Very engrossing story, and a noice opening to boot. #OPToid


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