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I watched The Witch today, and I have to wonder, how the hell is this the writer/director's first film? Did he make a deal with the devil to have made such a strong debut? The Lord be praised for intelligent horror films that don't rely on jump-scares!


The same jackdaw couple that nested on my home's roof last year is once again ferrying twigs over to the same spot. Jackdaws are adorable but scary at the same time: piss one of them off and the entire jackdaw mafia will suddenly show up! Intimidating AF.


The Red Peril is feeling pensive today...


Opened my bedroom door this morning to find the Red Peril blocking my way! #CatGirlFriday


Holy moly, I'm right in the middle of Pillars of Eternity on PS4 and kept wondering if we'll see a console port of PoE II. Apparently the original's port did well enough, as they've already announced PoE II is indeed hitting PS4, XB1 and Switch! Yay!


Ever have an anime that strikes you as bad at first, but ends up winning you over? Kakegurui is that for me right now. It's a bit of a mess, but I'll be buggered if watching a psychotic master-gambler be amazing at gambling isn't incredibly entertaining.


I just failed a very important exam... current status:


Are any of you party people looking forward to some obscure game that's probably doomed to fly underneath most radars this year? The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is that game for me. Loved the first one, incomprehensible as it was, and dat soundtrack. Man.


This is perfection.


The arrival of a package containing a fresh new game never fails to make me happy.


You know what would make me ecstatic? Devil Survivor 3, on Switch, using the Persona 5 engine.


In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Vanillaware’s latest annual New Year’s artwork titled “Margaret of Antioch”. It may or may not be a teaser for something, knowing Vanillaware, but probably not!


Since I have neither the energy nor the courage to try writing a full blog, I'll just share my 2017 top 5 here. 5: Danganronpa V3, 4: Chaos;Child, 3: South Park: Fractured Harhar, 2: Yakuza 0, 1: Persona 5. Other mentions: Horizon, Ys 8, RE7, Silver Case.


Yayyyy, a new season of Black Mirror! I’m so down for another bout of deliciously creative tech-driven existential dread!


Have a good one, DToid!


Love this difficulty description. As one of THOSE people who prefers playing on easier difficulties, I often feel like I should be ashamed of that. But life itself is challenging enough, you know? I play games to relax and indulge in a little escapism.


A Hat in Time is juuuust what the doctor ordered. Bright, cute, colourful delightfulness. I’ve instantly fallen in love with this game.


Bless XSEED. Their localisations are always a joy to read.


FFFFFFFFFFFFF-- Without thinking, in Dragon's Dogma, I sold my Eternal Ferrystone to the Masterworks All Guy, and didn't realise it until autosave had made it impossible to reload and get the stone back. Current status:


Dragon's Dogma is quite the treat! Having a grand time blowing up skellingtons and other assorted scary monsters and super creeps as a Sorcerer with exprosion magic/bakuretsu mahō. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS ARISEN


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